Ideas for the repair of a one-room apartment: hall decoration

Ideas for the repair of one-room apartment (48 photos): Elegant remodeling their own hands


Table of contents

  • 1 The increase in living space
    • 1.1 The principles of redevelopment
    • 1.2 A visual extension of the space
  • 2 How to divide the apartment into zones
  • 3 What to do with a bathroom
  • 4 Room and kitchen
  • 5 Corridor-hallway
  • 6 Summing up
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With the phrase "one-room housing" for most of us could not help having thoughts about the low ceilings, uncomfortable layout, small size. However, in such circumstances we are forced to live a plurality Russians.

What should be the ideas repair studio to make it a comfortable, modern and spacious as possible? This is what we will talk.

The increase in living space

Ideas for repair studioCreate a fashionable and comfortable interior in a limited area is difficult. And there can not do without a radical redesign of the apartment. One of the best - all premises and facelifted kitchen are combined into one large room.

The principles of redevelopment

In other words, all the internal partitions are removed, creating a single space for the living room / lounge, bedroom, nursery and kitchen / dining room. It is this decision to us from the West, having long-term test for suitability.

Repair hall in a studio apartment

Differentiation flat zone on the vertical and horizontal

Interesting! The vast majority of one-bedroom apartments in the West are just kind of studio apartments. Kitchen them separated from the living room only by the design, which is similar to the bar.

A visual extension of the space

If you are mentally or financially ready for such a radical transformation of the interior of the repaired version of a studio apartment, there is a more gentle way. The idea of ​​the expansion of space, based on the play of light and shadow, involves the use of lighting and facing materials, which will contribute to increase the visual space.

The effect of visual expansion of space contributes to the glossy stretch ceiling with a lot of lighting elements. It is also possible to mount a two-level ceiling of plasterboard with internal neon lights and spotlights on the outer edge.

How to divide the apartment into zones

EXAMPLE separation apartments for working and private zone

EXAMPLE separation apartments for working and private zone

The area should be divided into common and private areas. Such a division will make the space more comfortable. Friends you can make in a common area - a living room / hall, children play in the kitchen / dining area, relating to the same category, and in the bedroom - a private area you will wait for a well deserved rest.

  • Zoning and apartments is carried by the structure of coating materials used, as well as the contrast of colors. In addition, it is possible to mount the sliding partitions, which separate the areas not only arbitrary, but also physically.
  • The interior is repaired studio should prevail compact, practical and multifunctional furniture. Selecting a bulky headset, you do, and so little room even more cramped.
  • Interior decorations is not necessary to place the individual elements throughout the apartment, be sure to group them into clusters, helping to delineate zones: the nursery, living room, bedroom and kitchen.

What to do with a bathroom

Whether bath with tub combine? Modern design trends are unambiguous - to combine the two into one should be flat. This will allow to engage in personal hygiene in the same space, thus saving precious meters for the living room.

It is worth to warn that such alterations may require significant costs. In addition to removal of the partition need to install a shower stall instead of the old baths. That will require a complete change of water-supply and sewer communications.

Room and kitchen

Combining the room and a kitchen with a breakfast bar separation zones

Combining the room and a kitchen with a breakfast bar separation zones

Facilities in any one-room apartment has a basic functional load. In this room, not just to receive guests, but also sleeping hosts, it also serves as a study. Therefore, the interior of the hall should be carefully planned.

First of all, in this room, it is necessary to arrange two different areas: for leisure and for work. For the workplace, as well as possible, suitable land near the window. recreation area can be placed in a dark corner.

A good idea to fold up bed and built-in shelving for books. Appropriate fold-out table, which can be easily transformed. We recommend paying attention to the model type of book, the price - from 3200 rubles.

Tip! When choosing a place under the TV, remember that it must be located at a safe distance from the audience, which is calculated according to the formula - the width of the screen multiplied by eight.

The combined lounge and kitchen are often used in the one-bedroom apartments, to get more space. But keep in mind that the design of the option chosen kitchen renovation should not discordant with the interior of the hall.

Solve the problem of lack of space can by equipping premises the maximum number of mounted structures - shelves, racks and cabinets. And some of them do and built.

Having defined the main and secondary areas in the room, you can begin to act.

Additional capacity can be added to the lighting and color design solution. Suspended ceiling this can be an indispensable assistant. And do not fear that it will make the installation of low ceilings lower. He "eats" at a height of only a few centimeters, but at the expense of lamps visually make the room more spacious.


Unfortunately, not all owners of one-bedroom apartments, making their repair, paying due attention to the corridor or hallway. But this space, which is located directly at the front door, forms the first, so - and the most stable, the impression of the apartment.

The vast majority of the hallways in the average small apartments are not very spacious. This makes them a difficult task upgrades. But there are a few design tricks that will visually enlarge the premises and make it attractive interior.

  • Choose light colors of finishing materials, this rule applies to both the walls and ceiling. Another great idea - hang on one wall a large mirror in a beautiful frame, which reflects the situation around, make the room visually larger.

Tip! Since the room is quite small, the best option - to arrange its compact and multifunctional furniture, for example, choose a corner wardrobe.

  • In addition, an important role in making a harmonious interior play to add some elements decorative wall finishing. You can use the specially printed pictures on the bright wallpaper, imitation brick or masonry on one of the walls.
  • The original multi-level structure of the drywall on the ceiling with built-in spotlights it will give a finished look the hallway.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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