Repair children's room for the boy, do finish in the Khrushchev

Repair children's room for a boy (33 photos). Functional areas. Floor covering, wallpapering the ceiling. Windows and electric lighting


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  • 2 functional areas
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    • 3.3 All eyes on the ceiling
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Personal child's room should be the most convenient and at the same time comfortable for him. It is obvious that repair a child's room for a boy is different from the maintenance room for the little lady.

Repair children's room for a boyThe first condition for proper repairs - using only high quality materials that do not contain toxic impurities, not to harm the health of the baby, because he will spend most of home here time. A common stereotype is that the boy's room should be made in blue or blue colors.

In fact, the choice is much wider, more importantly, to present in the room a certain style in the design of which took an active part himself a future tenant.

room design for a boy

It should be before the start of the repair room thoughtful design, focusing on the preferences of the child, we also offer the 5 most versatile solutions.

  1. Marine theme. Wallpaper blue, light blue or navy blue, a large map of the world, perhaps, chests for toys or a bed in the shape of a ship. Accessories - globe stylized rudder. The latter can watch in SeaShop, price - from 3800 rubles.
  2. sports theme. Wallpaper of pastel tones, as they will be placed posters of favorite athletes, allocated land under sports zone may have placed a shelf for awards, if the child is engaged in professional sports, many space to play. Accessories - basketball hoop.
  3. military. Wallpaper shades of green or khaki, simple furniture, recessed lighting. Accessories - military equipment models (tanks or planes).Repair of a nursery in the Khrushchev
  4. Nature. Wallpapers of bright, rich colors - yellow, light green, green or orange. One of the walls can be filled with the image of a jungle or safari print use "under the tree" over the bed to place a shelf for plants. Fit a bunk bed, even if you have one child. The first floor can be done in the form of a decorative tent. Accessories - artificial vines, soft animal toys.Repair children's room in Khrushchev
  5. dinosaurs. Plain wallpaper light green or blue, pictures with dinosaurs on the walls repaired with his own hands can draw their tracks, to provide a shelf or display case, if the kid collects figurines. Accessories - toys in the form of dinosaurs, mats in the form of gigantic paws.

Apart from decoration and furniture, the overall style should match the curtains and bed linen, to create an effect of total immersion in the created world.

functional areas

When performing repairs in the nursery, necessarily need to break it down into functional areas that the room could meet all the needs of the owner.

Thus, the main room areas for boys are:

  • sleeping area;
  • work zone;
  • game Zone;
  • sports section;
  • zone of hobbies.

The last two areas are optional. Sports corner baby is able to instill love of sports, as well as the need to partially compensate for the move. It will be enough to post here Swedish wall with rope and rope ladder.

Hobby area will depend on the preferences of a boy and should be combined with the preceding one. For example, to expand the sport the athlete enough of the children's room to be repaired at the expense of a punching bag, and if your child is interested in the creation of models of aircraft, provided there is enough space on the table in a working area.

Tip! To the outer wall was not too cold and the child can take full advantage of space in front of the window, you need professional facade insulation.



The flooring in the nursery should be warm and at the same time easy to clean. If finances permit, it is best to install the system "warm floor".

The coating itself selected depending on the age of the child. For the smallest suitable linoleum or laminate, which are not afraid of wet cleaning. When choosing linoleum purchase with insulation material, but preferably for laying laminate creation of syntepon substrate.

If the repair is carried out of the room for a teenager, it is better to lay a floor carpet.

This process is performed in several stages:

  1. Buying a carpet. Here attention lengthen pile - it should be soft, but not too long.
  2. floor preparation. The surface must be made perfectly flat, because the carpet tends to repeat all the bumps and pits (line the floor with the help of the screed).
  3. Warming. If you do not set a "warm floor", it is worth to lay screed plywood, otherwise the floor will be too cold.
  4. Laying carpet.

The process of laying carpet:

  • obespylivajut plywood;
  • impregnated with antiseptic and fire impregnation;
  • If you make a repair child hruschevke, carpet rolled in one layer (roll width 3.5-4 m); in wider rolled rooms two rolls towards each other, slightly overlapping;
  • coating gives a little lie down until the disappearance of large mounds;
  • excess parts are cut at the edges, leaving a 4-6 mm distance from the wall;
  • carpet is folded from the wall by about 50-70 cm, and the adhesive is applied very thinly on the floor surface with a spatula;
  • tightly pressed to the edge of the carpet coated with adhesive portion of hard rubber roller;
  • the rest of the carpet is rolled into a roll (adhered to places), and an adhesive is applied to the following 50-70 cm;
  • continue until the end of such a bonding area of ​​carpet.
    To make repairs in the nursery

    Laying carpet

Stacking two rolls:

  • left unglued 30-40 cm on each side of the joint;
  • on the line of intersection of the line and the sheet is placed with a sharp knife cut through both layers simultaneously;
  • clean unnecessary pruning;
  • both the edges are bent carpet, coat with adhesive;
  • edges tightly pressed against the platen.

Tip! adhesive type depends on the basics of carpet. Universal adhesive for all kinds of non-existent.


The walls in the nursery, wallpapered

The walls in the nursery, wallpapered

If you perform a repair of a children's room in Khrushchev, one wall is best left under the wallpapers to visually enlarge the room.

Room in a nautical theme complements views of the sea. If the style is not expressed, it is possible to stop the election on natural figures, wood or birch wood are well fit into any decor.

There are special wallpaper for coloring. They are especially useful if your child likes to draw on the walls. Designated areas where you can draw, will protect the rest of the wallpaper in the room of the children's creative impulse.

The very process of wallpapering nursery for a boy does not have differences.

All eyes on the ceiling

For the development of imagination kid the best solution would be an imitation of the sky on the ceiling.

Variants of this design a few:

  • okleit ceiling monophonic blue paper or wallpaper with a pattern of clouds;
  • It takes the form of a starry sky, painted in dark blue color and special gluing reflective star;
  • make a suspended ceiling with a day or night sky.
    The ceiling in the children

    The ceiling in the children

Windows and lighting

lighting zones:

  • work area and desk are often placed under the window, and on the table must be one or more lamps for night time;
  • for each functional area need ceiling lights with different switches so that you can adjust the light depending on the location of the child;
  • the bed or beds should be a small lamp, the optimum model will be on hinges that allow them to deploy downward.


After repairs in the boy's room is finished, you can buy and arrange the furniture, which should not only fit into the interior, but also to be functional. It is best to make a set of furniture to order for individual room sizes. Cabinets and desks should not occupy a lot of space, because the child needs space for outdoor games. Also, try to consider the shelves or drawers for toys and school supplies.

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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