Repair of plastic windows with their hands

Repair of plastic windows: the elimination of drafts from windows and shutters


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  • 1 Draft from the window
  • 2 Draft of the leaflet
    • 2.1 Causes
    • 2.2 The sequence of work
  • 3 Summing up

A simple repair of plastic windows, including their minor adjustments, you can make your own. To do this you need only two tools: Allen key №4 and Phillips screwdriver. agree that the low price for the comfort and warmth of home.

Most often, the owners of plastic windows facing problems gapping wings. Because of this, there are drafts, especially unpleasant in the winter season. Through can both from the windows, and from his sash.

Repair of plastic windows
Repair of plastic windows with their hands

Repair of windows

Draft from the window

You need to figure out exactly where exactly blown design.

  • In winter time can determine the location of blowing conducted palm pressed on a connection line frame and transom and between the frame and the sill.
  • During the summer, gently use a lighter. Place blowing indicate deviated toward the flame. adjustment methods directly depend on the location of insufficient quality sealing.
  • Closing the gap between the frame and the sill can be further encapsulated with foam, which is applied after removal of low tide.
  • Also, be sure to check how well done the sealing between the outer wall of the house and the frame.
  • Once installed, this place is often seen frozen foam. It should be cut off, putty or silicone sealant to fill. It is best to do this work immediately after installation. Then the risk of deformation of slopes fungus will be minimal.
  • If these efforts do not bear fruit, try to seal the space frame and sill connections. Use a silicone sealant.

Tip! When using a plastic adhesive effect will be much longer and more reliable.

Draft of the leaflet

Eliminating drafts

Eliminating drafts


Cause a draft of the transom may be skewed or gapping sash to the frame.

  • Perform repair of plastic windows with their hands in both cases is not difficult.
  • Transoms skew is most commonly seen on the handle side at the top corner.
  • To repair the windows with their hands need to slightly raise the corner of the sash or reinstall a fully glazed, lifting sagging direction.
  • Gapping in the transom frame, properly installed in the opening of the renovated rooms, eliminates clamping the locking bolt or stud.

The sequence of work

Most hardware manufacturers provide special clamps with adjustable upper and lower corners of the transom on the hinge side.

Tip! It happens that on the hinge side and the bottom of the transom fittings available. If shines through in this place, you must manually set an extra clamp.

The flaps are swing-out and swing. Depending on the type and the place in which to place additional clamp, its type is determined.

In an additional swivel flap clamp in place on the hinge side is installed without parsing necessary fittings and removal from the transom loops.

Often the presence of drafts in the decorated apartment feels upright in the center of the leaf. Most likely, this is due to the fact that the pin can not reach the striker plate. Conduct independent adjustment in this case is simple. When you reinstall the lift of glass transom.

If this does not resolve the problem, place a spacer plate in place of pins between the profile transoms and glazing. Thus, you will extend the flap at the right place and decide to draft problem.

If all your efforts have not yielded positive results, the problem is much deeper and its solution requires skills and special tools for the repair of plastic doors and windows. Should contact the service center. This will save you time and guarantee a long service life.

Summing up

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