The original design of the children's room for a student: Interior Design Furniture

Design a child's room (60 photos): interesting for the interior of the schoolboy


Table of contents

  • 1 Children's division into functional components
  • 2 The choice of colors of the interior of child
  • 3 Choosing furniture for the nursery
  • 4 Lighting child's room
  • 5 Practical finish infant
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Question design a child's room is relevant for almost every young family, because of his personal development directly depends on the baby. Design a child's room plays a decisive role in how comfortable and convenient child will be in the room, in the desire to learn, to show interest in life, develop innate talents and Other skills.

We must not forget that the baby is home to a child in the same way as the apartment for an adult. In it, he spends most of his time playing, learning, relaxing.

Design a child's room

All of these qualities and should combine the design of children's interior.

In addition, an important part of the room is its functionality and environmental friendliness as a guarantee of the healthy growth of the developing organism.

Children's division into functional components

zoning method - the best way to combine repair a child's room all the necessary components. Usually the room is divided by a game and a training zone, as well as a sleeping part, at the request of the parents and the child may provide a sports area.

When you divide the room into zones, as well as their design must take into account several factors.


  • sex of the child;
  • his age;
  • preferences and interests of the child.

Tip! Excellent option in the interior of the recreation area can be a bunk bed, when you consider that many kids just love to climb stairs, and even more so in the case in the children will get along with two children about the same age (with a difference of up to 3 years). This will save additional space, for example, to accommodate a desk.

Design children's room for student

The original bunk bed

The choice of colors of the interior of child

For kids color is the most important component. The reaction of the children's color is slightly different from its effect on adults. Up to two months of life, they are able to distinguish between a white and black, but over time the perception of colors is becoming more extensive.

Children's preferences with respect to the majority of children of color in the age of ten identical. Pink and yellow can not be beat.

Sexual identity also applies to children's tastes its mark - girls are more like pink, purple and lavender colors, the boys prefer darker.

Note that tastes regarding colors change with age.

It is important to design a child's room and changed along with them:

  1. children of primary school age should decorate the room in the dominant red color;
  2. for 9-11-year-old kids are more suitable orange, green and yellow with a slight emphasis on the red;
  3. design children's room for a student older than 12 years would be appropriate to design in shades of blue;
  4. Room for a teenager repair is preferable to perform in a purple color.
The original design of the children's room

Design of child for teenage girl

However, if the child will quickly get tired of contrasting combinations, you need to design a more neutral.

You should also avoid excess in the interior of the children's dark colors - wallpaper, toys, furniture should not be depressing effect on the fidget. Should refuse from the contrasting combinations which are preferred by many adults, such as black and white.

Good fit in the design of children's are not too bright, intimate tone, and blend harmoniously contrasting colors.

Repair the walls with his own hands, as well as ceiling and floor can be done in pale yellow, pale blue or pale pink color, with darker furniture to choose, abandoning the neutral colors.

Choosing furniture for the nursery

There are crucial materials. Furniture made of solid oak, lacquered or oil is considered the most environmentally friendly and harmless to the child.

Some people prefer to choose a design children's furniture products from pine and beech, but pine furniture wears out pretty quickly.

This is not a problem if the baby is not more than 2 years old and has a bed of pine trees, because after a year or two he will need a new, more spacious bed, and the old by this time probably will last.

design of child

Furniture in the nursery for the little ones

must buy furniture, focusing on a number of rules:

  • The availability of the seller hygiene certificate for the products sold furniture;
  • furniture must be safe - no sharp edges, protrusions, glass inserts and metal fittings;
  • must comply with size and age of the child;
  • It must be stable for any minor impacts.

For a small child up to 2-3 years minimum will be the next set of furniture in the nursery:

  1. Crib;
  2. chest of drawers for clothes;
  3. high chair.

All the rest is bought on the choice of the parents.

It is becoming an interesting children's furniture design, for which already has a value of the shape and color of the surrounding objects for children 3-6 years, because at this age children are very curious and active.

Treat the child's original bed in the form of a ship with a rope ladder and upper deck. Also, there are models of beds, equipped with a slide for the Congress down.

Interior design children's

An interesting variant of the bed for a child 3-6 years

For children from 2 years of age need to provide a chair, a table and all the necessary attributes for drawing and writing. Adjustable furniture will be convenient to their long life, because it can be transformed according to the child's growth.

Provision should be made for the toy shelves or chest of drawers with large drawers, serves as a means for fast and easy cleaning of toys and at the same time is a striking color accent the room.

Upon reaching 12 years of age of the child, the room should be equipped with more serious furniture. It shall be provided to the computer, additional shelves, cabinets and other necessary elements.

Lighting child's room

The design of children's furniture

The original ceiling light for baby

This design component of the infant is not less important than the previous ones. Light in the room should be enough to practice drawing and study, but it should not be dramatically bright and annoying.

The room should be evenly lit, with some emphasis in the area of ​​the workplace, it would be useful to view the baby.

Tip! If a child is afraid of the dark, arrange the room in night lighting in the form of a lamp with a bright little blue bubble! The child will be grateful!

Ceiling Light can according to tradition may come from the chandeliers, the corresponding common stylistic decision, or using the built-in ceiling fixtures.

To provide access to the baby switching on and off the light switch must be positioned at a distance of not more than 90 cm from the floor surface.

Practical finish infant

Children's furniture design

Interesting design of the ceiling for infant girls

Making children's room interior must not only original but also practical.

For example, all surfaces in the room must be smooth to avoid damaging contact with the delicate skin of the baby.

To repair the walls are commonly used paint or wallpaper. There is another option with the so-called cotton cover, which have excellent insulating qualities, pleasant to the touch and is 100% environmentally friendly.

At least one of the walls should be issued specifically for drawing, because almost all the kids love this activity. Used for decoration of the wall washable materials.

Floor covering is best to combine, putting it in the play area is warm and soft carpet, the rest of the surface - more practical laminate.

The original design of children's rooms is not possible without the proper use of the ceiling surface. It can be decorated with stars, thus recreating the night sky, or vice versa - the clouds. In an impromptu sky can fly kites and birds. It all depends on the individual needs of the child and, of course, on your imagination.

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