Which washing machine is best: with vertical loading or frontal

Hand reaches for a thin pack, which is hidden under the things on the mezzanine. This is the same NZ - untouchable money supply, which is designed for a rainy day. But today it is devoted to an important event - the purchase of a washing machine. The old one broke down, so the new one is desperate. Which washing machine is better - with vertical loading or frontal? This issue should be considered from all sides, and the "House of Dreams" will help you today to decide which technique to give preference to.

Which washing machine is best with vertical loading or frontal

Which washing machine is better with vertical loading or the frontal

Where does the laundry fall: comparison of washing machines with vertical and front loading

Modern models of washing machines can have a horizontal and vertical load of laundry. Naturally, this is determined by the design. Each type has certain advantages in terms of installation, as well as operation. Since there are pluses, there are also disadvantages. Without this, nothing at all. Evaluate washing machines is not so easy, but worth a try.

If you compare machines with front and vertical loading for the class of washing, the spin-off mode, the functionality, then there is no particular difference. As for convenience, the first group wins, as the boot suite has a larger size. Also there is an opportunity to observe how the process of washing is going on - but this is not the most important advantage, believe me.

Is it true that the vertical machine is weakly stable, so it can move out of place due to vibration? At least, users have such an opinion. In fact, this statement is not entirely true, because modern models are equipped with control functions, which are incorporated in the electronic control system. This includes automatic balancing, laying out laundry before pressing. So the latest models of washing machines with vertical loading vibrate within the limits of the norm.

The main advantage of "vertical" - mobility. Thanks to the wheels it can be transported from place to place. The stretched shape and small dimensions make it easy to place the device in small rooms. The standard dimensions for a vertical washing machine are 85x40x60 centimeters, where the first value is the height, the second is the width, and the third is the depth. Even the lid saves space, because it opens up. For a car with front loading, an additional side is required.

Washing machine with front loading

Washing machine with front loading

Washing machine with vertical loading

Washing machine ARDO with vertical loading

Why is the vertical stick more expensive?

On technical characteristics, both models of washing machines are identical. This refers to the class of washing, the number of revolutions in the spin process, additional possibilities. The same and the period of operation.

According to such a criterion as maintainability, vertical technology takes the second place, that is, in case of breakage it will require more expenses than the usual one - the front model of the washing machine. This can be explained by the close arrangement of the parts to each other, because in a small device the layout of the elements is very dense. The nature of the malfunctions is similar, so there is no special breakdown in vertical models.

To compare the prices of two types of washing machines, you need to take models of the same manufacturer and class. It turns out that devices with vertical laying of clothes cost more. A increases the price is the specificity of the factory assembly, rather than functionality and design.

Washing machine with vertical loading

Washing machine BOSCH with vertical loading

Washing machine vertical photo

Washing machine vertical photo

Washing machine frontal photo

Washing machine front photo

So on which washing machine to spend "mezzanine stocks"?Probably, it is necessary to focus on the size of the bathroom. In a very small room, where every centimeter is occupied, a washing machine with a vertical load will fit. If space is sufficient, a standard technique with a side hatch will do. Also, a car with a hatch is also suitable for installation in the kitchen, most of which are built-in models. In general, it's up to you to decide which washing machine to choose - with vertical loading, or still with a front-loading, but before the final decision, it is better to weigh the pros and cons, to read what users are advising and, of course, not to ignore our advice.

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