Repair of batteries for screwdrivers: battery cells, instructions on how to solder, videos and photos

Independent repair batteries for screwdrivers - helpful advice from personal experience


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  • 1 What you need to know about the battery to the power tool
    • 1.1 Replace the outside to similar elements
    • 1.2 Replace the outside elements of one type of another type of elements
    • 1.3 Translation into AC power tools
  • 2 To summarize
You can not charge the battery - it is not a sentence to power, because everything can be fixed, if desired

You can not charge the battery - it is not a sentence to power, because everything can be fixed, if desired

We noticed that the power screwdriver is not enough, in spite of the long battery charging status? The problem may be a few, but most likely, the battery is worn out. I'll tell you how to perform a battery screwdriver repair their own hands and return the instrument to life.

What you need to know about the battery to the power tool

Illustration Intelligence
There is a spare battery. Components modern screwdrivers includes 2 batteries (battery). Because of this, it is possible to operate even after the first battery charge will end.

By the way, if there is suspicion of battery failure, try to use a second battery. If the tool is working, then most likely, the first battery is indeed defective. If the unit is not powered by two batteries, it is probably a problem in the battery charger.

Batteries for the removable screwdriver. Exception - compact low-power instruments, the integrated battery and charging is performed from the power supply through the plug.
item types. The battery on the screwdriver may be of 3 types:
  1. Lithium-ion (modern and most efficient);
  2. Nickel-metal hydride;
  3. nickel-cadmium batteries.
Options. The efficiency of the battery voltage and capacity is determined.

Voltage (10 to 18 volts) - determines the intensity of torque and engine power. Also from this figure it depends on the duration of work on one battery.

Capacitance (2 to 6.5 amps / h) - also determines the length of the tool from one battery.

memory effect. All batteries other than rechargeable lithium-ion, subject to the memory effect. We are talking about a partial loss of capacity, which leads to a decrease in the duration of battery life.

The essence of the effect is that the battery gives so much capacity as was used when you first run the tool. Therefore, the manufacturer recommends purchasing tool, fully discharge the battery and only then fully charge them and start full operation.

Replace the outside to similar elements

illustrations Description of action
Disassembling. Disassemble the body with their hands and extract all of which is the battery.

Housing plastic attached several screws, which can be unscrewed a long Phillips head screwdriver.

Batteries for brand tools may have one head screws to irregular shapes. Instead of the usual shaped screwdriver with four beams need a screwdriver with three rays. Find a screwdriver is not easy, but you can at radio.

For setting elements. Screwdriver to disassemble the cabinet with his own hands, take out a bunch of elements which need to find the values ​​of voltage and capacity.
Buying batteries to replace. In accordance with the parameters buy similar batteries with similar data elements in a similar amount.

Buy items can be at radio or on all known Chinese site, which sells anything and yet not too expensive.

replacement. Acquired elements are collected into a bundle similar to that which was originally in the body of the battery. And a bunch of new installed instead of the original filling.
Exploitation. Completely discharge the battery, and is charged according to the manufacturer's instructions, then it is possible to start operation of the tool.

Replace the outside elements of one type of another type of elements

illustrations Description of action
table_pic_att14915725200 select items. On the left you can see the old NiCd banks with real capacity 700mAh 1300mAh instead of the declared. Right can be seen bought to replace the lithium-ion cells with a capacity of 1000mAh.

Also it was purchased card (circuit) protection, which is selected in accordance with the selected elements.

table_pic_att14915725211 hull fitting for the new "stuffing". in the center of the housing has a mounting lug, which had to prune, to became a new "stuffing".
table_pic_att14915725232 Preparing protection board. To protect the circuit board soldered PV3 cable to connect to the terminals with the connector cable XT60 and balancing cable.
table_pic_att14915725243 Protection of solder points. Lots field connections are protected against short circuits shrink tubing or tape to dissipate.
table_pic_att14915725254 Connecting protection fee. Connect the unit and fix protection board with hot melt on the body. After that, the body can collect and use the tool for other purposes.

Translation into AC power tools

illustrations Ways to connect to a network
table_pic_att14915725275 Connecting to the computer power supply. Easy Installation Guide. On the winding power transformer unit to find food at 12 volts and connect it directly to the screwdriver. To the connection was neat, the power cord, as shown in the photo, it is necessary to have through the battery housing.
table_pic_att14915725326 Connecting to the power supply from the laptop. If you find a power supply with parameters equal to the parameters of the battery, the instrument is theoretically possible to connect to this power supply.

In fact, the current in the PD parameters should be not less than 6 amperes.

table_pic_att14915725347 Buying ready-block for the network connection. The device shown in the photo, can be purchased for 1000-1500 rubles. With such a power supply will have to think about what and how to solder and connect the instrument will turn the screws are no worse than with a full battery.

To summarize

Now that you know how to repair the battery for the screwdriver. I recommend to watch the video in this article, and if you have any questions - ask them in the comments.