Drywall calculator on the ceiling: online material calculation


  1. Components taken into account in the calculation
  2. Drywall calculation methods for the ceiling
  3. GKL ceiling component calculator
  4. Principles of calculation of gypsum plasterboard and fasteners

When installing a suspended ceiling made of gypsum plaster, it becomes necessary to correctly determine how much material is needed to carry out the work. There are different calculation methods, and meticulous wizards combine several methods of calculation at once. In order not to get confused, not to make mistakes and check yourself, it makes sense to use special drywall calculators for the ceiling, which are presented for free on our site.

We calculate the amount of materials on the plasterboard ceiling

Components taken into account in the calculation

To erect a suspended structure, not only drywall, but also numerous fasteners, as well as means for preparing the surface for finishing, will be required. Therefore, the calculation - independent or using a calculator - includes:

  • Drywall sheets (plates). As a rule, the material is laid on the ceiling in one layer, and sold in whole sheets.
  • Profiles bearing and ceiling. Available in lengths of 3 and 4 meters, so when buying, selection is necessary to minimize waste.
  • Vertical suspensions, various connectors.
  • Dowel nails for attaching profiles to walls and ceilings.
  • Self-tapping screws for metal fastening profiles to each other.
  • Reinforcing mesh-sickle and putty for sealing joints.
Materials for the ceiling

Mr. Build recommends: purchase all materials with a small margin. Surplus will come in handy for other repairs. But the lack of components, for example due to installation errors, often leads to significant time costs: it is not always easy to find the missing material in the nearest stores.

Drywall calculation methods for the ceiling

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There are several ways to calculate how many parts of each type are required for assembly GKL suspended ceiling in the apartment.

  • Graphical method. A detailed diagram of the structure according to which calculations are made is depicted on a sheet of paper. The advantage of this method is in visualization: it is easier to assemble GKL sheets with minimal waste. It is indispensable if the ceilings have a shape other than rectangular. Disadvantage: it is easy to get confused and “lose” some fasteners. Or count them twice.
Graphical counting method
  • The mathematical method. The number of parts is calculated in stages, according to the installation steps. It gives the most accurate result, but is difficult to perceive.
  • The Knauf technique. The well-known German manufacturer of drywall and fasteners for it offers its own method of calculation. The special table contains the number of all parts per 1 m2. It remains only to measure the area of ​​the ceiling and multiply each position in this table by the number of resulting square meters. Below we have posted an online calculator based on this technique.

GKL ceiling component calculator

False Ceiling Scheme

Please note: we signed the components with numbers so that you could find them on the diagram.

We did not indicate the number of profiles in pieces due to the fact that there are at least 3 types of profiles in stores: 3 meters, 3.5 meters and 4 meters. Knowing the total length, it is not difficult to divide it by the length of the profile and get the number of trims.

Principles of calculation of gypsum plasterboard and fasteners

Regardless of the method chosen and the type of calculator, the general rules for installing ceiling drywall constructions are the same.

  • The length of the guide profile is equal to the perimeter of the ceiling. It is produced in strips of 3 and 4 meters long. The size is chosen so that whenever possible there is no waste, or they would be minimal.
  • The footage of the ceiling profile depends on its layout. Examples of circuits can be found. here. Most often, cells with a side of 0.6 m are made. In this case, whole profiles are used in one direction, and trimming of the corresponding length is suitable for jumpers.
  • Direct suspensions are placed on each ceiling profile in increments of 50 cm.
  • Multiplying the number of suspensions by 2, you get the number of dowels needed to fix them to the ceiling. Dowels are added to it for attaching the guides to the walls, which are arranged in increments of 30–40 cm.
  • Crab connectors are counted by the number of joints of ceiling profiles.
Arrangement of frame elements
  • Self-tapping screws for metal are purchased with a margin: hardware often breaks, and is lost even more often. In addition, the surplus can be applied anywhere.
  • Drywall is sold in sheets, so proper layout is very important. GCR trimming of small sizes will subsequently be difficult to find application.
Drywall Layout

The calculation of everything necessary for arranging a ceiling made of drywall is simple. Attentiveness, consistency, accuracy, plus a convenient calculator guarantee success and help save materials.

Dear readers! If the calculator helped you in the calculations during the repair, write about it in the comments. Wishes to improve our online tools are welcome.



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