Plumbing repair in apartment: Tips experienced

Plumbing repair the apartment. Elimination of water leaking from the tap in a closed position. Fix the toilet tank


Table of contents

  • 1 Water flows from the tap in a closed position
    • 1.1 Water leaks around the handle
  • 2 Poor water passes
    • 2.1 The search for the cause
    • 2.2 cleaning the siphon
    • 2.3 Repair toilet tank
    • 2.4 repulsed enamel
  • 3 conclusion

Any plumbing tends to break down sooner or later. Sometimes the cause are not really quality parts, but the most common failure is caused by the operation itself. Typically, the whole device out of action does not go by itself, and begins to leak, placing the owner a choice: call the plumbing from the housing or repair the plumbing in an apartment on their own.

The second option is faster and also safer, because you do the job "for himself". If you are already faced with plumbing problems or want to protect themselves in the event of their occurrence, our article is for you. We will consider the most common problems and their solutions.

Water flows from the tap in a closed position

Plumbing repair in apartment

If the valve is closed the water continues to flow, then torn or worn gasket. You would like to repair faucet for the bathroom, and for that you need to buy a new part.

Gaskets for the crane are 2 types:

  • rubber - cold water;
  • Leather - hot water.

The process of replacing gaskets:

  • the valve overlap in the area with a faulty valve;
  • poured the remaining water in the pipe, wherein it is checked whether the valve is fully closed (valve is left "open" position);
  • remove the plastic cover;
  • twisting the screw and remove the handle;
  • spun crown valve with a wrench counter-clockwise;
  • on the edge of the structure is obtained gasket, closed nut;
  • change the gasket with a new fixing nut;
  • crown is put in place, a bit screwed by hand, and then twist a wrench in a clockwise direction;
  • set the handle in place;
  • spin valve;
  • open valve.
The crown of the valve gasket

Valve gasket crown, the price - from 160 rubles.

Tip! If the nut that holds the gasket, do not remove, you need to moisten it with engine oil or kerosene.

Water leaks around the handle

If water flows to handle level, it means that your tap runs caul.

To resolve this problem, change its packing:

  • valve overlap;
  • disassemble the crane, as described in the previous case;
  • narrow screwdriver or an awl is removed old stuffing box;
  • placed a new pack in a clockwise direction (in the same direction is twisted stuffing sleeve);
  • each new turn rammed a screwdriver;
  • tight nut is screwed into place.

As the packing can be used:

  • linen twine;
  • thread burlap;
  • asbestos cord;
  • cotton cord.
Replacing the gland packing

Replacing the gland packing

To improve the water resistance of the packing slightly moistened with natural linseed oil.

Tip! Before replacing the packing can try less radical way - retighten the nut hand wheel tap wrench.

Poor water passes

The search for the cause

If the water in the sink, kitchen sink or bath bad passes, then siphon blocked fats or small particles.

Siphon is an element of each sanitary device and is required for creating a water seal, not passing gases and odors from the sewer pipe into the room.

cleaning the siphon

  1. Washed siphon strong pressure of hot water. It is possible to inject into the drain hole 1 tablespoon dissolved caustic soda and then pour liter of hot water.
  2. The edges of the plunger is lubricated with petroleum jelly or cream zabivshuyusya sink or tub filled with water, shocks click on the plunger downwards.
  3. By the vacuum cleaner nozzle is applied wet cloth, brings to the drain port and the device includes a few minutes.
  4. If the above methods do not help, you need to disassemble the siphon. Under siphon con bowl and unscrew the plug. Siphon itself clean with wire bent into a hook. It can be cleaned and cabled steel wire 3.4 mm in diameter, but this method can not be applied to plastic, brass and chrome siphon.
  5. If cleaning the siphon does not help, you have to clean the entire pipe cable. To increase the amount of debris captured by the end of the rope tightly tied cloth.
Cleaning the siphon

Cleaning the siphon

If a clogged toilet, trash can push an empty two-liter plastic bottle. Push sharp translational movements, giving depth to the tube of the bottle with a lid.

Repair toilet tank

With the cistern may begin to leak over time.

perform the following steps to repair:

  • cover the valve and remove the tank cover;
  • carefully inspect the internal components;
  • If any parts are damaged, it is necessary to buy new (before you go to the store, do not forget to look in the tank name of the manufacturer, model or type of drum and year of production - all of which help the seller to find a suitable for you detail);
  • If the gasket is worn out, they change;
  • disconnected from the float valve sharp, but not too strong, the movement of the left with a spanner or pipe wrench;
  • All parts tank plastic brush wipe and washed with water (slowly pulled parts by memorizing their locations);
  • solid deposits on the parts removed a wooden spatula;
  • cleaned parts mounted on their seats (as in paragraph 6, only in reverse order);
  • thread treated with silicone grease with a brush with a dense pile;
  • if the old float on the surface of poorly kept, it facilitates using polystyrene foam.
Apparatus cistern

Apparatus cistern

Tip! During repairs, the tank lid should be placed in a safe position, preferably on the floor, out of reach of children. Separately, the cover is not sold, so in case of damage you will have to change all the plumbing, or enjoy the outdoor tank.

repulsed enamel

If the enamel is slightly repulsed, you can restore it yourself (more - in the article Repair acrylic bathtubs).

To do this, perform the following:

  • purified damaged area sandpaper;
  • gasoline rubbed surface;
  • five applied layers BF-2 adhesive, giving each completely dry;
  • stained surface suitable color enamel paint or zinc oxide (layer thickness equal to the thickness of the adhesive layers);
  • if the surface has turned out uneven, the procedure is repeated.
Restore enamel bathtub

Restore enamel bathtub


These are the basic principles of restoration of sanitary ware, which often are the obligatory stage of repair bathrooms with their own hands.

If there was a failure of a more serious nature than a small leak or blockage should consult a professional plumber to avoid flooding like his apartment, and neighbors.

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.