Design ceiling plasterboard: video-installation instructions with their hands, especially drywall construction duplex with hidden illumination

Design ceiling plasterboard (60 photos): single-level and multi-level design, body painting and design


Table of contents

  • 1 Drywall - that it is up
  • 2 Single-level or multi-level - what is your choice?
    • 2.1 One-level ceilings
    • 2.2 Ceilings of plasterboard with a bulk painted
    • 2.3 Design of multi-level ceilings made of plasterboard
  • 3 Summing up
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Design ceiling plasterboard with their hands - it is possible to quickly and economically implement your design intent.

Design ceiling plasterboard

Design: plasterboard ceilings - is not a work of art?

What is the advantage of such a design?

  • easy execution of installation works;
  • perfectly flat surface;
  • a huge variety of forms;
  • acceptable price.

Construction of suspended ceilings:

  • hide various defects, irregularities;
  • improper mask traces of floods;
  • mask all kinds of communication and electrical wiring;
  • create a wonderful sound and heat insulation.

Cost also will depend on the complexity of designs and amounts of material.

Drywall - that it is up

Drywall is now widely used as a repair and finishing in residential premises. What was he like? This gypsum sheets certain size and thickness of the coated sturdy cardboard


Drywall is used in:

  • wall bearing walls;
  • manufacture of interior partitions;
  • design and decoration of the ceilings;
  • installation niches and furniture.

In addition, gypsum board product is environmentally friendly, high-tech and fire.

Design ceiling plasterboard with hidden illumination

Plasterboard ceilings with signature moves are impossible to predict!

Some species are moisture resistant and are suitable for the creation of design of kitchen ceilings and ceilings in the bathrooms.

Single-level or multi-level - what is your choice?

Thinking about options, you must first decide on what would be the basis for your design approach, because the ceiling can be:

  • single-level;
  • complex, multi-tier.

At your request, you can choose the classic version - the usual smooth ceiling with no frills or surrender the power of imagination and create a work of art out of the ceiling, think of the intricate and unrivaled design.

Due to the fact that the ceiling of plasterboard can be formed into any shape, design projects are ubiquitous and used in any style. This may be a classic design and modern minimalism with its cosmic form.

If your choice is stopped at the one-level version - perfect! In return, you get easy mounting and universal coverage, which will be combined with various finishes of walls.

Multilevel plasterboard - the design of which is much more diverse and colorful, will be much more interesting.

Design ceiling plasterboard with their hands

Flatten plasterboard ceilings - simple and stylish lighting

One-level ceilings

Talking about the design of single-level ceilings, do not assume that this is a common flat surface, and only. This is not so. Masters designers are not asleep, trying to even out such a conventional type of finishing to create a masterpiece. And it turns out they are not without the help of an essential part of the ceiling of plasterboard - namely, raster fixtures.

Thanks to their well-thought-out location, the design of the ceiling plasterboard with hidden illumination is not only delights, but also the design of a variety of lighting solutions.

In addition, the use of colors lighting raster light sources brings an original contribution to the transformation of the comfortable rooms and fundamentally change the design of the ceiling. Light will extend the perimeter of the ceiling, playing with all their colors, fulfilling the designer's ideas.

Ceilings of plasterboard with a bulk painted

Design ceiling plasterboard may involve patterning the surface. Due to such decoration is born a kind of work of art based on design novelty. Such a ceiling is unique in the whole and does not like their fancy counterparts - it is exclusive and unusual.

plasterboard ceiling design

Bulk painting rarely used, which is a pity. That's very beautiful

And this creature is created relatively simple:

  • pencil applied ornament on a plasterboard;
  • drawing is obtained by using the liquid volumetric paper;
  • gypsum board is dried and mounted on the ceiling.

All this, on the one hand, it is simple, but requires a painstaking and time.

Design of multi-level ceilings made of plasterboard

Design plasterboard ceilings

Duplex plasterboard ceilings - a variety of built-in fixtures and configurations

If you opted for the creation of multi-level ceiling of plasterboard, safely include fantasy and get to the embodiment of the design concept.

Thinking through the design of two-level ceiling of plasterboard, look for a variety of built-in location lamps, the vastness of colors and variations backlight structures produced during installation of drywall sheets.

Common forms of ceilings:

  • vaulted;
  • arched;
  • inclined.

Achieving the desired effect, the ceiling of plasterboard and embedded raster halogen lamps (see. the location of the spotlights on the ceiling). In addition, you can use the built-in lighting system, large lighting and decorative ceiling elements.

plasterboard ceilings Design

Plasterboard withstand any intricate design luminaires to 10 kg

Do not forget the saying - it is afraid of the master. Think carefully whether you can handle yourself with the work or is it better to invite an expert in the matter. They will help with the selection of the optimal design based on your tastes and desires, physical capabilities.

You should understand that the design of the ceiling plasterboard - a thing to the extent varied, has a large number of bright and beautiful options, it's easy to get lost and confused in choosing. Do not rush with the choice, consider several options, get advice from specialists and only then make your choice.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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