Repair garage roof with his hands: how to fix the roof, the necessary documents

Repair garage Roof: repair soft roof, metal roofing and sheeting, floor finish


Table of contents

  • 1 Repair of soft roof
  • 2 Metal and corrugated roofing sheets
  • 3 Additional repairs
    • 3.1 Warming
    • 3.2 repair caisson
  • 4 Summing up

Repair of the roof of the garage - a problem that sooner or later faces every motorist. How to choose a material to perform the work and even save these questions, we found for you answers.

So, you are the owner of the garage with potekshey roof. What to do and where to start? After all, you have to deal with not only the roof but also to repair the walls and floor. To do, so do it!

Repair garage roofFirst you need to decide on the work front and the material. There are 2 types of roofing - soft and hard. replacing coating technology depends on its type.

For rigid roofs are slate, and metal decking. By soft - tar paper, roofing material and evroruberoid.

Depending on the material, which will carry out the repair of the roof, to develop a work plan.

  1. We determine the leak site and decide need full or partial replacement of the cover.
  2. Determine the amount of material.
  3. We buy materials and tools.
  4. Prepare the roof to work.

Let's look at the repair garage roof with his hands for each type of roof.

Repair of soft roof

In the garage cooperatives garages arranged in a row, close one to one. It's a bit difficult to process. If possible, arrange with your neighbors and change the roof on all garage immediately.

We usually, every man for himself, so it takes for the repair of soft roof. Before starting work, prepares tools and materials.

We need:

  1. Broom for cleaning the roof.
  2. The gas burner and a gas cylinder for heating material.
  3. Roofing material, the price - from 370 rubles.
  4. Knife for cutting the material.
  5. Ropes for lifting the container and roofing rolls.
  6. Bitumen or tar for greasing the joints.

To begin, clean the roof of debris and remove the old paint. If I am completely remove all of the old roof, if not - vyrubyvaem places.

Purified place leaks are passed carefully melted the resin and the soft roof of the stele. stacking technology depends on the material. For concrete use roofing felt, stekloizol, and Bikrost Steklobit.

Tip! To choose a sunny day of work. The air temperature must be not less than +10 ° C. The number of layers depends on the angle of pitch: at least 15% - four layers, more than 16% - at least two.

Carrying out repairs of the roof of the garage with his hands, using roofing felt, do the following:

Repair of the roof of the garage with his hands

Laying soft roof

During the day, unwrap the roll and give him lie down. The container melt the tar (tar) and fill them peeled aligned space. A first layer laid roofing material from the bottom of the roof.

Along the edges overlap joints should be at least 10 cm. In the places of occurrence of bubbles makes an incision and re-glue. We give dry for 12 hours, after which the second layer can be laid. Overlaps two layers should not be in one place. Pay special attention to wall connection or other structures.

Laying Bikrost:

On the cleaned and primed surface begin to lay material. Roll roll out as needed. Material carefully warm up a gas burner, pay special attention to the edges and corners. The overlap between the webs should be at least 70 mm.

Lay at least two layers. To do the work necessary to quickly and accurately. If you are unsure of their abilities, hire professionals.

Metal and corrugated roofing sheets

repair garage

rigid roof

These roofing materials are mainly used for sloping roofs of detached structures. They are fixed on a wooden crate. Do not forget about the insulating material which is spread and fixed by means of wooden bars to the core.

Since the area is small, the joints have to be only the side, through the wave. Of the tools we will need a screwdriver, measuring tape and a jigsaw to cut the sheets.

Making repairs garage with your hands, do not forget about safety.

So, the first sheet of softwood fasten up the roof in the middle. Fasteners perform from the middle to the edges. Next the sheet put into overlapping one wave sufficiently.

The standard length is 6 m, the length of the sheet -. 1 m turns, for roof repair garage, we need 12 sheets (6 on each side).

Installation metal carried out from bottom to top with a rubber washer screws from inside to outside. Between the stacked sheets are overlapped. The rows are fixed together by means of special locks, which are located at the top and bottom of the sheet.

The ridge cover with a semicircular profile. On the sides set lugs.

Tip! When performing repairs, you could accidentally damage the protective coating of metal, cover these areas with paint, so they do not rust.

Roof repair is made. Let's look at some types of work.

Additional repairs

Repair floor is to restore damaged areas. For this we need cement, sand and water. Clear the areas of debris and dust that fill them and give solution to dry.


Repair iron garage may imply wall insulation, paint inside and outside and raising the foundation.

Repair garage roof

iron garage

If you decide to insulate the garage, you will need foam or fiberglass, plastic panels or OSB sheets for wall cladding, interior paint and primer. The walls are insulated, sheathes, gruntuem and paint.

To insulate the iron garage and prevent water flowing inside the structure raised and placed on a concrete foundation. This work is time consuming and requires certain skills.

Lifts the garage and set it on a cinder block. We pull out a trench around the perimeter and set wooden formwork, pour the foundation, and after drying, set him garage. Then treat primer previously sealant embeds all the cracks and joints.

repair caisson

I would like to touch on another topic - the repair of the box in the garage. The most common problem - it's poor quality of the connection joints, because this water is flowing inside. Repair caissons complicated by the limited space and sometimes performing welding work is impossible.

As a result, we are left with sealants or cold welding.

Carefully degreased all joints and apply the sealant. Do not forget about ventilation of the box, it will prolong its operation and prevent rust.

Tip! If for work you hire people, do not be lazy and complete notarized contract - documents for the repair garage. This will save you from unnecessary problems. Describe in detail what work should be carried out and additionally pay attention to quality and guarantees. Having such a document, you can easily prove his innocence.

Summing up

We hope our article has helped answer the question of how to make repairs in the garage or at least a part of the questions. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.