Gardening - park design: architecture summer garden with his own hands

Gardening - park design (photo 39): regular, landscape style, Muslim, Chinese landscape gardens, the Japanese version of the design


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  • 2 landscape style
    • 2.1 Characteristic signs:
    • 2.2 resettlement principles
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  • 4 Chinese landscape gardens
  • 5 Japanese gardens
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Every garden owner tries his issue so that it remains unique and preserved for years to come. How to combine the essential elements of the site? A bit of theory, and you will be able to do landscape design their own hands. Taking into account the advice of an experienced designer, you will learn how to properly dispose of the territory and combine different in size, texture and color of the plants.

garden and park designLandscaping a garden site with your own hands it can be supplemented with a variety of decorative elements.

Excellent will look alpine gardens, flowers on them, a pond and a dimly painted curbs, which you can always nestle and admire the beauty of the earth.

The history of landscape art began more than eight thousand years ago. Styles of gardens formed with respect to different eras.

This occurs similarly to other arts, such as painting or literature. Until the 19th century, the gardens were mostly for the nobility of techniques and considered the hallmark of the elite.

That is why at that time it was decided to express their nationality and religion in the design area, as well as demonstrate the vision and genuine attitude towards nature.

What should be the design and architecture of your garden?

regular style

garden park design with their own hands

landscape style

There are several features of the regular gardens:

  • Just noticeable relief and planar nature of the composition.
  • Medium has a geometric shape.
  • Pronounced compositions axis.

This center to plan space. It is the house and the water cascades. This fact must be considered when planning the garden design.

By the main axis of adjacent diagonal alleys leading into the center of the park depth. Planning is carried out exclusively by the laws of symmetry.

  • The entrance is located at the bottom.

The use of this style is considered to be appropriate if your site is designed for the reception, where you need to hit your luxury estates.

landscape style

Characteristic signs:

  • Rugged terrain, hills and slopes, alternating with flat sections.
  • Asymmetry prevails, there are no straight lines, characterized by an open plan.
  • Widespread use of architectural structures.
  • The tortuous paths, combining the individual elements.

In implementing the design of the garden with his own hands such tracks can be made of natural materials. For example, a rough stone or turf, resistant to trampling.

resettlement principles

  • In the first place there are the composition of shrubs and trees.
  • Preference wildflowers.
  • All bodies of water, including artificial, are pronounced natural topography, natural frame in the form of pebbles or sand.

Note! Create a garden in this style can be, having a delicate taste, a sense of proportion and the nature of knowledge. Most often, landscape style used in the development of design for modern country houses.

Muslim gardens

The basis lies the so-called "chor-Bagh", which means that four of the garden. You should be divided territory into squares. The large square is divided into four small.

For the Muslim style is characterized by a particular geometric, that is easy to emphasize with the help of the tracks, channels with water and plants.

In the center of the square are often placed pool or fountain. If this pool, it is recommended to coat the ceramic tiles of various colors. For Muslims, it is very important the presence of water in the garden, since it symbolizes heaven and grace.

Chinese landscape gardens

Researchers believe that the history of Chinese landscape garden was laid more than three millennia ago. In today's world for them is characteristic of an open plan, combined with symmetrical buildings.

The main task of the designer is to find a point at which offers the most beautiful scenery on the floral arrangements. Secondary composition disposed adjacent to the main and complementary to it. Characteristic arrangement of curved bridges, pavilions, as well as stairs in the form of zigzags.

Japanese gardens

summer garden design

Design example in the Japanese style

Japanese - deeply religious people and for them to be sure to use some of the elements in the decoration of the site.

These are:

  • Axle waterborne symbolizing the rising or setting sun;
  • curved tiles - are clouds;
  • Dragon - water;
  • bamboo - resistance, patience;
  • cherry - resistance, spiritual beauty;
  • Lotus - wisdom;
  • Camellia - caution.

How many years ago, now these characters are part and parcel of gardens in Japan.

Summing up

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