Design a child's room for two boys: options and items interior bedroom

Design a child's room for two boys (36 photos): working area, a place to rest and sleep


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Unfortunately, not all families in which several children can afford to separate each child in the room. In such a situation it is quite difficult to make the room comfortable and suitable for both children. But to do so it is still possible.

To do this, start by reviewing the various options for the design of rooms and choose the one most suitable. Conduct design a child's room for two boys and decisions should only be with the consent of the future owners.

Design a child's room for two boysPerforming modern design children's room, the most important - is the observance of such criteria.


  • Practicality next room;
  • Furniture functionality;
  • The originality of the interior;
  • Its attractiveness.

Before you begin to choose the materials that you want to repair the children's room, carefully study all its features, as well as the requirements of your boys.

Making room may be different, it all depends on the child's age. If the children of preschool age or studying in primary school, they will still be interesting subject cartoon characters or pirates, but if the child is older, you entrust the choice of the subject himself.

Thus, the maximum you will consider all their wishes and preferences, and protect yourself from future possible discontent interior nursery.

Design a child's room for a girl and a boy

Very often, to perform the design of a child's room for a boy student, parents do not have enough space premises.

I would like to place as many pieces of furniture, as well as to make the playing area, but not all owners of small apartments is under force.

In this complex situation, the most tedious work is the right choice of furniture. It has to be functional, transformed, compact.

Well, if some items of furniture can be clean in the daytime. For example, it could be a bed that hides in the closet. However, this solution rather expensive and not everyone can afford.

Design a child's room for a teenager

The original bed for boy

Children are very important to have a set of shelves, cabinets, and other offices in an armoire or separately on a wall. There they will be able to store all your collection of stickers, magazines and toy cars and motorcycles.

If you purchase a large crates roominess, you can save some space in the interior of a child's room for two boys.

Various versions of the children's room design suggest a different position of beds and their great variety.

Note! It is important that your children sleep separately. This condition is obligatory for all ages. Also to be split and other space.

For closet designers recommend to use the technique when the shelf belonging to different children, painted in various colors. You can also use a variety of labels.

Thus, your boy will be easy to navigate in a variety of shelves and drawers, as well as add to the mood of the game. Each child can choose a different color.

Working Area and its features

If you plan to design a child's room for a teenager, you need to pay more attention to the work area, which will include.


  • Desk;
  • Book shelves or cabinet;
  • A comfortable chair;
  • PC or laptop.
Design of child for two boys

An example of the work area in the nursery for a boy

This zone should be located as close as possible to the source of natural light (a window or balcony). Also be sure to Organize additional lighting. It may be in the form of a table lamp, lamps, sconces or floor lamp.

With regard to the bookshelves, it is best to replace the most massive elements with light. So they can be positioned not only in the work area, but also on the whole territory of the room.

The table is better to use a corner. So it can replace you with two tables and a room to save space.

The modern design of a child's room

Creative work area

A place to relax and its features

One of the most important areas, carrying out the design of children's two boys, a seating area.

Because the repair is done for children in the room, and the space to play here should be enough. Those skilled in the art recommend arrange in this zone of a sports field, where the different sports equipment will be placed.

For example, barbells, punching bag, weights or wall bars. Recently, parents are increasingly equip a corner rings or bars.

Design a child's room for a boy student

An example of the recreation area in the nursery for two boys

If your child has a calm temperament, and he loves to spend time with books, the place for this special class comfortable couch or chair where you can climb to his feet.

If the space of the room does not allow it, then align the zone with an area for sleeping.

Above the bed hang such interior items for the children, as the bra and put more cute pillows.

This will add comfort and comfortable position while reading a book.

Choosing the design of a child's room for a girl and a boy, do not overdo it with the amount of furniture. It should not be much.

Leave a desk, a chair, a few shelves for books, bed, chest of drawers and shelves, where there will be personal belongings.

Options for children's room design

Original shelf and dresser

Equipment for children's room

Various variants of interior children's room, of course, include a variety of techniques.

Today's children are very fond of spending time in front of TV, computer, or playing video games. All this is good, but only in moderation.

Optimal set of engineering in the design of the room for two teenagers is the presence of a small TV and a PC or laptop only, which combines these two functions. Large plasma TV and music better place in the next room.

sleeping area and a special mattress for healthy sleep

The choice of mattresses from different manufacturers is enormous. They differ in shape, size, fillers and coloring.

These mattresses can be equipped with a specialized box spring or not have it at all. If such a block is, it can be of two types: bound and independent.

Interior options for children's rooms

Springless pillowtop sectional

Springless mattresses inside can be filled with different fillers. The most natural and environmentally friendly fillers are very expensive. They are called coir mattress.

Try not to save money on your child's health and buy just such a mattress, since it is the most safe and recommended by experts. Coconut bark is impregnated with special fluids, which do not allow dust and moisture to penetrate into the mattress and it will serve you longer than usual.

Photo Gallery

interior illustrated children's room in an apartment with furniture and window