Repair of the stretch ceiling: the discharge of water and other alterations of cloth, manual, video and photos

Repairs stretch ceiling - self-eliminate common problems


Table of contents

  • 1 How the suspended ceiling
    • 1.1 Eliminating puncture
    • 1.2 How to repair a breakdown, which is very distant from the wall
    • 1.3 How to drain the water properly
  • 2 To summarize
There have been many injuries vinyl ceilings and with the majority of these problems can be dealt with on their own, without professional help

There have been many injuries vinyl ceilings and with the majority of these problems can be dealt with on their own, without professional help

What to do if you accidentally damaged vinyl ceiling? Or, for example, what to do if the top neighbors flooded, and the web has inflated bubble? Our experience allows me to say that anyone can carry out repairs stretch ceiling with your hands, without the help of professionals.

How the suspended ceiling

Before you repair the suspended ceiling with his hands, I suggest to get acquainted with the construction of vinyl ceiling, to know what to deal with.

illustrations Schemes leaf attachment
table_pic_att14915099281 Harpoon mounting method. It is the most common option, in which the web can be repeatedly removed from and inserted back baguette.

Harpoon - a plastic strip, which is glued or welded on the blade perimeter. During installation, the spear is inserted into the gap special baguette where retained due latches and due to stretch ceiling.

table_pic_att14915099292 Generator (shtapikovy) method fasteners. This method - a kind of harpoon design. Here, in the profile, is fixed around the room, set the web, which clamping wedge is fixed.

To the perimeter of fabric stretched ceiling was not much technological gap, set the decorative bead.

Why the proposed scheme? To eliminate most of the damage will have to disassemble the suspended ceiling. And to do it with your hands, you need to know how it was harvested.

Eliminating puncture

Such repair ceilings relevant if a puncture or incision located no further 10-15 cm from the wall.

illustrations Description of action
table_pic_att14915099303 preparation tool. To work need two large slotted screwdriver, flat spatula, cyanoacrylate (super) glue, powerful hair dryer or heat gun.
table_pic_att14915099314 releases the harpoon. Near from damage, as shown in the photo, a screwdriver inserted into the gap. Gently pushed to the blade slot.

Not pressing on the canvas, click the screwdriver flat on the wall profile fixed to the wall. That is, we need to achieve, to show the edge of a harpoon, and we could put in the slot in the gap.

After one screwdriver unbent profile, insert and a second screwdriver two screwdrivers pushing the gap.

table_pic_att14915099335 We take out the canvas. In the extended nip to the inserted screwdriver inserts his trowel.

Click on the spatula, so he raised the harpoon, and that the web has departed. Thereby take out the web about two feet on either side of the hole.

table_pic_att14915099366 gluing breakdown. This is the first way to fix the problem.

If you have a spare piece of vinyl fabric, it can be cut from the patch. Cut the patch should be pasted on the back side of the web in the cyanoacrylate adhesive.

As a result, the hole almost not visible and the hole does not disperse further.

table_pic_att14915099377 slit. It is more correct way to convert the suspended ceiling, eliminating breakdown.
  • Close to the harpoon, with a sharp knife to make the cut 10 cm from the break in one or the other side;
  • Further, the breakdown of the cut two diagonal lines. As a result, should get a cut in the shape of a triangle.

Please note - the farther the sample is from the wall, the longer should be the cut side is located near the harpoon.

table_pic_att14915099408 to seal the incision.
  • Cyanoacrylate adhesive is applied to the edge of the harpoon strip of 3 cm and a lap sticking sheet;
  • The glue dries quickly, which is why we put his little band in time to glue;
  • Immediately we try to glue so that the canvas remains as small as possible folds.
table_pic_att14915099419 Set the harpoon in its original position.
  • A heat gun or a powerful hairdryer heat the blade near the harpoon;
  • High temperatures will smooth lines and wrinkles. Dressed with a spatula blade to harpoon entered in a baguette and it was fixed;
  • Once fell canvas prints finally warm up the repaired area, so that there is not a single crease.

How to repair a breakdown, which is very distant from the wall

illustrations Description of the way
table_pic_att149150994310 The use of vinyl stickers. According to the size and shape of the cut selected and purchased special vinyl stickers. These stickers can be ordered and purchased at companies producing billboards and other articles of ORACAL films.

The sticker will cover not only cut, but also does not give damage to the increase in size.

To label did not become a constant reminder of the hole in the ceiling, such as decorative elements can be pokleit and in other areas of the web.

table_pic_att149150994511 Installing the grille or spotlighting. If the breakdown or cut is closer to the center of the room, but the defect has a size of no more than 5 cm, it can be hidden by setting the ventilation grill or light.

Plastic grille-mounted vinyl ceiling is suitable not any. Correctly matched grating is glued using superglue.

Installing spotlights - it's a great idea to disguise the break. But in order to cause the lamp to work, the web will have to be dismantled and to bring the wiring.

How to drain the water properly

illustrations Description of the way
table_pic_att149150994612 Water drainage through the opening chandeliers.
  • For convenience, we dismantle the chandelier;
  • Substitute bucket under the hole, the ring undertake multiple fingers.

Note that the pull-ring holding in one place can not be, as it will crack. Therefore, the retaining ring more fingers in two of three points.

  • Once merged water, gently drop the cloth so that it has returned to its original position;
  • If a large area of ​​the room, need an assistant who will make waves in the direction of the ring.
table_pic_att149150994813 Draining water through web edge. This option is relevant if there are no openings under the chandelier:
  • Disconnect blade with baguette, a bucket substitute shot region, merge the water and dry give ceiling;
  • After that, the web may be re-fill prints.

To summarize

Now that you know what to do if the ceiling burst or sag under the weight of the water. All of these issues are addressed in the article is simple, and professional adaptation of a stretch ceiling is not required. I recommend to view the video in this article - I am sure you will be interested.