Repair of plastic windows with their hands: repairing old windows and accessories

Repair of plastic windows with their hands. Problems with opening restrictor, replacing a broken handle. Fix lock fittings Winkhaus.


Table of contents

  • 1 Problems with installation opening limiter, the replacement of the broken handle
  • 2 pen jammed
  • 3 Repair lock fittings Winkhaus
  • 4 The handle is turned not to the end
  • 5 Blowing out of the seal
    • 5.1 Working with a variety of double-glazed windows
    • 5.2 Problem Cause
    • 5.3 The sequence of work
  • 6 broken glass unit
  • 7 Summing up

Can I do a repair of plastic windows with their hands? It is, for this you will have a little to understand the nuances of the structure of the plastic bag and purchase some parts accessories.

Repair of plastic windows with their handsWhat are the problems most commonly faced by owner of the plastic windows?
  • problems installing opening limiter, replacing a broken handle;
  • pen stuck;
  • repair lock fittings Winkhaus;
  • the handle is turned up no end;
  • blowing from under the seal;
  • broken glass unit.

Problems with installation opening limiter, the replacement of the broken handle

If you need to install the restrictor opening or replace a broken handle, try the repair of plastic windows with their hands:

  1. The plate at the base of the handle to rotate 90 degrees. There are arranged fixing screws. Armed with a screwdriver, remove them, remove the old handle and the same screws fasten the new.
  2. To install a plastic "comb" plate ventilator controller move under the base of the handle. And remember that the low price of accessories may point to the same low quality.

pen jammed

In the open position of the sash can not close the window as the handle is lowered and rotated. Accidentally load lock, the handle is fixed in an unnatural position.

Define the accessories brand, the name must be present on the metal bars.

  1. «AUBI». In the area of ​​the handle sticks out a thin metal plate is equipped with a spring. Firmly press down with your finger to the seal plate and try to turn the knob.

Nothing has happened? See how the flap is located. It has to be vertical. When finding angled upper sash lock will continue to restrict the rotation of the handle. Align fold and press against the seal plate. The handle is easy to turn and the window closes.

  1. «Roto», «Winkhaus», «GU». Below the handle should be a metal tab, situated at an angle to the frame. Actions do not differ from those described above. Finger downward push the protruding tongue. Thus it is parallel with respect to the sealing rubber. Turn the knob.
  2. Faults may occur due to thermal deformation occurred due to the substantial difference in temperature inside and outside the room repaired. In this case, the tongue will slip past the counterpart element and the handle does not turn. Opening the window, find the item is made of metal, on which the motion shall strike tongue. Remove one or two screws in the second element and enclose between it and the frame shim. Locking clutch for a return element recovers.
Repair of windows with their hands

Adjust the plastic windows with Roto fittings

Repair lock fittings Winkhaus

We often carry out repair of accessories of plastic windows Winkhaus system. In particular, rotation of the handle lock mounted in tilt and turn shears.

Due to the friction lock is subject to rapid wear as a result of hardware does not want to be locked.

Note! Rotating the knob is possible only in the "open" or up to airing.

In our efforts, you can break down the main gearbox of constipation, so you should proceed with caution, armed with a screwdriver and pliers.

With their help remove the decorative upper hinge pin and remove the nozzle. Drooping leaf on the floor, twist the screws that secure the accessories, remove the scissors. Remove the lock, screw the scissors in place and do all the work in the reverse order.

The handle is turned not to the end

As a rule, there are two causes of the problem - it's drying lubricant and sagging folds.

When dry, use a universal penetrating grease lubrication process all movable elements, pay attention to the upper corner transmission.

If the lubricant application had no effect results, rotate the adjusting screw loops. Remove the decorative cover with the lower loop and try to lift the flap, simultaneously twisting the screw inside the loop. If the upper corner flaps of beats response frame strap, tighten the screw top hinge.

Blowing out of the seal

Working with a variety of double-glazed windows

  1. «Roto». In the middle of the response frame plates have a place suitable for insertion of an Allen key №4. Turn in the desired direction the movable member.
    Repair of plastic windows independently

    replacement seal

  2. «Winkhaus». Pull ektsentrik holding two fingers lock and turn it to the side.
  3. «AUBI», «GU», «Sigenia». Movable elements have the form of pins and rollers are located in the leaf. Find a point on the edge of the roller and press it. Clamp sash to the denser, closer to the seal you turn point.

Tip! In the summer months, return the pin to its original position, as the sealing rubber wears out too quickly.

Problem Cause

Purging can occur due to improper installation on the frame mates. Move Response plate shifting bar below so that the roller is fully under the sign plate.

The reason for strong blowing design with a bend profile may be hiding in the poor-quality installation conducted before beginning the repair in a room or in the fall straightening plates installed between the glazing profile and the middle sash. It is possible that the marriage was allowed in the production, and the plates were not installed.

The sequence of work

Repair of old windows is best done using a hard spatula or chisel. To place a joint profile and bead lean the tool and disconnect the bead light blow.

Check straightening plate disposed between sash and frame. In addition, you need to install the middle of the plastic plate, pushing the flap of the double-glazed window of 3-5 mm.

For the manufacture of the plate is fine school line width not less than the thickness of the glazing. One of the edges of the makeshift plate must not abut on the inside of the glass, because the sealed unit may form a crack.

Move away from the glazing profile help the same chisel. Enclose it in a plastic spacer on the glass side. To begin, move the flap 3 mm and try to close the window. If necessary, add another 3 mm.

broken glass unit

Repair of plastic windows accessories

Replacing broken glass unit

To work, you'll need a rubber mallet and hard trowel. At the junction of the frame and glazing bead in the middle of the frame, insert the spatula and pick the beadings light blow mallet.

Sequentially remove all the glazing beads and remove the glazing. Install the new regulation on plastic straightening plates.

For window blind enough to put a plate underneath. If the flap opens, the plate should be set at two angles is indented at 10 cm from the bottom of the loop and diagonally to the upper part.

leaf geometry is regulated by putting a desired number of straightening plates. High-quality repair of glass with their hands to spend quite difficult in this case.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.