Soft Wall Panels: products of leather or cloth and other, manufacturing, video and photos

How to make a soft wall panels - 2 options for diy


Table of contents

  • 1 How are the panel and what they do
  • 2 How are the panels
    • 2.1 Option №1. smooth panel
    • 2.2 Variant №2. Karetnaya screed
    • 2.3 secrets of the Pros
  • 3 Output

How are soft wall panels and can I do it at home? Together, let us consider in detail the 2 methods of manufacturing such panels, after which you'll be able to make such a miracle at home. In addition, I will tell you about the intricacies of working with materials and reveal some secrets of the masters.

Soft finish in the living room will make the interior more warm and cozy.

Soft finish in the living room will make the interior more warm and cozy.

How are the panel and what they do

Decorative panels may be used for wall decoration, and for furniture. The panels can be smooth or use a method Karetnaya ties, both options will be considered later, but for now I will briefly talk about the materials and devices such panels.

Soft 3D wall panels - the new trend of modern fashion.

Soft 3D wall panels - the new trend of modern fashion.

General machinery manufacturing soft wall panel looks like this:

  • First you pick a rigid substrate, it may be sheets of plywood, MDF, PVC and other similar materials. Plate thickness is selected depending on the size of the product, at least 3 mm, a maximum of 5-7 mm;
  • Glued to a rigid foam or padding polyester, the level of softness, as well as the depth of the relief is dependent on the substrate thickness. It can range from 1 to 10 cm;
  • Next soft panels for walls or furniture hooped with any finishing materials.
Soft headboard is comfortable and original.

Soft headboard is comfortable and original.

With a choice of hard and soft substrate bases are often problems arise, handyman better to take fiberboard, MDF or thin plywood, and as a substrate take the foam, it is easier to work with.

As for the finishing materials, then there are 3 options:

  1. Genuine Leather beautiful and durable material, but the price for it is fantastic. The fact that the soft leather wall panels are made of a thin and well-dressed leather, and is the most expensive of these materials;
  2. Furniture upholstery fabric It is much cheaper, but such panels wear out quickly, plus they are difficult to clean;
  3. Leather. Instead of leather or fabric, I advise you to take it. Wall panels made of imitation leather look great and are quite reasonable money.
Soft padding - is the perfect solution for cafes.

Soft padding - is the perfect solution for cafes.

It appeared on the market now so-called Faux leather is also leather, but of higher quality. On the face of such coverage is no different from a natural leather, plus eco skin does not burn.

How are the panels

Production of upholstered wall panels with smooth and flat front part is considered to be the easiest way and handyman desirable to begin with him.

Option №1. smooth panel

illustrations recommendations
table_pic_att14915669034 Tool:
  • Hacksaw on a tree;
  • screwdriver;
  • Furniture stapler;
  • Knife;
  • Hammer;
  • Roulette;
  • Pliers;
  • Electric drill;
  • Building pistol for glue.
table_pic_att14915669135 materials:
  • Corners metallic;
  • Screws;
  • Thin plywood 3-4 mm;
  • Wooden laths, indicative section 20x30 mm;
  • Adhesive foam, there can be used "Rapid-100", "Clay 88" for foam or "BF-6";
  • Foam desired thickness;
  • Upholstery.
table_pic_att14915669166 Putting the frame.

The frame is assembled from wooden planks using the parts and screws.

table_pic_att14915669177 sheathe plywood.

Now on the frame with screws fasten the veneers.

table_pic_att14915669188 fasten the substrate.

On the basis of the resulting pasted foam or padding polyester.

table_pic_att14915669199 cloth sheathes.

Further wrap panel facing material and fasten this material from the reverse side furniture stapler.

table_pic_att149156692010 Mounting panels.

Manufacture of soft wall panels completed now angles of drill holes and dowels fasten the panel to the wall surface. the point of entry dowels decorated caps.

Variant №2. Karetnaya screed

For Karetnaya ties are used in virtually the same tools and materials, but the instructions are different.

illustrations recommendations
table_pic_att149156692211 Marking the foundations:
  • First, a stencil paper made with holes at the points of tightening;
  • Then the stencil is applied to a substrate, in this case, MDF and markings tolerated.
table_pic_att149156692412 vent.

Now on a marking drill hole drill 8 mm, maximum 10 mm can be taken, but not anymore.

Note: for the manufacture of soft panels, it is desirable to make a stand 2, in an elevated state with blanks is much easier to work with.

table_pic_att149156692613 To drill the holes in the foam rubber nozzle on the need screwdriver.

In the furniture stores sold the so-called "Joker", it is used for the assembly of commercial equipment.

I took this joker fix bolts on the adapter, sharpened edge and inserted into the screwdriver, photo on the left is clearly visible fixture.

table_pic_att149156692814 Apply the adhesive.

The adhesive is desirable to apply no more using the spray gun with a nozzle of 1.5-1.7 mm. If the gun is not present, use the roller. Then glue sadim foam.

Side we glued foam profile, a profile is on sale and using it is convenient to do the sloping edge.

table_pic_att149156693315 Holes in the foam rubber.

Remember, you can not apply on foam marking marker pen or something similar, with time, these "patterns" can tread through the finish, mark colored chalk.

We take ordinary Japanese sticks and through the back of the panel, insert them into the foundations of the hole. Sticks pass through the foam and show drill points.

table_pic_att149156693616 Now take out the sticks and drilled holes in the foam rubber using a nozzle.
table_pic_att149156693817 Mark up finish.

To finish, we chose the eco skin. To take her mark sheet, turn it upside down and inside out through the template pencil mark up point buttons fastening.

table_pic_att149156694218 Set up thread.

First of all we start thread fixation point without buttons, whereupon the rows dressed with these threads in the warp and form a hole pattern.

table_pic_att149156694419 Karetnaya screed.

After the thread is stretched and secured on the back side, we have fingers forming bends along the diagonals.

This four-wheel coupler is formed by the pleats, if sector diagonally sewn from scraps, such goods shall be considered a low-grade and quickly razlezetsya at the seams.

table_pic_att149156694520 align the fold.

After 2-3 jointing series take a wooden stick and straightens the fine unevenness on the folds, and along a diagonal check by sector.

The fold should be at least 1 cm deep.

table_pic_att149156694921 Fix an edge.

Now carefully stretch the web laterally, bends it and fix the stapler on the reverse side of the panel.

Along the edges of the folds are also formed, but if you did everything correctly, these pleats will form themselves.

table_pic_att149156695022 insert the buttons.

Buttons factories, tensioned and fixed at the end. They do not carry a heavy load, a further fixed screed.

table_pic_att149156695223 forming an angle.

Obvorachivaem angle and fix the stapler, and distribute excess material in the folds.

table_pic_att149156695324 Final result.

secrets of the Pros

illustrations recommendations
table_pic_att14915669630 cutting foam.

Foam cut a very sharp knife, and the main one rezom.

In any case not a "sawing" the mat with a knife, as a result you are guaranteed to get a wave at its end, which then will appear on the finished product.

table_pic_att14915669641 buttons do.

Buttons in the leaf color bought in the store, but you can make them their own hands:

  • To do this, you need to buy the metal workpiece. By the way, the ear should be that a metal, in any case, neither the plastic;
  • Next of upholstery fabric carve a round flap. Diameter it should be 2 times greater than the diameter of the buttons;
  • Now take the preform and the perimeter with its indented sewn thread;
  • As a result, we get a kind of basket. Then in the basket insert a metal base and tighten the thread;
  • To be sure that the thread is not untied, make a few puffs.
table_pic_att14915669694 bonding foam.

Foam mats are sold standard size and very often they have to stick together, the technology looks like this:

  • Is first applied to foam cut uniform layer of glue. Try to keep the adhesive to the front edge not reached about 5 mm;
  • After that connect two pieces of foam from the front side. On the front side of the weld should not be noticeable;
  • Then turn over the sheet on the back side and carefully connect the junction;
  • Now cut from the nonwoven fabric density of 40 units of a strip width of 10 cm;
  • Apply the adhesive on the foam side with a seam;
  • Glue a strip of seam with the center;
  • But we strip is glued on one side only, so you need to bend the dry side and put on her glue layer;
  • After that, with a little stretch to glue the second side;
  • Everything hangs on the edges of the foam mat, carefully cut away with scissors.
table_pic_att14915669798 rounded edge.
  • To make a neat rounded edge you need to initially measure foam mat larger framework;
  • If the thickness of the mat is 5 cm, the overlap at the edges do to 4 cm;
  • Next, we need to cut the end of the mat glued to the base sheet;
  • To do this, it folded the and glue, but you need to stick with an overlap of 1 cm. This centimeter at a stretch facial cover closes the sharp edge of the sheet;
  • Here's what you should have.

How to paste over the finished foam rounded profile and a host of useful things there is in the video in this article.


The price for the soft wall panels in the shop or to order starts from 5 thousand. rub. 1 m², but the instructions I gave you, you can make homemade panels that nothing will not yield to the factory, thus saving your budget. If you have any questions, please write in the comment, I will try to help.

Soft panel over the bed in the nursery is beautiful and safe.

Soft panel over the bed in the nursery is beautiful and safe.