Moisture resistant MDF: Features of sheet panels for bathroom walls, video-installation instructions and photos

Moisture resistant MDF: the balcony finishing in 2 steps


Table of contents

  • 1 MDF varieties
  • 2 Facing MDF balcony
    • 2.1 Finish: Stage 1
    • 2.2 Finish: Stage 2
  • 3 conclusion

If you do not know what to decorate the balcony inside the moisture-proof sheet of MDF panels for walls are probably the best solution. But here, you still have to think about, because the material can be of different sizes, colors and thickness. While you're wondering, I will discuss the characteristics of the material in detail, you will understand how to sheathe balcony MDF panels, and as a bonus is the video in this article.

Moisture resistant MDF wall panels can be used in different conditions

Moisture resistant MDF wall panels can be used in different conditions

MDF varieties

Explanation. Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF), translated from English means medium density fiberboard, MDF abbreviation is transliteration.

Indicator unit of measurement Norm for MDF thickness (mm) GOST
≥4-6 ≥7-9 ≥10-12 ≥13-19 ≥20-30 ≥31-40
Density kg / m3 750-850 600-750 10634
Humidity % 4-9 10634
Flexural strength (≥) MPa 23 23 22 20 18 17 10635
Thickness swelling after 24 hours (≤) % 30 17 15 12 10 8 10634
Bending elasticity (≥) MPa 2700 2700 2500 2200 2100 1900 10635
Tensile strength (≥) MPa 0,65 0,65 0,60 0,55 0,55 0,50 10636

Table technical parameters from MDF "apsheronskih"

The structure of the MDF

The structure of the MDF

Let's see how to make and what are these panels:

  • the fine fraction from the wood chips compressed dry process under high pressure and at high temperature;
  • adhesive bonding here is lignin - a polymer compound, which is contained in seaweed. Consequently, for the bonding of panels does not require any chemicals;
  • There are three main types of panelsWhich also differ in appearance - it tselnopressovannye, laminate and moisture-proof;
  • Everyman often prefers laminated versionBecause they are beautiful and there is a percentage of water repellence. But from a technical and technological point of view, moisture resistant MDF is much better, and so it is used for the manufacture of furniture (the price of it, of course, above);
  • why moisture resistant MDF panels for bathrooms and balconies (for interior decoration) are the best of the series;
  • apart from this difference, MDF may have different geometrical parameters of length, but the sheets are the same width - is 1,220 mmThat makes lining convenient and fast, unlike other types of narrow panels.
UmidaxV ® MDF Number of pieces in a pack
Format mm Thickness mm ↓ → 6 9* 12 15 16* 18 19* 22 25 30 6
1220×2130 40
1220×2440 120 80 60 50 45 40 40 32 28 24 120
1220×3050 120 80 60 50 45 40 40 32 28 24 120
1220×3660 20

Table MDF core sizes

Explanation. * It means that the number of panels is regulated warehouse.

Facing MDF balcony

Finish: Stage 1

Exterior finish extended balcony siding

Exterior finish extended balcony siding

I have divided into two stages finish, to show that there are stages of finishing, which includes insulation and waterproofing, as required by the instruction other than the construction of the frame. Logically, the MDF on the balcony can be only within, hence the first outer finishing step will be enabled.

This work is most often made of plastic panels (lining) or siding that is more reliable and beautiful, although much more expensive. I want to draw your attention that vetrobarer can be put outside and under the siding, but it's not very comfortable, though possible. Still, I would recommend to do the waterproofing from the inside.

Inside view

Inside view

The upper picture shows the process of finishing the exterior, as indicated by the arrows CD profiles on which sheets are screwed and siding. Note, however, on what holds CD - this wooden slats, which is sheathed with metal frame on both sides (they contract with each other with screws).

The advantage of this method is that the paneling rails enables even more accurate to say, creates a rough basis for bilateral finish (there is to be hooked).

This whole process is done before the installation of the window, and if you offer any wizard to install window to the outside wheel is not a balcony, then in front of you - amateurs! Only after the siding is installed, you can install window.

An exception may be only the upper band, you want to fit a frame, but it is the nuances of different designs. On the other hand, start warming and interior decoration of the balcony to be installed as a window, extremely unwise, because you then have something to plug the gaps at the perimeter of the window, which can be easily to avoid.

Finish: Stage 2

Warming of the balcony foam

Warming of the balcony foam

The second stage is a more simple and quick, and it should start with a warming of the balcony. Personally, I prefer this to the 50 mm foam 25th density.

It's easy to cut out and, unlike the 15th density, it almost does not crumble. Once you have warmed the entire area will necessarily cracks - big or small. They will need to blow out with foam.

For waterproofing use dense polyethylene, which is very easy to nail stapler to wooden slats that trimmed with metal frame. Just make sure it's not hoping that the foam would not blown.

Moisture resistant MDF panel sheet on the inner walls of the balcony

Moisture resistant MDF panel sheet on the inner walls of the balcony

Now you just need to cut out your existing panel size to set the wooden slats of the balcony frame. Make it with screws and screw heads close in furniture pads (they are easy to pick up color).

We still have the house wall and if it is flat, the MDF can be glued, and for this special formulations are necessary - it may be "Liquid nails", or other structure, where indicated in the instructions of his purpose (MDF or DSP). Internal and external angles are very easily repaired with his own hands, using the plastic corners, fixing them to the same glue.


In conclusion, I can say that the moisture resistant MDF furniture perfectly suited also for the floor on the balcony, however, this finish will not come cheap. Still have questions or there were other useful notes? Leave your opinion in the comments.