How to make a shelf of drywall correctly: video-installation instructions with their hands, you need to get a corner, hanging, wavy shelf, partition, Price, Photo

How to make a shelf of plasterboard (33 photos). Planning, materials and tools. frame assembly, plating, treatment of joints and seams


Table of contents

  • 1 Advantages GCR
  • 2 shelf planning
  • 3 Getting Started
    • 3.1 materials
    • 3.2 Instruments
  • 4 Mounting design
  • 5 Design non-standard shape
  • 6 Total
  • 7 Photo Gallery

Large furniture is good when initially introduced into the interior space. What can we do to create additional storage space in the already renovated apartment. Install closet, cabinet or console? The price of such a solution is high.

We invite you to take up the creation of simple and uncomplicated designs of FCL and hasten to tell you how to make the shelves of plasterboard with their hands.

Such a structure is very comfortable and stylish.

Such a structure is very comfortable and stylish.

Advantages GCR

Drywall - a unique material that can be used not only to create partitions in the room and the installation of a suspended plasterboard ceiling with a great design. From it you can do a variety of niches, built-in cabinets or shelves. They will be practical and convenient place for you, where you can store any items, kitchen utensils, books and even household appliances.

Note! If after the repair you still have leftovers and scraps GCR, do not rush just to throw them out. Even if you think that the space in the room is not enough, a small shelf in it always fits.

"Do not clutter your space extra furniture," so it sounds one of the rules of Feng Shui. But no matter how hard you try, sometimes it is very difficult to give up the cabinets and shelves.

Is mounted in the room shelves and niches of drywall, you allow several problems:

  • get rid of old things;
  • improve the design of the room;
  • made an unusual stand for a variety of collections, decorative tableware and gifts.

shelf planning

Under the TV needs a reinforced frame.

Under the TV needs a reinforced frame.

Before to make the shelves of plasterboard, decide on their appointment. If the structure will experience heavy loads require the use of thick sheet CC. If your plans include a place on the shelf aquarium, television, hi-fi system, it is necessary to further strengthen the framework (see. Niche as an article under the TV plasterboard - this too can help finishing material "of all trades").

For such a structure of a conventional profile for GCR is not necessary. In this case, the best solution - use metal corners. Do not neglect this precaution.

If you want to use the shelf as a decorative detail, its framework can not amplify. For it is enough for an ordinary rack profile. Once you will be determined by the design and strength of the structure, you can start preparing the necessary tools, as well as counting and the purchase of supplies.

Getting Started

Wall GCR.

Wall GCR.

So you need to make the shelves of plasterboard.


  • Rack galvanized profiles, section of 50 × 25 mm.
  • Guide rails.
  • Self-tapping screws and dowels with a spacer.
  • GCR GVLV sheets or, if the shelf is constructed in a humid room.
  • The primer composition.
  • Plastic mesh-serpyanka for joints.
  • Emery cloth.
  • Before making an undulating shelf of drywall, you need to buy special arched profiles.


  • Building water level.
  • Roulette.
  • Plummet.
  • A marker or pencil.
  • Screwdriver.
  • Electric Planer.
  • Little Bulgarian.
  • Hammer.
  • Pliers or tongs.
  • Hacksaw.
  • Paint knife.
  • Putty knife.
  • Brush.

Mounting design

The framework for the shelves.

The framework for the shelves.

The shelves may be made from the GCR in step plasterboard partition assembly (wall) or be a separate structure.

frame assembly

  1. Before a septum with shelves, creates a common frame in such a way as to obtain a niche. It is sutured with plaster sheets, as well as the entire surface of the wall.
  2. If the mounted regiment, a separate frame is preparing for it. Usually it is used for profile having a cross section of 50 × 25 mm.
  3. First, mark the wall by means of level.
  4. Where were provided for fastening, drill hole puncher.

What you need to take into account before making the hanging shelves of plasterboard.

If the structure will experience severe stress, you need:

  • GCR apply thick (1.8 cm) butterfly screws;
  • profiles fasten with frequent increments;
  • use the frame and traverses, which will strengthen the structure.

To fix the fixed wall profile along and across the guide rails. They will create a volume of crates.

a face plate

If the building will be illuminated, do not forget about the wiring.

If the building will be illuminated, do not forget about the wiring.

After that, as the crate is ready, start her skin. Horizontal shelf plane to strengthen them, can be done not only from the GFC, but also from MDF, particle board, plywood thick, impact-resistant glass and mirrors.

Note! If the design will have a backlight, you need to take care of the wiring. Following the technique of fire safety cable must be placed in a protective sleeve.

Before you make in the corner of the shelf, you will need to produce cutting work.

  1. Perform measurements of future construction. Transfer them to the GCR.
  2. Now you need to cut the workpiece. For this purpose, cut through one side of the sheet, then it is breaking, made by deepening.
  3. Bend the material at a right angle and with the second side of a paint knife cut the cardboard.
  4. Cut ends align with emery cloth.
  5. Attach screws to the sheathing sheets.

How to treat joints and seams

Corner profile.

In the photo corner profile.

We continue to talk about what you need to properly make the shelves of plasterboard. Their ends and the main surface must be absolutely smooth.

Therefore, the construction process will be additionally needed.



  1. The ends of the sheets grind.
  2. All joints apply a thin layer of plaster putty.
  3. Seal them serpyanku (plastic reinforcing mesh).
  4. Apply second coat of putty.
  5. It should be noted that when using serpyanku need putty entire plane GCR.
  6. When the composition dries, apply a layer of putty for finishing drywall.

The corners are smooth and looked aesthetically pleasing, stick the corner profiles. These strips can be made of steel, galvanized, aluminum or plastic.

Note! The most stable corners - steel. However, the metal over time can begin to corrode. Rusty spots stood out through the lining material.

Design non-standard shape

Arched profile.

Arched profile.

Has been described above is the simplest method of mounting structures of the GCR, which have a geometrically correct shape. And how to do drywall corner shelf having smooth or wavy lines?

Little instruction.

  1. If you use a thin arched GCR can do curved shelves or their parts.
  2. To create them, you will need to make a template. To do it, use more durable than plaster sheets of materials.
  3. Prepared item with one hand Perforate spiked roller.
  4. Next, moisten the brush drywall and lay on the template. The ends of the blank lock.
  5. Allow to dry element for 24 hours. Next, remove it from the template and secure it to the frame with screws.
  6. Crate can be made from special arched profiles. However, you can stick to the usual strips, if the pre them to make cuts on metal scissors.


The use of GCR in the interior of the apartment provides ample opportunities experiments both with its design as well as with the layout of the rooms. With the help of gypsum shelves you can zone the studio apartment or to delineate the space in a single room.

As shown in this video posted page, shelves made of gypsum sheets will help make your apartment a comfortable and stylish.

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