Console pumps: technical characteristics of this type of equipment, device, video and photos

Cantilever pumps - everything you need to know about the equipment and its application


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  • 1 General information about equipment
    • 1.1 Application console pumps
    • 1.2 Variety of equipment and configuration
    • 1.3 Variety of centrifugal pumps console
    • 1.4 The cost of equipment and what it depends on
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fluid handling - ordinary situation in the household and at work, and then the pump can not do without

fluid handling - ordinary situation in the household and at work, and then the pump can not do without

In agriculture and industry from time to time there is a need to transport liquids. In order to pump the waste water or other liquids, using a special pumping equipment. I'll tell you where the applied centrifugal pump console, what its design features and some varieties can be purchased.

General information about equipment

Operation of the pumps of type K in the industry for pumping oil

Operation of the pumps of type K in the industry for pumping oil

Over 60% of the pumps produced in the world - it aggregates centrifugal console type. Despite the fact that all of these units are used for different tasks, their functionality is reduced to pumping the liquid medium.

Widespread units cantilever due to:

  • structural simplicity;
  • operation duration of the resource;
  • high maintainability and ease of maintenance with their own hands;
  • application efficiency.

Due to the operational features, cantilever water pumps with one-sided feed universally used for pumping a broad spectrum of liquid environments, since domestic water supply systems and autonomous ending complex industrial complexes.

Application console pumps

Scope console pumps applies to the following processes:

  • flue gas supply to the water treatment plant;
  • Pumping corrosive and abrasive slurries;
  • Pumping of sludge;
  • Pumping of the sludge and pulp;
  • Pumping of the sludge and pulp containing acids;
  • Pumping liquids from natural and artificial water reservoirs;
  • Pumping of sediment from cesspools, septic tanks, tanks, pits, etc .;
  • Dewatering the soil (irrigation works);
  • Shipping bulk cargo from rail and water transport;
  • Shipment of materials and steel industry waste.

Variety of equipment and configuration

The diagram shows pump equipment unit, when viewed from the side of the spiral tap

The diagram shows pump equipment unit, when viewed from the side of the spiral tap

When passing through the pump, the liquid medium is accelerated more than at the inlet. To convert the acceleration of the liquid medium in the pressure at the outlet of the unit is set volute (1) with guide vanes (3). The liquid medium from the pump is supplied to the converter through the inlet (2).

After passing through the hole, the liquid swirls in the cavity of the cochlea. Because of variable section cavity helical retraction acceleration is converted into pressure. At the end of the process, the fluid under pressure exits the spiral discharge through the discharge tube (4).

Scheme longitudinal image elements in the pump design

Scheme longitudinal image elements in the pump design

The main element in the design of the pump - this impeller (4) which during rotation causes the liquid medium in motion. The impeller is rigidly fixed to the shaft (9), which, in turn, is attached to a pulley of the electric motor.

To ensure uniform rotation of the wheel shaft on both sides is enclosed in a closed needle bearings (11) which, in turn, through the pads on the support bracket (10) attached to the body unit (2). The pump housing is most often made of cast iron, as this alloy is resistant to impact and vibrating for a long time does not require repair.

In case the holes for preventive replacement of lubricants can be provided. Household model, known as sewage submersible pumps are not designed for heavy loads, and therefore not in need of prevention.

Together with the electric motor to the pump console welded metal site is attached through the mounting eyelets. The unit with the motor operates as a single functional unit.

Variety of centrifugal pumps console

On the market there are several varieties of cradle-mounted pumps. Their structural differences depends on the instruction manual and specifications.

illustrations Varieties of pumps and their features
table_pic_att14925316054 Single-stage and multistage modification. By the number of working wheels one-wheeled differ (single stage), two or more wheel (multistage) modification.

The larger wheel is applied to the design of the unit, the more pressure it can give the output.

High-, medium- and low-pressuremodifications. In accordance with the pressure at the outlet differ:
  • high pressure (pressure greater than 65 mm water. v).;
  • srednenapornye (25-65 mm water head. v).;
  • low pressure (pressure of not more than 25 mm water. v.).

Indicator pressure depends on the capacity of the engine and of the number of impellers.

table_pic_att14925316116 Horizontal and verticalmodifications. In accordance with the arrangement of the unit body, different horizontal and vertical modifications. This feature determines the type of installation.
table_pic_att14925316127 Modifications with double and single entry environment. According to the method for supplying water to the impeller vary with double-sided supply and intake of liquid. This design feature only affects the ease of installation.
table_pic_att14925316128 Submersible and surface units. Pumps with superficial - it is stationary equipment, to which the liquid medium is amenable for the hard pipe or flexible hose.

Immersion device pictured left, are located directly in the reservoir. In this case, the pipe is arranged to drain liquid medium.

illustrations Classification according to the embodiment
table_pic_att14925316169 Cantilever pumps K This is the most common modification of the equipment, which is characterized by horizontal execution. The impeller is fixed on its own shaft which is driven by a drive via an elastic coupling.
table_pic_att149253161810 Monobloc pumps cantilever type to kilometers of water. The design of this pump, the torque is transmitted to the impeller through the shaft of the induction motor.

Cantilever pumps type KM characterized less vibration during operation.

table_pic_att149253162111 Cantilever monoblock step-up (ILC). This type of pumping equipment - the same one-piece unit, but is designed for use in the housing sector. Assemblies of this type are designed to supply the liquid medium at a higher pressure.
table_pic_att149253162212 Cantilever-piece linear (KML). This type of pumps different vertical location of the impeller axis and are linearly arranged and a suction outlet.

The cost of equipment and what it depends on

Price pumps is determined by parameters such as engine power, pressure characteristics, energy consumption, degree of vibration and noise. In addition to these factors, the price is determined by the manufacturer's brand. It is clear that the products of domestic manufacturers are not cheap affordable console or Grundfos pumps Pedrollo.

On average, the price of domestic equipment with a capacity of 1.5-2.5 kW motor is from 6 to 15 thousand. rubles. Prices are relevant for the spring of 2017. With an increase in power cost of the pump increases.

To summarize

Now that you know what the console pump, how it works and what it's for. Also recommended for viewing video in this article. And if you have any questions, ask them in the comments.