How to glue wall murals on an eight-piece wall


  1. Instruments
  2. Surface preparation
  3. Marking, numbering, preparation
  4. Wallpaper Bonding Procedure
  5. Features of sticking paper photo wallpaper
  6. The nuances of gluing vinyl and non-woven wallpaper

Huge vivid images on the murals in rooms and non-residential premises create a special atmosphere in the apartment, turning the lives of its inhabitants into a real holiday and filling it with positive. Decor can occupy a small fragment of a wall vertically or horizontally, one wall from top to bottom, positioned at an angle or cover all the walls of the room. Many types of photo wallpaper are produced, consisting of a different number of segments or panels - from 2 to 12. Before you decorate the interior with a large landscape, images of flowers, animals, birds, waterfalls, stones, you need to carefully study how to glue wall murals of eight or more parts.

We study the algorithm for gluing wallpaper from several parts


Getting started, you need to check the tools that may be needed in the process, and place them in convenient places. For sticking wall murals from 8 parts you need:

  • ladder;
  • level or plumb;
  • roulette;
  • long ruler;
  • a simple pencil;
  • sponge to remove glue from the front of the photo wallpaper;
  • a container of water;
  • special glue;
  • container for glue;
  • a flap of old cotton fabric for the hands;
  • wallpaper knife;
  • wide and narrow brushes for applying glue;
  • plastic spatula;
  • rubber or needle roller for smoothing glued wallpaper.
Simple tool

Surface preparation

Before gluing the walls with photo wallpaper should:

  • Remove the old coating with a spatula, clean from a layer of dried glue.
  • Carefully level the surface - to curb the bulge, putty cracks and chips.
  • To apply an even layer of a primer, after which to make wet cleaning of the room so that there are no traces of garbage and dust. Detailed instructions on preparing the walls for sticking eight-part murals can be seen in the video.

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Primer prepared perfectly smooth wall

Marking, numbering, preparation

For photo wallpaper, consisting of a large number of parts, the correct layout is especially important. You need to do the following:

  • Lay out on a flat clean surface - on the floor or large table - all parts of the photo wallpaper to get an idea of ​​what wall they are on it will be better to look at which parts and in what places can be cut without damage to the image, and for measuring each panel for layout walls.
  • Provide each element with a serial number on the wrong side and, for convenience, fold it face down in a pile.

Important! It is recommended to start gluing from the window, from above. Keep this in mind when numbering.

Numbering Elements
  • Mark the wall with a long ruler, a simple pencil, an alcohol level, drawing a vertical line from the ceiling to the floor a few centimeters from the corner.
  • Draw a grid along the first vertical line, the height and width of each cell of which must match the size of the panel.

Depending on the size of the picture, eight fragments can be placed in a vertical or horizontal two-way grid, in each row of which four cells are located. Wall murals can be glued vertically and horizontally - it all depends on the preferences of the wizard. Before starting work, it is necessary to check each panel for pattern compatibility.

Wall mural fragments usually have white margins. For convenience, some of them need to be cut before gluing.

  • The field of each fragment is cut off from the side of the incidence of light (window arrangement).
  • If the sticking is done from top to bottom, the upper field is cut off, if from the bottom up - the bottom.

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White fields on image fragments and their docking

Wallpaper Bonding Procedure

The sequence of work will be as follows:

  • Following the instructions, dilute the glue in the container, mix thoroughly so that there are no lumps. For each type of photo wallpaper, it is necessary to select a special composition indicated on the instructions for the wallpaper.

Tip. Use of universal glue or dubious composition for any photo wallpaper is not recommended.

  • Stick on the first segment and smooth it with a roller.
  • Sequentially stick all parts of the drawing, moving in rows. Wall mural segments are overlapped. Excess strips can be carefully cut with a wallpaper knife after pasting all the fragments.
Overlapping fragments followed by trimming

Tip. The glue that has stained the front of the sheet should be immediately carefully removed with a damp but not wet sponge. The dried glue is removed with soapy water or water.

Features of sticking paper photo wallpaper

Paper photo wallpaperand - the most capricious thin material, which must be handled especially carefully, since they are easily torn due to excess glue or when carelessly glued.

  • Each panel should be coated separately with glue, applying a thin layer of the composition immediately before gluing and immediately gluing to the desired cell in the grid.
  • It is impossible to correct the pattern after gluing, so each segment should be very carefully combined with the glued one.
  • It is necessary to smooth the glued fragments with a rubber roller from the center to the edges so that wrinkles do not form, the canvas does not tear, and the picture is not distorted.
Paper requires very careful handling.

Important! It is impossible to use tissue rags for smoothing, since villi may appear on the surface.

If the paper mural is pasted crookedly or with wrinkles, you will have to remove all the panels and, having cleaned the surface, start working again.

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The nuances of gluing vinyl and non-woven wallpaper

Each type of wallpaper has its own gluing rules.

  • When gluing vinyl murals on a paper basis, the adhesive composition should be applied to each segment of the canvas and to the wall, wait until the wallpaper is saturated, and only then proceed with gluing.
  • Wall murals made of non-woven fabric are not lubricated with glue, the adhesive composition is applied only to the wall.
  • For vinyl wallpaper on a non-woven basis, the procedure is the same as for non-woven fabrics.

Important! Recommendations regarding gluing each type of such coatings are described in detail in the instructions.

Non-woven backing is stronger than paper and easier to work

For non-woven photo wallpaper The following adhesives are like:

  1. Kleo (France) - safe glue with antiseptic additives. It is sold in 250 g packs in the form of a powder, which is instantly prepared, forming a clear solution.
  2. Quelyt (France) - composition in the form of flakes, easily soluble in water, perfectly holds photo wallpaper on any basis. The glue is applied directly to the walls at a temperature of + 5 to + 20 ° C and dries no more than 2 days.
  3. Metylan (Germany), which contains methyl cellulose and antiseptic components, is known for its excellent performance characteristics. It mixes well in cold water, leaves no stains and stains on the photo wallpaper, and dries within 2-3 hours.

Get a better idea of how to glue wallpaperhelp video.



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