Child's room: design and requirements for small game

Child's room (51 images): requirements, design a single room for two


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Children's room - a whole world for a young person living in your household, so it is very important that the child is not just being in the room allotted to him and enjoy it and realize that it has its own territory. Child's room should be both beautiful, functional and safe.

How to realize all this, tell our article.

Child's room

to the interior requirements

Before we begin to repair, it is necessary to consider the requirements for the interior of a child's room.

  1. Environmentally friendly.

This is the main requirement, which directly affects the health of your baby. To achieve this property, parents will only be when buying quality furniture and finishing materials made from environmentally friendly raw materials.

In order to ensure hypoallergenic product and the absence of harmful substances, it is necessary to ask the seller confirming certificates.

Tip! It is worth remembering that children love to play on the floor. Prevention of the common cold will warm floor heating.

  1. Security.

This room offers outdoor games, so try to keep them as much as possible space. If the room is small, come to the rescue of the furniture-transformer.

For example, in the daytime, you can push the bed in the closet or folded folding table. It is necessary to avoid sharp corners and breakable glass and flammable objects.

  1. Convenience. Children's bedroom design-should be laid out in detail.

three zones should be distinguished clearly:

  • sleeping;
  • gaming;
  • working.
  1. Lighting.

Interior child must include a sufficient number of light sources both natural and artificial.

Natural sunlight is a positive effect on the psyche, so be sure to large window must be provided to repair a child's room. A good solution would be the installation of PVC windows, which protect the premises from the noise and cold.

Artificial light sources must be varied:

  • overhead lighting (ceiling fixture or fixtures);
  • table lamp;
  • sconces or a night light in the bedroom area;
  • if necessary, additional wall lights.
    Interior nursery

    The original ceiling lighting in the nursery

Tip! Do not forget about the dangers of electricity - close the outlet special covers and do not leave in the children's extra appliances.

The main thing - the age

In developing the future of children's very important to consider the age of the child, because the interior is largely affects the psyche, as well as on the development of the baby.

Depending on the age of such design principles are:

To 7 years

Non-overloaded children's perception of good takes the bright colors, you can use colorful prints, colored furniture. The interior of a small child's room to do a variety with colored accessories.

Important and an abundance of textures that the child can feel for tactile development, it may be a straw mat, cork trunk, plush armchair - all that is possible to study touches.

The interior of a small child's room

Children in bright colors

7-12 years

Children characterized by a more complex mental organization. There is no longer necessary in the brightness of colors, much-needed kids. Child will be able to perceive and more "difficult" beauty.

It is believed that the taste is produced at this age and takes their creativity features, and they largely depend on what the child will see on a daily basis. Mural will be useful in the design of the room intended for a child, which perfectly capture the visual information.

You can choose any topic, but children especially like:

  • marine theme;
  • pirates, and travel;
  • summer, beach;
  • cartoon characters and fairy tales;
  • animals, dinosaurs;
  • Barbie and other dolls;
  • Princess.
    Requirements for a child's room decor

    Properly selected wallpapers promote the development of the sense of taste in the child

Tip! To make sure your child is able to develop multifaceted, wallpapers recommended to update every year, changing the image to something radically new.

12 years

Game time is over, which means that the old design of children's playroom with bright curtains and cheerful rug will act on the growing personality just depressing.

With this age the room decorate in teenage style, allowing the child to participate actively in the interior design and taking into account their wishes. In the course are more "adult" themes: army, sports, cars or music for boys, flowers, film actors and a small glamor girls.

One room for two

A bit harder to create a suitable design a small child's room for two.

An alternative to the two beds can be:

  • bunk bed - a versatile and popular option, but it can only be used in the design of apartments, ceiling height exceeding 2.6 m;
  • two bunk beds, the upper part of which is occupied by a sleeping place, and the bottom - a desk;
    Mural in the interior of child

    Two bunk beds with built-in desks

  • bed hidden in a closet, will also be a convenient solution;
  • bed-podium at the bottom of which is placed convenient storage boxes of clothing, toys;
  • podium-case, who is hiding under the bed on rollers, on top of the podium is possible to place a desk;
  • withdrawable bed.
    The design of children's playroom

    withdrawable bed

Be sure to take care of the placement of individual desks with conveniently placed lighting.

This article describes the general rules for registration of children. But remember that every child is unique, so developing the interior nursery for your baby, it is necessary to take into account his personal characteristics. Do not be surprised if he wants to leave the brightness of colors or favorite cartoon character, even in adolescence.

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