Design a child's room for two children: a small bedroom interior view of beds

Design a child's room for two children (45 photos): ideas for decorating


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If you have two children, the room design problem is more acute. This is due to a variety of tastes, age or sex kids. When choosing the design of children's room for two children, pay special attention to the bright non-standard solutions in the decoration of walls, ceiling and furniture.

When choosing a piece of furniture, as well as more small touches sure to consult with children.

Design a child's room for two children

Design a child's room for two children of different sexes

Example design of the room for two girls

Today, there are many interesting and creative options for how to make repairs in the nursery.

However, if you want to make the interior a truly unique, it has a full run your imagination and creative thinking.

It is necessary to carefully examine the existing options of the interior, to analyze all the advantages and disadvantages, to take into account all the features of the room layout, its area, and select the final option. Only then can you begin to implement a fairy tale.

Note! Performing design the nursery for two children, remember about their habits, character, different hobbies. It is also very important to note they play most of the games.

If the owners of the room - restless and prefer active games, take care of a sufficient amount of free space in the interior of a child's room. If your offspring - avid fans of board games, select them for this session, several separate tables, where they can compete with your friends.

Child's room for two children

Interior for example two opposite-sex children

Of course, if two siblings, the opinions about the design of the room is two too. That is what often becomes a source of conflict, especially if children are heterosexual.

This is due to more rapid physiological maturation of girls and other addictions. This applies to everything - the color of upholstery furniture or paintings on the walls.

Girls choose posters with your favorite actors and cartoon characters, and the boy is more important poster with Formula 1.

Thus, selecting the design of a child's room for two children of different sexes, try to accommodate all requests.

Most likely, you have to zone the room so that it was divided into two equal parts, each of which will be his kingdom with a ruler.

Design a bedroom with cot

EXAMPLE space zoning

Note that the design must necessarily include a secluded place where your child can be alone, to think or read.

In order to highlight this place, divide the room into functional areas:

  • games;
  • working;
  • recreation.

Zone is more useful to the kid, and the working - student. If your kids about the same age, the working area should have two special place where kids can be engaged individually.

Examples of room decoration

For same-sex children

If you can use your same-sex children, in the design of stickers or labels on which they will be able to recognize its part of the premises. It could be their favorite cartoons or writing, it is important that they have chosen them yourself.

Design of child for two children

Interior room for the two boys

For children of different sexes

  • As mentioned above, the interior nursery for children of different sexes have zoning. What color to choose? Ask your favorite color of your kids and decorate their room in shades. The main thing that they were not too contrasting, for example, black and white. In this case, the area will look uncomfortable and angular.
Design cots

An example of an interior room for two

  • Despite the different interests and the color, the design should look uniform. For this you need a lot of decorative accessories and other tricks. Use throw pillows and playful pretty curtains, which will combine the texture and color of both zones.
  • For kids this unifying element can be a place for games, where you will put the general toys.
  • If the owners of the rooms have a big age difference, it is necessary to perform not only color, but also functional zoning. In this case, recourse through various fabric screens, walls of plasterboard, or pieces of furniture (E.g., a bookcase or closet, which can be extendable and serve as storage for the two things children).

furniture problem

When choosing furniture beware. For baby to be used exclusively natural and reliable furniture that will meet all quality standards.

Among the many different sets of furniture, it is better to use modular.

Naturally, for the child and for the school-age child furniture will have fundamental differences. Thus, the design of a bedroom with a cot will be supplemented by a minimum set of furniture is a bed, a chest of drawers for clothes and linen cabinet, changing table. Often this table is included in the design of the crib.

Design of child for two children

Pastel colors

For an adult the child will need an additional table at which he can do homework. Also, he needs a bookcase for books. If school supplies and books is not so much, it can be replaced mounted open shelves or cupboards and drawers in the desk.

Design a child's room for two children should include only eco-friendly furniture. This factor can not be neglected, since it depends on the health of your child. Especially attentive, be, choosing paints and varnishes, which will create the actual design of furniture.

In their composition must be free of toxic and harmful substances. It is preferable to use furniture made of wood or MDF.

Before buying, make sure the seller has a health certificate for the purchased furniture. Especially important this point, if you buy furniture made of particleboard.

Upholstery, in turn, should be resistant to wet cleaning, breathable, non-slip, and does not cause allergic reactions.

Design room with a cot, upholstered with fabric, which does not support combustion - the child maximum protection.

Design a child's room for two

Cheerful bunk bed

Note! To date, the type and form of cots can be very diverse. Modern factories have made sure that their products are relished all - it is standard beds, and various options for bed-podium, and beds that day hidden in different elements furniture.

Design a small child's room for two children

EXAMPLE folding bed

If you make major repairs and do not want to alter the design of children's room after a couple of years, do not skimp on quality.

Summing up

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