Types of floor skirting. Wooden and plastic plinth


  • 1 Wooden skirting board
  • 2 Plastic skirting board
  • 3 How to choose the right one?

How to choose the right plinth Its value in the interior of the room is great, because it depends on how it will look. So what is it? Plinth is a bar, the main purpose of which is to close the hole between the floor and the wall. Such strips for today can be made of different materials and, of course, have different operational qualities. For example, it can be made of wood or plastic, these are the main types of floor skirting used for repairing an apartment with their own hands, or with the help of specialists.

Wooden skirting board

Such a décor made of wood is used when laying a floor of laminate or parquet. For its production, use pine, spruce, oak, ash or cherry. The main advantages of wooden plinth - noble origin, cleanliness from the point of view of ecology, durability, and also durability. The main drawback of is a very high price, which is why they are used when laying only expensive floors, for example, piece parquet. Wooden skirting boards should be glued to a smooth, dry and clean wall.

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Plastic skirt for the floor

The main competitor of the wooden, is a plastic, which is made with foam PVC and used for laying linoleum, carpet and laminate flooring. There are also skirting boards, plastic, which you just need to stick with adhesive tape to the wall. The main advantages of are that they do not require additional processing and special care, they have a smooth surface, are aesthetically pleasing, moisture resistant and are very resistant to the effects of household chemicals. Among deficiencies should be noted is not very high level of strength and durability. Laminated or MDF, is used for laying linoleum or laminate floors. The advantages of are low cost and resistance to moisture, ultraviolet rays and pollution.

How to choose the right one?

In order to correctly determine the choice of floor skirting, you need to follow such rules:

1. The color should match the color of the flooring, doors and walls.

2. If the color is slightly different from the color of the flooring, then the interior of the room will give an additional finished look.

3. It must be suitable for the type of flooring and the features of the room.

4. Wooden skirting boards may differ in design and color.

5. It is always necessary to consider the stock for trimming.

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