Mirror with a shelf in the bathroom: angled versions, illuminated, dimensions

Mirror with a shelf in the bathroom
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  • Popular sizes and shapes
  • Shelf materials
  • Angled variants
  • With backlight
  • What to consider when choosing?
  • At what height should I hang?
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Mirror in the bathroom is not only one of the main functional elements, but also an interior item. Reflective surfaces visually increase space, lift ceilings, add light. The presence of lights, shelves, shallow locker increases the functionality of the mirror in the bathroom.


The bathroom room is rarely large. But in a small area you need to place a lot of necessary items besides sanitary equipment: a washing machine, cabinets for household chemicals and hygiene products, laundry basket and so on. Mirror with shelf can replace the locker. If the space on the shelf is not enough, you can choose the option of a hanging cabinet with a mirror door. It turns out two in one - a mirror and a place for storage.

On the shelf it is convenient to place jewelry or watches that are removed before taking a shower or a bath,

and in order that the ring does not roll off and the chain does not slip, it is worth choosing a model with low sides along the perimeter of the shelf.

Mirror with a shelf can become a central element of the interior around which the rest of the objects are located. It is the mirror that determines the stylistic features of the interior.

Advantages of bathroom mirrors with shelf
Pros of the mirror with a shelf in the bathroom
Advantages of a mirror with a shelf for a bathroom


Disadvantages of a mirror with a shelf in the bathroom can only take place if the selection is unsuccessful: the mirror size does not match the size of the room, it is difficult to open and close the mirror door of the locker, there is no backlight in the darkish bathroom, a cheap product of poor quality.

Disadvantages of mirrors with shelves

Popular sizes and shapes

There is a huge number of different types of bathroom mirrors with a shelf. They can be classified by the method of attachment( wall, floor), configuration, size, framing, the presence or absence of lighting, decorative elements, materials for manufacturing shelves, etc.

For women who are accustomed to apply makeup in the bathroom there are cosmetic mirrors. They are arranged in such a way that in the frame the mirror can be rotated at any angle depending on how the light falls.

Built-in mirrors are popular. They are usually a part of the cabinet or built right into the bathroom wall. The wall mirror can be suspended by means of loops or glued directly to the surface.

Mirrors come in a variety of configurations: round, rectangular, polyhedral, semicircular, complex shapes. The form is chosen depending on the style of the interior. To make it rigorous, choose models with angles, softness and plasticity - with smoothly curved edges. To the mirror on the wall did not look bulky, but as if floating in the air, you should not frame it. It is enough that its edges are treated with a fez.

There are also complex designs with several shelves, located horizontally, vertically or even stepwise .Each of them gives the room a certain appearance: stepped "raise the ceilings", horizontal - "push the walls".

Dimensions of mirrors with a shelf for the bathroom
Mirror with a shelf built into the bathroom wall
Dimensions and shapes of mirrors with shelves in the bathroom

Shelf support materials

For shelves in , glass, metal, plastic, stone, ceramics, and rarely can act as a material. The most durable shelves in stainless steel. Plastic is less practical because of the brittleness of the material. If the shelves are glass, they are made of a triplex - tempered shockproof glass coated with a thin film. If it still manages to break, the fragments remain on the film, and do not scatter throughout the room.

Marble mirrors are a monolithic design. They look monumental and thorough, because they are suitable for a spacious bathroom, and not for a tiny one, as in a "Khrushchev".

The ways of fixing the shelf to the mirror are also various: for glue, for fasteners, for suckers. In the latter case, the shelf can be placed at different height of the mirror cloth.

Material of the shelf for the mirror in the bathroom
Shelves for bathroom mirrors

Corner variants

Filling the corners in the room - the ability to optimally use the space. This is especially true for a small bathroom. In this case, the mirror can be placed on the door of the corner locker. It is placed over a sink or washing machine.

Corner cabinet with a mirror visually increases the space of the , allows it to be used ergonomically. Among the models of such cabinets are not only hanging, but also outdoor. They can be narrow, like a pencil case, or be a small furniture wall with a mirror cabinet in the middle and without a mirror at the edges. It is convenient to build a sink in this design, placing it directly under the mirror.

Corner cabinet with a bathroom mirror

With backlight

The backlight gives the mirror in the bathroom an additional function - lighting the room, more precisely, increasing the amount of light. Often, the ceiling lamp does not give it enough. Lighting also allows a woman to carry out cosmetic procedures and apply makeup without strain of vision.

The LED strip can be used as a backlight, is laid along the perimeter of the mirror. If it is missed behind the mirror, the design turns out to be more voluminous.

Another highlight is the mini sconce. It can be one and located in the middle of the upper edge of the mirror, or two sconces, located along the edges symmetrically.

Fixtures for mirrors in the bathroom should have an additional degree of protection against moisture, because moisture and electricity are incompatible things.

Mirror with shelf and backlight
Illumination on the mirror with a shelf

What to consider when choosing?

The first criterion for choosing a mirror with a shelf in the bathroom - its dimensions .If space allows, you can choose a floor mirror in human growth. But hinged - the most common option.

As the bathroom is a wet room, the mirror for the living room or hallway is not suitable. His amalgam will quickly come down, and the product will be unsuitable for use. Mirrors for the bathroom have reinforced amalgam, not afraid of moisture.

The mirror shelf must be strong and have reliable attachments. This will allow you to place on it not only a comb, but bottles with shampoos, cosmetics, electric razor and other items. No less reliable should be fixing the mirror to the wall.

The design of the mirror can also be considered as the selection criteria, but everything depends on the taste of the owners and the interior of the bathroom.

Tips for choosing a mirror with a bathroom shelf

At what height should I hang?

It is necessary to take into account the height of the shell, since the lower edge of the mirror must be at least 35 cm high and not more than 50 cm from the top of the mirror. In the partition between them, you can place the fasteners for toothbrushes, soap dish, etc.

The correct height of the mirror with a shelf for the bathroom
Correct placement of a mirror with a shelf in the bathroom


On the tile adhesive. In this way, a mirror is fastened so that it is level with the tile. The glue is applied to the reverse surface of the mirror with a notched trowel to improve adhesion to the wall. Between the tile and the mirror you need to leave small gaps, which can be controlled by special beacons - crosses. Press the mirror against the wall and hold for 10-15 minutes. You can simplify the task by attaching it to a double-sided adhesive tape. Until the glue dries, the scotch will hold the mirror on the wall.

On the screws. You need to choose a mirror with screw holes and decorative patches on their hats. In the wall marks are made in accordance with the holes on the mirror. Drilled holes in the wall, inserted plastic dowels, which usually come complete with a mirror. Screws screwed into the holes of the mirror are screwed into the dowels. On the heads of screws put on the lining. Between the wall and the mirror, as well as the mirror and screws, rubber pads must be used.

Mounting the mirror with a shelf in the bathroom for glue
Installing a mirror with a shelf in the bathroom on the screws