Shell Garage: types of designs, instructions on how to make your own hands, drawings, videos and photos

Shell Garage: build your own in 3 stages


Table of contents

  • 1 Why shell
  • 2 making
    • 2.1 Step 1: Preparation of the project
    • 2.2 Step 2: Construction of the box
    • 2.3 Step 3: Manufacture and installation of gate
  • 3 Output

Solve the problem of parking and car storage in the city, you can use the garage shells. But what is this design, what advantages it has and how to do it yourself? I am ready to answer these questions and to tell you how shell garage made with their own hands, and the photo-guide will allow to get acquainted with the construction process.

In the photo compact cupboards with hinged roof - the most compact version of the shell

In the photo compact cupboards with hinged roof - the most compact version of the shell

Why shell

Garage, is known to protect the car not only from theft, but also adverse weather conditions. But build it near an apartment building in a metropolis is almost unreal. However, there is a solution - a garage shell, or as it is called, a pencil case.

type shell garage - the perfect solution for keeping the car in the city

type shell garage - the perfect solution for keeping the car in the city

The fact that such an arrangement is legally considered a shelter-tent, not a garage. Therefore, it requires no paperwork, and therefore you can install it in any convenient location.

Garage-case can be mounted in any convenient place for you

Garage-case can be mounted in any convenient place for you

Foam is a metallic structure in the form of a skeleton, covered floorings. Thus, he copes with garage functions - protects the car against weather and to some extent may protect against theft.


So, with the features and advantages of the design we understand. Now let's look at how to make their own hands Garage shell. This operation can be divided into three stages:

manufacturing phase

manufacturing phase

Step 1: Preparation of the project

You need to start working with the project preparation. At this stage, you need to decide on the following points:

  • dimensions. Are selected based on dimensions of the car-free area size and their own desires;
  • Design features. As I said above, the garage shell construction consists of a frame and cladding. Typically, the frame is manufactured in the form of a rectangular parallelepiped shaped metal angle, or pipes.
    frame structure is necessary to draw on paper, showing at the same location all the main parts;
  • quantity of materials. Compute the number of possible materials on paper after making a circuit construction dimensions.
EXAMPLE circuit design shells garage

EXAMPLE circuit design shells garage

I must say that not necessary to create accurate drawings to scale. You can make the scheme even by hand. The main thing is that it displays the features of construction and its dimensions.

Step 2: Construction of the box

After the preparation of the project can begin production of the canister box. Instruction is as follows:

illustrations Description of action
table_pic_att14925480034 Materials. For the construction of the box you need to prepare:
  • Metal profile or profiled pipes;
  • Wall corrugated board;
  • Roofing corrugated board;
  • Electrodes for welding.
table_pic_att14925480045 Create a back wall. The main element of which consists pencil - a corner of the rectangle or profiled tube, sheathed floorings.

First of all, make a triangle, which will serve as a back wall. It is made as follows:

  • Cut two profiles across the width of the future garage and two profiles of its height;
  • Of the prepared pieces rectangle cook. Making sure to match the angles of 90 degrees;
  • To make the strength of the structure can be welded more crossbars;
  • Immediately can be mounted on the frame profile sheet by using bolts or by welding.
table_pic_att14925480056 Production sidewalls. Each side wall comprises three rectangles or squares which are made by the above procedure.
table_pic_att14925480067 frame assembly:
  • Combine wall rectangles to obtain continuous sidewalls;
  • Connect the side walls to the rear end wall;
  • The top and bottom side walls connect the cross members as shown in the diagram. Top step is transverse to leave must not exceed 50 cm, so that it does not bend trapezoidal sheet roofing.
table_pic_att14925480078 Installation sheeting to the roof:
  • Secure the corrugated sheets on a roof with screws. Desirably, the sheets were on the whole length of the roof, i.e. to the roof was not transverse joints;
  • For sealing the roof, the joints can be filled with sheets of construction sealants.

Pencil case, it is desirable to install on a large mound of rubble. If it is possible, fill screed and Grout the studs on the perimeter structure. After installation of the box, the walls of the canister to be welded to these pins.

In this shell for a car with his hands almost built, it remains only to make gates and install them.

Step 3: Manufacture and installation of gate

Garage doors are manufactured to the canister is quite simple:

illustrations Description
table_pic_att14925480089 Materials. For the manufacture of the gate need the same materials as for the production of wall. In addition, you will need a powerful canopies.
table_pic_att149254800910 Production of gates:
  • Cook profiles of two rectangles. The dimensions of each should be half of the end wall;
  • Further strengthen rectangles jumpers;
  • Strengthen place canopies mount Navara additional strips of the profile;
  • If the padlock is used, weld the loop. If the lock is built, it should also strengthen its location;
  • Obsheyte frame Bent gate.
table_pic_att149254801011 Installation of doors:
  • Put marks on the rack of the garage walls;
  • Weld the canopies of the markup;
  • Align the gate with respect to the walls and weld them to the sheds.

The shell garage can be installed ready-lift gates, which will save space. The price of such gates starts from 20 000 rubles. Cost is relevant in spring 2017.

On this construction is complete. I must say that we have only one option of building "foam". There are other types of shells garages. For example, it is possible to make a more compact design with tilt roof and the front wall.

But, in any case, the manufacturing principle remains the same. Only have to perform a hinge to open the garage.

Here, perhaps, and all the information on how to make the garage shell, which I wanted to share with you.


Now you know that is a shell garage, and can even make it yourself. Additionally, check out the video in this article. If any of the nuances are not clear - write comments and I will gladly answer.