Repair of furniture with his own hands: the kitchen, wooden, old, wicker home

Repair of furniture with his own hands: the correction of minor defects, significant damage varnish and restoration of furniture


Table of contents

  • 1 Correcting minor defects
  • 2 Significant damage to the lacquer
    • 2.1 Choosing a wash
    • 2.2 Use technology removers
  • 3 Repair of furniture tips
  • 4 Summing up

Repair of furniture with his hands is sometimes a must. Whatever may be the quality of our furniture, still under the influence of physical activity, influenced by the environment (humidity, heat) it eventually loses its "marketability."

Here then is a paradoxical situation: the furniture is like new and to change it sooner, but repair work is still needed.

furniture repair their own handsOf course, better to eliminate complex failure professionally in the woodworking shop. But most of the problems they do not deliver, and minor defects - abrasions, cracks, chipped corners, damaged paintwork.

Very often even a small scratch can ruin the look of the interior, which means that the skills of operational repair of furniture you do not interfere.

So, let us understand how we can carry out repairs of wooden furniture with his own hands.

Furniture repair - employment fairly simple, which is the power of even a layperson. No special skills needed for this, and if you own at least the basics of weaving vines, even quite complex repairs wicker furniture you on the shoulder!

Correcting minor defects

As we noted above, often require self-repair is minor defects of wooden furniture on which to a large extent depends on the impression of the decoration of the apartment.

The most common injuries and how to eliminate them:

  • The most common type of such defects is damaged (cracks, scratches or abrasions) Paint. To restore minor damage varnished, surface wipe products tissue swab dipped in a mixture of linseed oil and an alcohol in a ratio of 1: 1. Then, after waiting for a final drying of the surface, to polish its gloss with a clean cloth.
repair of wooden furniture

Restoration of the varnish

If the lacquered surface is damaged sufficiently deep (deep layers of lacquer affected), the damaged layer cover lacquer monochromatic, dried and polish cloth.

Most often, the repair of old furniture with his hands held in this way.

Note! If shellac varnish used for polishing is desirable to use a mixture paste of kerosene GOI or the mixture of linseed oil with an alcohol. If the surface coating composition based on nitro lacquer, to achieve the best effect during polishing using the composition of the alcohol and solvent (1: 1).

  • Upon detection of stains on the painted surface, first, we examine their origin. If this is not possible (often exactly what happens), wipe the stain cotton bud soaked in gasoline. If necessary (for example, if gasoline stains after drying fragment left on the furniture) repeat the operation after some time. After the polished surface of cleaned wipe cloth rag until its gloss. Violations during the stain removal polishing restore rubbing a mixture of denatured alcohol with linseed oil.
  • If the polished surface of the hot spot formed object (kettle, pot or iron) remove it by rubbing the damaged area with a swab dipped in alcohol, and then restore polishing. If the damage is severe enough, such a stain can be removed by polishing with a mixture of drying oils with an alcohol. After traces of the stain left, be sure to wipe it with a swab dipped in pure alcohol and polish cloth.

Significant damage to the lacquer

repair of old furniture with his own hands

Removing stains from a hot object

All of the above methods work only for small lesions lacquered furniture. How can that be, if the varnish is damaged badly enough?

Choosing a wash

In this case, you can use a special stripper, acquired in the hardware store. Removal nitrocellulose, polyester, oil paint coatings of different compositions are used.

The most effective in this case, as the restoration or repair of wooden furniture are emulsion removers such as CM-1 and CM-2, the price - from 480 rubles. They have low toxicity and virtually eliminate the risk of fire.

Washes this class destroy cover at a time, without requiring reapplication while for polyester varnish removers holding time It reaches two hours, and the alcohol or nitrocellulose lacquers for removal of lacquer can begin within 25-30 minutes after application removers.

Use technology removers

  • On the lacquered coating is applied mesh from scratch in cell shape with a side of 15-20 mm.
  • Evenly distribute smyvku, cover the treated surface with wax paper or waxed.
  • After the necessary exposure (remember, it depends on the type of paint) softened nail gently remove with a spatula, being careful not to damage the wooden base.
  • The eluent from the varnish surface washed with a solvent and dry 1-1.5 hours.
  • Surface grind sandpaper №5 and №6 and dedusted.
  • Once completely removed from the surface of wood dust, proceed to restore the lacquered layer.

Repair of furniture tips

repair of wooden furniture with their hands

Restoring varnishing

In some cases repair work is not limited to the restoration of the appearance of the furniture. In this case it is necessary to undertake the repair of old furniture seriously.

  • Quite often, the cabinet doors are opened with great difficulty, or spontaneously. This is due to the irregular situation of the cabinet. To solve the problem within one of the enclosure legs puts a thin wooden plate, selecting its thickness with a level.
  • If the cabinet has impressive dimensions, by its mass can prosest floor. In this case, under the bottom of the cabinet hammering two spacers (wooden rollers) so that their front to be seen. And then we can say that my kitchen is renovated - perfect!
  • cabinet doors can "act up" due to the weakened hinges. In this case, we either tightens the loop, or replace them on the screws with longer (so far as the thickness of the walls of the cabinet). Destroy over time the socket mounting screws fill with putty or wood putty mixture with sawdust.
  • Very often the repair of kitchen furniture with his own hands requires the removal of numerous jams the drawers. Fix this problem can be, rubbed runners paraffin or candle wax, and if they eventually swell from moisture cooking, grind off the surface of the guide bar rubbing sandpaper.
  • wicker furniture repair

    The application of glue on the chair leg

    Cracked and shaky chairs and armchairs dismantle and clean off residual adhesive from the field connection. Then put on the parts to carpenter's glue and fix them tightly clutching spot gluing. Drops of adhesive resulting from the junction, carefully remove immediately. A day after bonding chair is already possible to use.

With these simple manipulations, you will be able to significantly extend the life of your furniture. And if you learn all the wisdom, furniture repair their own hands can turn into a hobby that brings your family a good income.

Summing up

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