Repair of wooden houses with their own hands: fix the ceiling and walls of the kitchen in the bathroom

Repair of wooden houses with their own hands (48 photos). Restoration of walls. Fitted kitchen and bathroom. finishing the ceiling


Table of contents

  • 1 The advantages of a wooden house
  • 2 Reasons for repair
  • 3 reconstruction of the walls
  • 4 kitchen Equipment
    • 4.1 decoration
    • 4.2 The question of style
  • 5 finish bathroom
  • 6 finishing the ceiling
  • 7 Summing up
  • 8 Photo Gallery

Repair of wooden houses with their own hands - quite a complicated task by doing that you will get a small oasis that hides you from the bustle of the city. It sounds tempting? then proceed.

And to help such enthusiasts we wrote this article, which reveals some of the nuances and gives advice on how to make a major overhaul of the wooden house.

The advantages of a wooden house

Repair of wooden houses with their own handsTo begin with, that denote a number of advantages:
  • durability;
  • beautiful appearance;
  • good characteristics of heat saving;
  • excellent ventilation;
  • maintaining a constant humidity inside the house.

In addition, the materials used in the construction of the house are natural and economical.

But we recommend you consider the fact that the wood is exposed to fungi and insects, and therefore requires very careful attention to the issue of infiltration and processing.

Reasons for repair

  • Change rotten crowns framework.
  • Cracks that went horizontally along the main beams.
  • Requires repair of the walls, which are located under the window openings.
  • Substitution trusses having visibly damaged.
  • Repair of the roof of a private house.

reconstruction of the walls

Quite often it requires replacement of logs, which perform the function of the lower crown, floor beams and floor. When carrying out replacement timber rim, optionally house lift can restrict disassembling the upper part of the foundation to be repaired.

Procedure without disassembly of the foundation will require raising the house on jacks.

Note! House should not lift too high, it should be done gradually in stages. In this case, we recommend to remove the window and door frames. Figure 1 shows how to properly arrange the logs crowns.

Repair of wooden houses

Picture 1. The circuit arrangement of rims

  • 1) a first timber rim;
  • 2) a second timber rim;
  • 3-8) ordinary logs crowns.

The diagram clearly shows that the first beam to be located in the masonry adjoining to the base almost half the diameter of the second beam - as or slightly less. The ends of said logs not be in masonry, otherwise may begin their decay.

Walls that are under windows, can be changed in two ways: conventional or with the production of racks. Scheme stacking logs under windows conventional method shown in Figure 2.

Repair of old wooden house

Figure 2. Scheme replacement timber under a window in a conventional manner

Figure 3 shows a substitution diagram of logs under the window with racks. Racks connect the ends of the logs have already become old. Inserted a new part of the logs, and run-down places are advised caulked. You can then collect the box.

Overhaul of the wooden house

Figure 3. logs replacement scheme under the window using a setting rack

If you need to replace multiple crowns, it is necessary to hang out of the house. How to do this is shown in Figure 4.

Video repair of wooden houses

Figure 4. Using braces and compressing the hanging wall

  1. washer;
  2. bolt;
  3. clutching;
  4. brace;
  5. bracket.

Lower house can use levers or wedges.

kitchen Equipment

Repair the walls of the wooden house

Kitchen interier

Kitchen - is an integral part of the house that requires a special approach in the reconstruction.

As a rule, the kitchen has two parts: a dining and working. They may be connected with each other or be in different rooms.


Renovated kitchen in a wooden house begins with the finish. To do this, choose materials that are suitable in color and texture to the design, conceived in advance.

Ceilings can be painted or tension, and can and does issue country-style rooms with exposed beams. The walls are best left to wood and coated with varnish.

The question of style

This home allows you to create a particular style, it's not only furniture, but also the individual decorative elements.

We advise try country music style, which combines comfort, convenience, practicality and beauty.

finish bathroom

Construction and repair of wooden houses


Currently, any house has all the amenities, including bathroom.

It sets out the repair in a wooden house in a bathroom, remember that you must enter in this room all the necessary communications. Quality sewerage - needed.

We advise necessarily cover the walls of the bathroom a special antiseptic. This is in order to avoid the fungus from moisture. Do not ignore the creation of high-quality ventilation in the bathroom.

The floor in the bathroom must have a good waterproofing. An ideal coating is considered floor tiles. It can be put on a concrete screed or drywall.

Note the time of waterproofing in the bathroom. It can not properly function without quality waterproofing the foundation. bathroom waterproofing is carried out comprehensively and protects all surfaces of the room.

finishing the ceiling

Renovated kitchen in a wooden house

In the picture the ceiling restoration

Not only the most popular, but also very beautiful material, which is intended for finishing the ceiling, it is a tree. Such natural finish, into the interior and creates its own, special atmosphere, wherein the felt harmony.

Repair ceiling in a wooden house - work is not too hard, but tedious.

Among the accepted alternatives contemporary finishes is forgotten and plastering. But if you are not set to fiddle with the solutions, it is possible to resort to furnish plasterboard. Price - from 120 rubles. per sheet.

Repair of wooden houses requires effort and patience, but the result will certainly please you.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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