Curtain design for children's: the best interiors, unusual way window decoration

Curtain design for children's (45 photos): choice of colors, functionality, practicality, style and sustainability. Curtains for boys and girls


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  • 1 The basic rules of window decoration
    • 1.1 Color spectrum
    • 1.2 Functionality and practicality
    • 1.3 Style
    • 1.4 Environmentally friendly
  • 2 Children for boys
  • 3 Window decor for girls
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Children - not just a room where your child spends most of his time, but also a huge world in which he was to grow, develop and enjoy life. That is why the interior should be easy, simple and light. And the first thing we start - the correct design of curtains for the nursery.

Curtain design for babyTo date, there are many different design options window in the nursery. Here and colored curtains in the style of fairytale castles and fancy hard pelmets, and lightweight transparent tulle, like a cloud.

Curtain design for a child's room

Original curtains for baby

When the decoration of the window, everything is important:

  • the texture of your chosen material;
  • the color scheme;
  • safety and ease of fabric care;
  • floor area;
  • decorative ornaments.

Note! Sometimes unusual interior requires the same unusual and creative solutions in the design window. It can be various combinations of contrasting colors, the use of inclusions of stones or the use of painted shutters.

Curtains considered decorative element, with which playing color can be a mistake. Be careful with the combination of different colors, when you create a design curtains by hand.

window design in the nursery

Tulle with applique

The basic rules of window decoration

Color spectrum

First of all, design curtains for children's weight should not differ too dark tones of fabrics.

If you want access to natural light source was closed, put on the window blinds. They will save you from exhausting the sun and help to put the baby to sleep during the day.

Heavy curtains will create a heavy atmosphere, which should not be in the interior of a child's room. Draperies should be distinguished easily and weightlessness, and the fabric must pass a significant amount of sunlight.

Choosing a bright and warm colors, you will create in the interior of a child's room a festive mood and comfortable environment.

Unusual interior nursery

Example window decoration

Functionality and practicality

Secondly, performing design curtains, pay special attention to their practicality. When choosing fabrics, make sure they are easy to wet processing and ironing.

If possible, get a couple of options. Thus, you can regularly change and update the interior.

Best Interiors children

striped curtains


Third, the curtains should be in harmony well with the different elements of decor and style of furniture.

If you are unsure what will fit into the style, the safest thing is to choose the curtains to match the upholstery or the color of the walls, the ceiling. In this situation, the window will be the final textile element of the interior, the room will look unified and create a complete picture.

EXAMPLE plain transparent curtains

EXAMPLE plain transparent curtains

Environmentally friendly

Of course, not just curtains, but all in the nursery should be made of natural materials and meet the quality and safety standards.

To date, there are many manufacturers that provide high-quality, bright and original curtains made of linen, cotton and even bamboo fiber.

Children for boys

  • For boys, this could be cars, motorcycles, pirate ships, helicopters and other equipment. Also suitable sports theme, travel, western with cowboys and space.
  • Individual design of curtains for the children should be made not to your liking, and in accordance with the tastes of the young inhabitant of this room. If your child is still too small, it is desirable to choose light-colored curtains.
  • Note that the curtains for the children do not have to be made in the form of drawings or applications, although they fit perfectly in almost any room.
  • Curtains can be combined from a variety of patches, it is possible to paint or paint on fabric embroider they image.
  • Painting on fabric is better to carry out oil-based paints, which are extruded on a porcelain dish, which is diluted with nitro thinner. Brush for this activity is best used as watercolor, soft.
  • It is very important, performing design curtains for a more adult child children's room, replace the children's motifs on the neutral, it can be a cell, strip or abstraction. Now, his abode will look more severe and restrained. Let your child chooses himself what he prefer.

Window decor for girls

Curtains in the room for girls

Decor windows in the room for girls

What do you want a little girl? Be a princess and live in a castle, so in the decoration of the window safely use butterflies, fairies and snowflakes.

As the young lady will grow, will change her tastes. It could be animals, plants or anything else. Often girls prefer plain curtains with ruffles. Well, if your child will help you with the decoration.

Summing up

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