Calculation of construction clamp sizes

Calculation of construction clamp sizes
drawing scale: 150% 125% 100% 75% 50% specify the dimensionsPipe diameter DThe diameter of the pin BThread Length HThe gap Z
stud length: 211mm
The distance between the centers of the holes in the plate: 64mm

Calculation of building Chomutov

Buy Building hardware is not a problem. Sales have fasteners for any occasions. Pipe clamps, clamps for the repair of various size and destination. But sometimes there might not be a store fixture and you want to make a clamping band independently.
The clamp consists of a threaded stud with nuts and clamping plate. Hairpin bends on the pipe diameter and the metal clamp ready. The presser plate two holes are drilled. It fits over the pin and presses against the pipe, as the clamp. Often used in the construction of fences, which are attached to the plate bar.
To calculate the size of workpieces, specify the required size for the manufacture of the clamp.
steel clamp
pipe diameter D-
B- diameter hairpins
H- length of the threaded portions
Z- gap