Design a child's room for teen girls: interior design with their own hands

Design a child's room for girls (36 photos) Interior design for the 1-6, 6-10, 10-13 years, teenager


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Will design a child's room for a girl with his hands - a very exciting process. It's so nice to create a cosiness and comfort for their princess. Read our article, in it you will find useful tips that can be useful to you.

Girls being delicate and fickle, so developing interior design children's room for a girl have to rely on her tastes, ages and interests.

Design a child's room for girls

Speaking of age can be identified 4 groups:

  1. From 1 to 6 years.
  2. 6 - 10 years.
  3. From 10 to 13 years.
  4. 13-17.

This is due to the child's interests in different periods of life. Let's see, what will be different in the children's bedroom design, depending on the age of the child.

Room design for girls 1-6 years

Design a child's room for teen girls

Room design for girls up to 6 years

When designing for children's girls can transform a room into a real princess bedroom.

You do not need a lot of funds, mainly your ability and imagination. It is considered that repair a child's room for a girl to be executed in a pink color, but not necessarily.

You can choose any color wallpaper with children's drawings or not. Pay attention to the quality of the materials specifications as to burnout and environmental sustainability.

Since the children's room is not just a room for games and activities, but also the place where the child is asleep, the room should be divided into zones. This can be done using the same wallpaper. sleeping area and training be issued in a calm and neutral tones.

Near the crib, you can use wallpaper without pattern, that would fall asleep or studying, the child is not distracted. Repair ceiling can be made in bright colors or decorate with applique. This will depend on the subject matter of all premises.

Try to stick to one direction and style of interior design. Floors for children's best done with a heated, as most children like to play on the floor. Spread on top of a carpet made of natural materials are non-allergenic.

Of furniture in the room must be in bed, a table for sessions, cabinets for clothes and toys with books and chairs. If you decide to arrange the bedroom like a Barbie doll, use the pink color, the appropriate furniture.

Curtains can sew their own organza, with a lot of quilling and bows. In the same style Arrange bedspread and decorative pillows. On the walls hang pictures or photos of the baby in the box.

Tip! Of course not all of the baby as a princess, sometimes there are real rascals, so designing a children's design, be guided by the child's character.

Room design for girls from 6 to 10 years

Design a child's room for a girl with his hands

Bedroom design for girls 6-10 years

Creating interior nursery for girls 6 years and older, have a desirable trait for this occupation and the child.

Besides the fact that it will communicate with you as an equal, so you will be able to instill in her a sense of style. At this age, children are curious and absorb everything like a sponge. In 6-7 years, children go to school.

So, we must take care of the place for the performance of lessons, a shelf for books and a comfortable chair. Study place should be well lit and not only in the daytime. Renovation in the children's room is not much for children. Less bright prints, children's wallpaper is replaced by a more neutral with geometric patterns or without a pattern.

Can cooperate dark and light shades of wallpaper. Ruffles on the curtains can be replaced with beautiful lambrequins or draw curtains window without decoration, which will smooth the folds hang down from the ceiling to the floor.

Wall should hang a mirror or put a dressing table, because at that age the girls already have your makeup and give her appearance a lot of time. Just pay attention to the child's bed, her baby was obviously too small.

Room for girls 10-13 years

Child's room for a girl

Children's Art Nouveau

At this age, girls begin to copy adults, they appear idols, they stop playing with dolls. This means that toys can be removed. The game takes place trellis or computer.

Wallpapers have become more stringent, on the walls there are pictures and posters of idols. The book becomes more and they have to allocate space. You can use the closet for toys or hang extra shelves. The same can be said about the clothes.

It is very convenient to install in small rooms corner cabinets. They do not take up a lot of space and roominess.

Choosing interior nursery for girls + with their own hands, you can decorate the ceiling of the pattern of spotlights. It will be enough light, economical and beautiful.

room arrangement for a teenager

Child's room for teen girls

The room of a teenage girl

When choosing a design for the children's teenage girl, should prepare to difficulties, because the child will want to definitely take part in the process.

Maybe some of her suggestions have plunged into shock, but then parents must be able to negotiate. Most teenagers prefer to modern styles.

If you have a computer, you can pick up a sample interior nursery for teenage girls, to discuss with her the details and come to a consensus.

You can also offer to prepare a room in the style of a country such as Japan. Especially do it easily. Choose the appropriate color and pattern wallpaper. The walls and floor are decorating items inherent in this subject.

Pick up in the same style curtains, lamps and furniture. Set your, decorating and everything is ready. If this option is not triples, you can try the style of minimalism.

Teenagers love a lot of free space, and this style has the following features:

  • The absence of almost any decor;
  • Simple forms;
  • Freedom of space;
  • The functionality of objects;
  • Electrical devices.

whether that is necessary is not true. This style is at the psychological level involves a break from the bustle of life, excess emotions. Perhaps that is why he is so close to most young people. But all teenagers are different, and thus the interior design will be different.

Designed for children's girls

Modern design bedroom for 2 teens

After all, private rooms reflect a piece of our soul. As they say - to see the room where a person lives, you can make it on the view that in the future will be true.

And what to do if you have not one, but three children and highlight each of the room is not possible. So it is necessary to consider the design of child for three children.

Interior design children's room for girls

Bedroom for three

Well, if the children of same-sex, and if not. We'll have to get out. Each child should provide beds, allocate space for the things to arrange a place to study. Three bunk bed can be made to order or make yourself.

Not to establish three tables, you can put one round divided into sectors, each with its own. If the room is large and the area allows, divide it into zones each with its own. You can arrange them in different styles and color schemes. As the partitions, you can use portable screens or make plasterboard.

If a provision in these niches had a magnificent rack. The beds can be replaced with chairs, beds, it saves space and looks nice. Only the division is required to take care of good lighting in each zone. As you can see from every situation there is an exit, the main thing is not to lower the arms and in time to include fantasy.

In conclusion, I want to say, choosing a design children's room for a teenage girl or another age - consult with children.

Who knows, maybe their wishes will push your imagination, and together you will create a masterpiece. This is certainly not the most important, and most importantly the comfort of your baby and peace in your home.

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