Design project of the children's room for a girl: interior design ideas, decor wallpaper

Design project of the children's room for girls (33 photos). Drafting. Different zones of the destination


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In this article we will look at the design project the children's room for a girl. It is obvious that in the design of a child's room should prevail a certain atmosphere of kindness and love. It is necessary that the child felt comfortable in the room with friends and alone.

That he wanted as long as possible to be in this room, there to perform various tasks and play.

Design project of the children's room

The sequence of the drafting

  • To decide on the theme of the room;
  • Think about the tone of the walls and ceiling;
  • Choose coating on the floor;
  • Arrange the furniture;
  • Select curtains and other decorative elements.
design children's room design for girls

plan of the room, made in a special program

The first thing you need to jot down a child's room design plan for the girls, which will be clearly marked space, which will be located furniture and different zones. This can be done manually on paper or by means of a special program on the computer.

As you can see, the design of the project Children's for girls, quite original and of its exact incarnation in life will have to sweat.

More often than in standard rooms Khrushchev does not exceed 13 square meters. This may not be sufficient to implement this design project.

Very often, the idea of ​​design of the room "not fit" on a real living space. To do this, use some tricks. Thus, you will be able to get the desired result.

Crossroads different zones intended

Carrying out such a design interior nursery, several zones were connected. This step was taken to a little room to relieve the situation.

So bed-palace was created, which like any princess. Here your child can not only sleep, but also play with dolls with friends or alone. Thus, we have combined two zones: sleeping area and a play area.

The color scheme of the interior of children's room should be bright and calling, use only a soft and relaxing pastel colors.

Note! Each child has their own personal preference in colors and before the furniture will be purchased, ask his opinion on the matter. If you want to solve it yourself, then choose white color, it is possible to add items of any other color.

The most unfavorable colors psychologists call a bright yellow, poisonous shades of pink, orange. They will irritate your child's psyche.

Thinking through the design project of a children's room, was the base color is white, and additional - purple. Decorations, neon lights on the ceiling, as well as covers for chairs and beds added piquancy and interior styling.

for study area

Interior design children's room

Workplace in a child's room

The second area in this room is the area of ​​training of the child. It is located near the window that received sufficient daylight.

But do not forget about the additional lighting. A simple form of the table will help your child to concentrate in the classroom, rather than on elaborate design of the table.

In this table there is enough storage space for books and notebooks, and personal items.

Thinking interior nursery - wallpapers are a very important element. Since almost the entire surface of the walls open, the walls can be decorated with paintings or photo wallpapers.

design of the project Children's

Wardrobe in the room for girls

The project is a spacious wardrobe, which will store not only clothes, but also shoes. Large capacity well, however it is best if it is not very dimensional.

Otherwise it will clutter up the light and give a massive room. If a lot of things, it is best to buy a few compact cabinet and set them side by side.

Various ideas of children's room interior offer different options as to how to equip the center of the room. You can leave this place for outdoor games.

To do this, lay on the floor a warm rug or carpet. As for color, it is best not to choose lighter shades to it getting dirty too quickly.

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