Repair children's room for a girl: Masters school in a small child's bedroom

Repair children's room for girls (30 photos): design, decoration of walls and floors


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Repair children's room for a girl - a fascinating process that will make you not only a builder or designer, but also a magician.

Repair children's room for girlsSo repair a child's room - where does it start?

The first step in repairing the children's room (as, indeed, any other) is the layout of the interior. You agree that any work will be much easier if you will represent the final result.

The first thing to take into account - it is the age of the girl, says repairs School: for children's crumbs or almost "adult" bedroom will look very different.

Trim and accessories that are appropriate in the first-grade room, it is not suitable for the bedroom of a teenage girl.

So how do they see the modern experts in the field of interior design children's room for a girl?

Room design for girls

Repairs in the children's bedroom

Design for girls

The main directions of today are the ease and immediacy, which manifest in everything.

color solution

The first point to which you should pay attention - this is the color scheme of the room repaired. The decor is best to use light shades of natural colors. According to the recently formed in the stereotype of the ideal color is pink, but follow this stereotype literally not worth it.

The best option that will allow you to keep the "balance of interests" - is to choose several colors for the main finishing (well-behaved manifest in the design of lighter shades of peach, purple, pastel colors), and then offer the very girl to choose the color bedrooms.

But dark colors (dark blue, dark green) should not be used in the interior of the room for the girls. These colors with prolonged exposure can have a negative impact on the psyche of the child, causing depression, irritability, fatigue.

School of repairs children's puberty

Color spectrum

Texture and pattern

In addition to the color solutions to repair their own hands pay attention to the texture of the surface. The more textured surfaces, drapes and coverings, the better.

In addition, in the bedroom of the girl, as nowhere else would be appropriate decor items such as hearts and flowers. They can be positioned as the main element of the interior (for example, selecting the appropriate wallpaper), and still be added as accessories.

Decorating the walls

So, suppose that we have decided on the design. Now we have to repair, and we'll start it with the finishing of the walls.

The best material for the walls (no matter whether intended for a girl or boy's room) - this paper wallpaper.

Several reasons for this:

  • Firstly, the paper wallpaper are inexpensive. This is a rather compelling argument as wallpaper glue have often enough. According to the recommendations of psychologists, wallpaper should be changed not less than once every 3-4 years.
  • Sometimes, despite the categorical prohibition, children draw on the wallpaper. To artistic experiments of your daughter did not become a universal tragedy, it is easier to paste the wall paper wallpaper, and they just re-stick if necessary.
    Repair in a small nursery

    Wallpaper decoration walls

Note! In addition to colors, we talked about above, be sure to pay attention to the presence of wallpaper certificate. This certificate must ensure that the paint, which is part of the wallpaper, do not contain toxic compounds. Ideal - find wallpapers, specially certified for use in such areas.

Besides paper, many manufacturers suggest using vinyl washable wallpaper. Their use is justified, if you plan to pokleit wallpaper "once and for all", otherwise it does not benefit from the traditional paper wallpaper.

Another option decorative finishes of walls with his own hands, popular in the west and less popular in our country, is a painting of the walls. This option is fairly easy to implement, but when painting should pay attention to two points.

Paint the walls in the nursery

painting walls

  • Firstly, the only non-toxic interior paints may be used (hypoallergenic acrylic paint Tikkurila joker, the price - from 680 rubles.). They are more expensive than conventional paints, but essentially they are superior in quality and safety.
  • Secondly, painted walls require serious preparation. The wall surface must be perfectly flat and smooth, which means that special attention should be paid to the plaster and putty.


floor arrangement - is a separate and rather trivial task. The main issue here is the correct choice of flooring.

Existing options:

  • Linoleum. As in any other room for a teenager to be repaired, linoleum - is the economy version of the coating, quite practical and attractive in appearance. Please note for linoleum should be packed sufficiently thick substrate.
  • Carpeting. When choosing a carpet coating not purchase with natural and artificial bristles (polypropylene or polyamide). In contrast to the natural, such coatings are not prone to the accumulation of dust and easier to clean.

In addition, when choosing a carpet, as well as in the selection of wallpaper, be sure to pay attention to the existence of the certificate.

  • Bung. Coating of natural cork - ideal. Hypoallergenic tube due to their structure is an excellent shock absorber and a beneficial effect on the development of the child's musculoskeletal system. In addition, cork flooring - a very "warm".
    Cork flooring in the nursery

    cork flooring

Sex selection in the children is not limited to these embodiments, but no floor tiles or floors, or solid wood may not be optimal for the room where the child spends most of his time.

As you can see, repairing a small nursery for girls is largely due to the design plan. However, in the pursuit of aesthetics should not forget about the practicality and safety of the room for your child!

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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