Repairs in the children's room with his hands: the ideas and styling options, the school from the masters

Repairs in the nursery (57 photos). Psychological aspects. Design and planning of the room. design rules


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Children - the most important thing in human life. All we want to give them the best that they grow up healthy and happy. Therefore, in the children's room to do repairs with full responsibility and attention.

Repairs in the children's room

psychological aspects

Repairs in the nursery

girls bathroom

When repairs you will need to solve some problems that are associated not only with the zoning and home decoration, but also with security and peace of mind of the child.

How many children in the family, what are the age and sex than are addicted? These aspects seriously affect the repair of the room - design, floor plans and finishing. Children's room plays a variety of roles at the same time - it's a bedroom, a study and a place and a playground.

Children's psyche reacts to the situation around: light, space, colors, furnishings. Not all facing materials can be used for a child's room.

If you have several children and decorate the room in different styles, creating it every kid your area. At the same time, remember that in the world of the child is no room for mediocrity.

Tip! The color of the furniture in the room is better to choose neutral. Colorful toys or school supplies on the color table can be annoying and distracting the child from school, not giving focus. Psychologists recommend choosing light green, it acts soothingly.

In the renovated children's room for a boy or girl should be as small as possible and reflect the brilliant objects: polished metal, mirror, glass. Their presence, especially the mirror, can cause sleep disturbances baby.

A child in his room playing, sleeping and studying. Three different in their psychological filling process should be comfortably held in the same room, without causing irritation of the child and fatigue. Each of the zones in the children's need to visually separate.

Children's furniture is significantly different from the adult counterparts is not only size, but also its proportions. Purchase furnishings for the child, with large parts and a simple form. They should not have sharp edges and protruding elements.

The basis of the health and sanity of the child - the positive emotions that he experiences during the games and study furniture, its devices and content. On this basis, the furniture in the nursery should be reliable, robust and multi-functional. The desire to hide the baby, privacy, natural and understandable.

It is no accident the modern ideas of maintenance based on the use of children's furniture, supplemented by closed-slot sections. Often, she even made a small house.

Design and planning of child

Repairs in the children with their own hands

Children should be well lit.

Planning for children's start with the selection of the room size and natural light. Preference is given to the western and southern side.

Note! If possible, separate the child's room should not be less than 6-8 meters. It is desirable that it be removed from the kitchen and living room, especially if your baby is very small.


Light in the room should preferably be an upper and a point, provide and night illumination.

You also need to plan for desktop and desktop lighting for additional important elements of interior design, pictures and gaming zone. In this case, the illumination shall take into account the age load on vision baby.

By varying the brightness of light reflected from all surfaces, you can adjust the volume of the room. For example, diffuse or reflected light is visually expands the space.

While working on the interior design, keep in mind that the color coating materials for a child's room should be bright, moderately bright colors. In this case the coating must be non-flammable and have a high degree of environmental safety.

floor and wall finishing

Choosing a floor covering in a child's room, parquet board or laminate, you decide to ease the problem of cleaning. Carpets should not be laid on the floor around the renovated children's room, place it only in the play area or the bed.

The walls of wallpaper paste better. Currently, the construction market sells a wide range of special wallpaper for children with the image of animals and cartoon characters.

School of repairs children's rooms

Stickers for wallpaper, the price - from 299 rubles.

Wallpaper can stick in two rows on the floor by ⅓ the height of the walls should have a wallpaper image, and above - the other. To smooth the transition between them, use the curb, suitable color.

Walls can be and paint. Such variants repair children's good that a painted wall can be used as a canvas for images of fantastic characters.

If you choose this option, use an acrylate or alkyd composition. It is made of water-based and work has almost no smell, and having dried, loses it all. Additionally, such paint is not afraid of household detergents.

The ceiling can be turned into a starry sky, for that fit the wallpaper with the image of stars and special stickers.

If your children are at all the kids, you need to lay a good floor linoleum or laminate. Such floor coverings are absolutely not afraid of wet cleaning. If you think about linoleum purchase insulated material.

If older children, natural carpet is laid. When selected note the length of the pile. It would be better if you pick srednevorsny or korotkovorsny carpet. Otherwise, you will gather a lot of dust in the coating.

It is desirable to equip a children's room sports complexes for the physical development of the baby. If you do repairs in the children with their own hands, you can make a simple Swedish ladders, ropes and gymnastic rings beside her.

Note! Picking up the color scheme of the room, rely not only on generally accepted standards, but on the originality of character and personality of their child. Remember that color preferences it varies depending on the age.

In the younger age kids really like the bright colors: red, purple, yellow. Gradually the child prefers the less bright colors - orange, blue, green. In addition, the selection of color options, it is necessary to take into account aspects such as orientation and room lighting, color furniture, as well as the overall color flat background.

General recommendations: all surfaces - ceilings, walls and floors should have the lightest color, and furniture purchase darker.

Rules of registration of child

Repair children's room with their own hands

Proper bed for a child

A little bit about security. The room should not be sharp and protruding elements on which the child can be tripped over or stumble. Furniture buy only eco-friendly, the best solution - this tree.

In his own home by an overactive child resting activity in the kindergarten or school. Proceeding from this, the room atmosphere must be present, which will be put out excessive mobility. Child psychologists recommend using warm olive, yellow or pink hues.

Recommends repair school: children's room should not be made out in blood-red or purple.

Tip! You want your baby has grown independent? In this case, Take care to ensure that the absolute master of the children's room had the opportunity to reach all interesting and necessary, that there is in his dominions.

  • Child psychologists say that the study of complex patterns on the carpet or wallpaper develops the baby's imagination. Figures baby hang in her bedroom. They, of course, very pleased with you, but not the heir, because he has learned something completely new. Limited set of drawings that kid is studying every day, do not help its development.
  • On the child's desk should be placed: any detailed album stand for pens, markers and pencils, as well as a desk lamp. To the place to be and a bedside table with several drawers. Note that the space under the desk should be enough for your child to stretch his legs.
  • Closet or wardrobe to be low, so that your child can sort himself belongings. Chairs should be comfortable backrest when the child planting it firmly back should be adjacent to the back and legs freely bent at a right angle.
  • As for the bed, it is better to buy molded version with low backrest. If the space in the room very little, buy a sofa with collapsible design "book" or withdrawable system.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

We decided to replace the windows in the room for children?
Note the eurowindows "Red Hill" from larch.

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