Roof repair their own hands: repairing the roof of an apartment 9-storey building

Roof repair their own hands: fix ceramic, natural tile, roofing sheets of metal, metal, shingles and slate


Table of contents

  • 1 General safety tips
  • 2 Repair coating of ceramic tile and natural
  • 3 Repair of metal roofing sheet
    • 3.1 Causes of damage
    • 3.2 The sequence of work
  • 4 Repair of metal
  • 5 Repair shingles
  • 6 How to repair the roof covered with slate
  • 7 When the repair requires the roof of an apartment building
  • 8 Summing up

The roof is an external structural elements of buildings and fully experiencing the strong negative impact of the environment.

If it was designed and made correctly, that is atmospheric factors are the main culprits that periodically there is a need to repair the roof of his hands.

Roof repair their own hands

General safety tips

Note! Works at the top of the house are potentially dangerous, so as much as possible take care of its own security and insurance.

Roof repair their own hands hands

When repairing the roof of the ladder should be of sufficient height

When deciding to make repair roll roofing or any other self, try to follow the tips below.

  1. Do not work in rain, and also in cold or windy weather. Roof covering becomes slippery.
  2. Wear clothing that does not hinder movement and shoes that do not slip soles.
  3. Take the stairs, having a stock length, so you do not have to stand on the uppermost rung. It must be stable and well secured.
  4. Always travel at the middle of the ladder, and in any case, do not cling to its sidewall.
  5. Work with at least one partner who will insure you apply the tools and help where it is impossible to cope alone.
  6. Repairing a roof having a steep slope, take a ladder having a special bracket that will cling to the ridge. It will ensure your safety and evenly distribute the load, protecting coating.

It so happens that no special measures to get to the roof is not possible, for example, when in need of repair roof terrace, located on the upper floors of apartment buildings.

Tip! Do not attempt in this case to act independently. Call industrial climbers. Price carelessness - your safety.

Repair coating of ceramic tile and natural

Repair of the building roof

Repair of the roof of ceramic tiles

Shingles most often occurs because of cracks on its surface. They are formed as a result of unequal compression / expansion sections coating at a temperature drop, and also due to the fact that the solution in the seams between the tiles over time crumbles.

In the first of the cases we need to strengthen the construction of the roof, reinforcing the rafters bars or boards, which will connect 3-4 rafters. Seal the cracks with cement mortar.

In the second case, remove the old mortar from the joints and replace it with a new, it must consist of one share and two shares of lime sand. Add a mixture of tow fibers.

A frequent cause of leaks and waterproofing are discontinuities laid between rafters and battens, which are attached to the tiles.

Repair of these defects occur in the following sequence.

  1. In the place of repair with a trowel hook and set aside the tiles. Hammer previously under the top tiles, wooden wedges.
  2. Pull the fastener strips to the rafters.
  3. Insert a rack piece of thick cardboard and cut out saw their areas of damage.
  4. Cut the construction of the knife ripped waterproofing. Apply to the area slightly larger size patch, after brushing her edge polymer glue.
  5. Measure the gap between the cut ends and cut timber missing parts. Saturate them with antiseptic. Nailed to the rafters with nails corrosion new fragments.
  6. Replace the shingles. If the old tiles have been damaged, replace them with new ones.

Note! Thereafter, it is recommended to protect the coating from the mold and the moisture of the soil special synthetic resins. He is in contact with water polymerizes and creates a moisture-proof screen.

Repair of metal roofing sheet

Repair of the roof of corrugated board

Repair folded roof

Causes of damage

The main causes of defects sheet roofs - depressurization joints and seams, fastening coating, as well as corrosion and mechanical damage.

The sequence of work

  • Clean the area around the lesion steel brush.
  • Cut sheet metal patch. It should be 5-8 cm longer than the damaged area.
  • Cover edge damage and pay flux (lead and zinc alloy) solder and soldering them.
  • Once the patch has cooled, remove the solder file.
  • Further, the roof can be painted facade waterproof paint.

For large lesions, repair of a roof of corrugated, sheet metal or the fold is a complete replacement sheets.

Repair of metal

Leaking roof of metal - the result of errors in its mounting deck and roof cake corrosion and loosening fasteners, as well as damage during cleaning of the coating.

All found a scratch coat to prevent corrosion special paint. The gaps between the metal and razzhelobochnymi elements, as well as the apex pour silicone sealant.

On a through hole using a soldering iron, apply a patch, if a lot of them, it is necessary to change the entire sheet.

Blab, as a rule, low-quality fasteners that has a washer made of rubber is destroyed in a few years after the assembly cover. In this case, it is recommended to install new fixtures.

A more serious reconstruction will be needed if a roofing pie made incorrectly. Insulated pitched roofs occur due to the use of cheap perforated films. They are very poorly removed from the heater accumulates moisture in it.

It is necessary to replace such a film on a special diffusion membrane which is placed on the heater and protect it from moisture. It should be borne in mind that such repairs will require complete removal of the coating.

Repair shingles

Tile on the basis of modified bitumen is good because it makes it easy to change the damaged sheets and tiles. But with such a coating repair roof of a building must be carried out at temperatures not less than +5 ° C, since the cold bitumen acquires brittleness and can crack.

If the whole tile, but on a surface thereof formed small cracks and lift the cover from the inside layer of a roofing mastic or adhesive. Further, the tiles press firmly to the bottom and spread glue the front part.

If defects are more serious, tiling changed completely.

  1. With the help of a small crowbar, carefully pry up the tile, which is located above, and take out from under it damaged.
  2. Nails which fixed element the defective coating, pull claw.
  3. At the edge of the upper edge of the inner part of the new tiles, apply the adhesive.
  4. Insert it, summing up for placing in the top row. Secure special roofing nails. Their length shall be 25 mm cap should have a diameter of at least 1 cm, and the rod - 3 mm.
  5. The edges of the tiles, which are located above and below the new brush with glue and press firmly to it.

How to repair the roof covered with slate

Making the repair a slate roof, drive carefully, since the material is not very durable.

Tip! The best option - to use in this case, a ladder-a ladder. It will evenly distribute your weight over the surface of the roof.

Repair slate putty is reduced to small chips and cracks. It used to this cement slurry, prepared from 1 part cement and 2 share the screened fine quartz sand.

Repair of the roof of an apartment building

Repair slate roof

Another way to restore the coating tightness - apply the adhesive tape to the base of butyl rubber. The damaged area clean cloth soaked in petrol or white spirit.

Remove the protective paper from the tape and stick on the crack until it was closed by 4-5 cm. Repair tape is covered with the front side of the nonwoven fabric, thereby it can be painted.

Tip! With slate roof debris and snow is not recommended to clean the iron and wooden shovel, do it with a broom and a soft brush.

When the repair requires the roof of an apartment building

Repair of the roof terrace

Repair roofs of apartment buildings should conduct a management company

Roof of apartment buildings is a common property of all owners of apartments. RF№ Law 491, adopted 13.08.2006, specifies that in this case, the repair should be carried out by operating the building.

Tenants pay for utilities. They laid and repair costs consisting on the management company's balance sheet buildings, including their roofs.

If the roof is in an unacceptable state, tenants have the right to appeal to the administering organization. When, can submit an application to the higher authorities of her refusal comes to repair the roof of an apartment building.

For example, in the State Housing Inspection of your city. If the application for repair of the roof has been ignored here, write to the district and regional administrations. At instance, where to go, is the court.

Summing up

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