Design a garden plot of 6 ares: basic elements and video

Design a garden plot 6 hectare (36 photos): lighting, landscaping and decoration


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  • 2 Coverage area
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Design a garden plot 6 hectare can be extraordinary and unique. Do not believe me? We prove! A small area can equip so that it will be a great area for families and a perfect example of garden design.

Design a garden plot 6 acresIf you are interested in the design of the site, the first thing you need to do - is to develop the project, according to which we would like to implement some of the ideas.

The second step should be a choice of garden plants that will prevail. Today there are more than a thousand ornamental plants, which favorably emphasize a small area and turn this disadvantage into an advantage. That's just what I choose?

Note! When choosing ornamental plantings try to trim them so that they complement each other and watched the whole picture. It is very important for a small land area, as the whole garden can be cast a single glance, and its details should look like one piece.

You can pick up a few decorations. Just do not go overboard with them. Too many decorations will be unprofitable to emphasize the size of the plot, because the essence of garden design with their own hands is not to impose as many plants as possible.

Pick beautiful fence which can be made of metal or of living plants. All these elements of decoration depends on what style you choose.

Advantages of the small gardens

  1. Such gardens quite easy to refine. On the selection of the plants it will take not much time. The fact that they require a small amount, and even save you money.
  2. Since the design of flower arrangement does not require a lot of elements, with the creation of its own plan you should have no problems.

It is very important in the development of the design department in the territory of a place to rest. It should be cozy and comfortable.

In this area you can put a small table with chairs, or make a small gazebo. You can also do some benches.

To ensure that all went according to plan, you should think through in advance all the details of the design. This will save you from making adjustments in the process of resettlement of the garden.

Immediately Think about what kinds of things for you most need and desire. The main feature of small area sections is the need to combine practicality aesthetic factor.

Coverage area

 Design a garden plot video

Coverage area

One of the most important tasks in planning a landscape design on a small area of ​​the site is to highlight.

Such insignificant at first glance, the thing as light, can play a cruel joke with you at planning, landscape design garden plot, if you do not give this matter sufficient attention.

Using lighting wisely, you can visually enlarge the site. Setting the dim lighting, you can elegantly highlight all the tracks and decorative elements. It is not necessary to highlight the broad strata of the earth.

planting of greenery

Very often the site plan provides not only stands in the form of flower beds, but also the presence of fruit trees and vegetable crops. In this case, divide the territory into zones depending on the functionality.

Thus, the area that can be seen if you walk along the road from the gate to the house, should be framed arts. You can plant a variety of flowers and deliver architectural or decorative elements. Backyard your site will serve as a small garden.

Thus, the lighting will be needed only in the front yard area. Of course, not taking into account a number of technical fixtures in the garden.

garden decoration

Elements of Garden Design

Garden Decoration figurines

Use as ornaments and other ceramic figurines became popular for a long time.

  1. Garden figurines are very popular because of its diversity, low cost and the opportunity to create a fairy tale with their own hands.
  2. According to leading designers, thanks to these general figurines ennobled garden views. Since herbaceous plants, flowers and shrubs under a kind of protection.
  3. Small figurines will quickly diversify your site. It should be noted that these decorative ornaments are made of durable materials that do not require special care.
  4. To place the figures in various ways. All depends entirely on your mood and individual preferences. The most commonly used elements in the style of fantasy or country - mushrooms, ducks, fish, frogs, hedgehogs, rabbits, angels or elves.

Tip! For decoration you can spend LED lights that will make your garden a magical evening and night.

If you do not fancy the design of a garden site - video in this article will help you choose this or that idea and put it into practice.

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