Repair of wooden windows with their hands: how to clean up after repair dirt from the door

Repair of wooden windows with their hands: detailed instructions


Table of contents

  • 1 Vsegoda on hand
    • 1.1 Instruments
    • 1.2 Necessary materials
  • 2 Preparatory work
  • 3 How to remove paint from the windows
  • 4 Replacing the glass in windows
  • 5 Grinding, putty and primer windows
  • 6 window painting
  • 7 Summing up

In this article, let's talk about the repair of wooden windows with their hands. You will learn what materials are worth buying, as well as carry out the work in a sequence.

The houses and apartments can still often find wooden windows. And it often happens that it does not turn out to be brand-new double-glazed windows, and the windows, which were installed 20-30 years ago, the Soviet builders.

Repairing windows and doors

Dismantling of old paint

This sturdy structure, which home from time to time is subjected to repair - painting and pasting paper while cold. But over time, wood windows require more serious repairs. If you do not want to part with frames made of natural materials, we will tell you how to make the restoration of the windows with their hands.

If you have windows instead of glazing beads is still crumbly old plaster and the surface covers swollen and peeling paint, do not hurry to part with them, we undertake for their restoration.

Vsegoda on hand

List of tools depends on the condition of the windows. Repair windows and doors usually involves the same set of construction tools.

Repair of old wooden windows

Tools for restoration


  1. Building a hairdryer.
  2. Set of spatulas of different sizes for removing old paint and putty coating layer.
  3. Pistol sealant for bonding glass.
  4. Set of brushes.
  5. Set sandpaper R220-240 and P120 for the cleaning of wood and fillings.
  6. Hammer.
  7. Chisel.
  8. Pliers.
  9. Ticks.
  10. Jigsaw or hacksaw on wood.
  11. Pocketknife small.

Necessary materials

  1. Coarse plaster on wood. It is used for repairing large defects and deep crevices both on the windows, and the repaired wooden doors.
  2. The fine-grained plaster on wood (finish).

Note! It is worth to buy plaster white. Beige material suitable for the color of the wood should be taken only when you plan to cover the window frame paint. If the window is in a very bad condition, shpaklyuyte and paint it white finishing materials.

  1. Deep penetration. Widely used as in the finishing of the apartment with his hands, and in the repair of windows. In the latter case, for better adhesion of the wood and the putty and putty paint itself.
  2. Painting on wood. Better gloss.
  3. Wooden glazing beads. If you plan to carry out the re-glazing of the window frame.
  4. For glazing bead - 20 mm long nails.
  5. Masking tape, the price - from 60 rubles.

Preparatory work

Deciding to repair old wooden windows with their hands, first check for the presence of visible defects and damage. Perhaps, in addition to applying a new layer, you will need to complete replacement or repair of glasses frames. In those places where finish may peel off, can the rotten wood.

Determine the extent of the destruction of the window frame, you bude to know whether it is possible to repair the unit or, it may be better to replace them with new ones. The older your windows, the more defects you find during the inspection.

Also pay attention to how the box adjacent to the window frame. The reason may be loosely closing frame deformation against time and too thick a layer of old paint.

How to remove paint from the windows

To be most effective restoration and repair work of old peeling paint must be completely removed from the surface of the window frame.

To do this, remove the window from the loop and pull them out of glass and metal parts.

Old cracked and peeling finish can be removed from the surface in several ways, but for most of them, especially thermal or chemical, it is necessary to involve experts.

If you do not have at hand dryer building (construction equipment is usually available for professional masters and crews very rare in the household), the dismantling of the old peeling paint can be made by means of abrasive materials, spatula and scrapers.

After removal from the surface of the old finish cracked wipe frame, remove the dust and wash special alkaline solution. You can purchase it in a hardware store, where there is a joiner department or department for repair of furniture with his own hands.

If at hand there is still a construction hairdryer, work will look different. The hot air jet from the dryer affects the paint is softened and removed. When the hairdryer in one hand, hold the tool, and the other - a trowel. Direct air flow to a small area. As soon as you notice that the paint began to swell, immediately remove it with a spatula.

Note! Hair dryer should be allowed to cool down, after five minutes of operation requires a 10 minute break.

Replacing the glass in windows

How to wash a window after repair

replacement of glasses

Broken glass or webs with cracks must be replaced before the painting of the frame, after the dismantling of the old fabric layer. It is best to remove the glass by first removing the glazing beads or putty. After that, make measurements and order a new glass.

If you have certain skills in glass cutting, you can do this work yourself.

Insert new glass in the window frame is a snap. For this it is necessary to apply a new layer of putty folds to protect the window from the ingress of moisture. In addition, the putty will help the glass tight to the wooden frame.

Putting new glass on the folds, such as putty carefully seal all the gaps. After a month you need to put on a completely hardened putty paint. This way you can further protect from moisture.

Grinding, putty and primer windows

This step is to prepare the window frames to the application of the new layer. nazhdachki by smooth out defects, irregularities and cracks in the window zashpaklyuyte and let dry for 12 hours. Then repeat the procedure.

When the second layer is dry, move on to the final leveling of the surfaces. The primer is also applied in two layers, each layer should be properly dry for 12 hours.

window painting

Painting of window frames

Painting of window frames

The process of coating paint layer wooden windows, perhaps the most simple in comparison with the phase of preparation for it. By selecting the appropriate quality and shade of paint, it is necessary to mold a part thereof in a separate tank.

It must be remembered that the first layer is always applied in order to impregnate them tree. The paint should get into all the cracks and pores. Therefore, it should not be too thick.

The second layer is applied without fail after the first is dry for several hours. Otherwise you will not be able to avoid the appearance of defects on the surface.

Vysohnuvshie window frames to be inserted back into the box. In the presence of slits processing performed sealant.

How to wash a window after repair? A fresh layer from the glass surface well washed with solvent.

Enough to wet a cloth and "walk" it in all the spots that were on the glass.

Thus the old wooden windows again become an aesthetic appearance. After repair and restoration, they will be able to serve you, almost a dozen years.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.