My kitchen is renovated: simple decoration kitchen with bay window

My kitchen is renovated (36 photos): window decoration, wallpaper and furniture


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Design ideas for finishing the kitchen space, there are many. In this article I will tell you what it looks like my kitchen renovated, and what mistakes were corrected old interior to create a cozy space.

We hope that our experience of repairs, made with his own hands, it may be for someone useful.

My Kitchen after renovationWe live in a typical high-rise building, commissioned in the 80s of the 20th century, our "Czech woman" has a size slightly larger Khrushchev apartments. In a small kitchen right after repair was a very pleasant stay. And not just to cook, but also just to sit with family or friends.

Sometimes even I love to work here with a laptop at the kitchen table. Our newly embodied in the life of the repair option cuisine has brought a lot of light, comfort and convenience. Now horizontal surfaces are almost always free and no cluttered.

That was before renovation

Until recently, our kitchen was terribly gloomy and dark. And all because it is repaired by non-professionals, who understand nothing in decoration. As it turned out, my parents did not have enough imagination 10 years ago to repair a small-sized kitchen, and the price at that time was very heavy.

Old furniture too modest to clutter the space, and the colorful "tend to accumulate grease" wallpaper does not decorate a room.

We have decided to make repairs simple, no transfer of the walls and other global changes in the apartment.

What was done

What shortcomings need to be addressed to get cozy nest

  1. First of all, the lighting of the room space affect the window. In our case, they gave little light due to the very short baguette. Parted the curtains just closed a window opening on the edges. That is why the window is visually appeared already, and enough light to penetrate.

Note! Lighting, which penetrates into all corners of the room, will help get rid of dark corners. Daylight fills the open space angle, which can cover the eye, becomes wider, and the distance between the objects is created.

Too narrow baguette literally stealing from the room. Exit - to buy a new baguette or remove curtains (which we did).

If you have to make repairs kitchen with bay window, you're lucky. Because such facilities do not have problems with lighting.

Renovated kitchen with bay window


  1. Wallpaper. "Non-marking" colorful wall coverings color of coffee with milk, which gave a dull and unkempt appearance, it was decided to replace the tile. It is more practical finishing material, which looks good and wet cleaning lends itself much better than wallpaper.
  2. Furniture. It was too large for our small kitchen and literally create congestion in the room. Exit - to order such kitchen tables and cabinets that would be, firstly, on the size, and secondly, to have a sufficient number of boxes for storing necessary things. In visual terms our spacious renovated kitchen helped make the built-in furniture.

Summing up

Hopefully, my experience has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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