Design kindergarten plot: landscape planning areas and playgrounds

Design kindergarten portion (36 photos): green spaces, paths, pavilions, gazebos, swings and playground


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    • 1.1 Remember safety
    • 1.2 Choosing plants
  • 2 tracks
  • 3 Pavilions and pergolas
  • 4 Swings, etc.
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Kindergarten - a place where the child develops, learns and plays. Choosing a preschool for their child, parents pay attention not only to the situation in the group, but also on the design of a kindergarten area. We want to give some advice on its improvement.

Kindergarten can be regarded as a second home for kids, because here they spend most of their day. Probably every teacher and parent wants a child surrounded by beautiful trees and flowers, swings and slides, pavilions and horizontal bars.

kindergarten site design

All this must be immediately planned at garden design for children.

Unfortunately, in many kindergartens are now poor funding, but that is no reason to give up. Indeed, it suffices to apply their imagination, skill and work to change the territory virtually unrecognizable without investing money.

Committed and active parents are in any garden, but if you have to draw rebyatnyu, the work comes to a boil.

Let's look at what should be in the territory of the kindergarten:

  • trees, shrubs and flower beds;
  • asphalt paths;
  • pavilions or gazebos;
  • swings and slides, sandboxes;
  • playground.

Green spaces

landscaping nursery area

flower beds

Do not even doubt that the kindergarten should be a large number of trees, shrubs and flowers, but in this case is to approach responsibly.

Remember safety

The essence of gardening is to create a favorable microclimate, reducing dust and gas content, humidity and shading in the territory.

By choosing certain types of vegetation, do not forget about the safety of life and health of children, as well as their environmental education. In other words, you need to know the basics of garden design with their own hands.

Choosing plants

Thinking on landscape design in the kindergarten, we are in the same kinds of trees along the paths. Guys so it's easier to remember the name and appearance of the seedlings.

  • Along the fence is best to plant tall trees - maple, poplar (which does not fuzz), ash, birch. These types look good at any time of the year and will protect the garden from the wind. To create shadows on the sites can be planted oaks and acacias.
  • At the main entrance of the kindergarten will look beautiful spruce, but it is not recommended to plant them on the playground.
  • Under them you can lay out beautifully dyed different colors pebbles and plant made of wood or concrete small animals. Empty seats in the shade of the trees, where nothing grows, you can decorate a variety of figures. Even an ordinary tree stump in the right hands will turn into a fairy-tale hero.
  • If you decide to plant fruit trees, select the area under the garden. These trees require special care and timely harvest, avoid contamination site with fallen fruit.
  • Thinking on landscape design in kindergarten, you can use the idea of ​​the separation of playgrounds into sections by means of bushes. To do this, they are planted in the perimeter line. Green hedge ready! Kindergarten fit viburnum, jasmine, lilac, chokeberry Aronia. Importantly, do not forget them in time to cut.
  • Landscaping beds - it is interesting and exciting. For these purposes, you can draw children older and preparatory groups.
  • If you take the old ramps and cover them with earth, then paint rubber paint, turn out beautiful flowerbeds. We arrange them on the way to the buildings around them.

When choosing seeds and seedlings, pay attention to during the flowering period and plant life. Flowers should bloom from early spring to late autumn. Choose not only annual but also perennial plants, such as petunia, calendula, pansies, irises, peonies, roses.

Tip! When choosing plants, make sure they are not toxic and are suitable for this climate. If you are unsure of their safety, do not take!


Landscaping in kindergarten

Tracks in kindergarten

All the main track in the territory of the garden should be paved or lined with special tiles.

In the sections of the path, you can sow decorative grass or sand. Considering the design of a kindergarten area, you can choose to playground orthopedic path of pebbles.

To create a track, select the place, enclose it on the sides (not crumbled to gravel) and fall asleep sea pebbles of medium size. Costs a little - big benefits. In the summer the children will walk barefoot on it for the prevention of flatfoot.

Pavilions and pergolas

The main component of the playground - this building, where you can escape from the heat or rain. Most often, this built pavilions and gazebos.

The main requirements:

  • security;
  • natural materials;
  • one blind side;
  • availability of shops.

Structures are painted in bright colors. Above the entrance to the gazebo or under the pavilion roof can be hung pinwheels or rattles. Featuring a gazebo under the tall trees, it will provide additional shade and coolness.

Swings, etc.

design of the kindergarten

Bed in the nursery

Naturally, kindergarten playground design provides for swings, slides and sandboxes (game equipment). Selecting them, is to worry about the safety of the structure.

Swings and slides should be appropriate to the age of children to be safe and reliable. After the winter be sure to lubricate all moving parts and check for damage.

Paint all the designs in bright colors. On the seat of the swing, and on the sides of hills and sand boxes can be drawn fairy tale characters or flowers.

Have a swing and other structures so that they do not interfere with each other and the baby moved down the hill, does not come under the swing. It is best to put them in different corners of the site.


In any kindergarten should be a sports field. It possess horizontal bars, Swedish ladder log and basketball ring.

All sports equipment must be adapted to children of different ages, be safe and comfortable. It is also painted in bright colors. When choosing a place for the site, prefer shaded areas.

Tip! For the playground, you can use old tires, for that their half-buried in the ground.

As you can see, choosing a landscape design kindergarten section, the focus is on the safety of structures and the brightness of colors. Self improvement - it is simple, but it requires responsibility and desire.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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