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Kitchen interior with their own hands (36 photos) design in orange colors, fashionable styles and retro kitchen


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During the repair of an apartment certainly the most difficult, but at the same time, exciting stage, is the design of kitchen design. The choice of a particular style and choice of materials occupy a lot of time, but it is really to make kitchen interior with their own hands, without expending much effort.

One has only to be prepared to this process, pre-calculating the work front and purchase the necessary materials.

kitchen interior with their own handsAfter drawing up a detailed plan of the room and sketch the future of interior, should perform repairs step by step:
  1. First of all, introduce major changes - the demolition of walls or partitions, replacement of window frames and doors, change communications location, and then line the walls and prepare them for subsequent processing.
  2. The second stage - cosmetic: selected styling of the room, the wall wallpaper, the floor covered with parquet or tiled floors, ceiling painted or sheathed with plasterboard, set lighting.
  3. Then, a small kitchen interior with their own hands is completed, due to the alignment of basic furniture and household appliances. To create a harmonious pattern use decorative accessories and beautiful trinkets. As the kitchen decoration perfect crystal and porcelain, fabric inserts, colorful tablecloths, paintings on the natural and nutritional topics.

Among these items wormed one small, but quite difficult stage - the choice of room style. That depends on him the atmosphere of the room and the mood of the majority of residents in the house, so you should take to the kitchen design with the utmost seriousness.

Design in orange tones

Recently, the orange color in the interior of the kitchen has got its own niche in the design and gradually formed a separate style.

Interior of a small kitchen with his hands

Orange hues in the design of the kitchen

Bright, light and sun shades in the kitchen design allow to cheer up even in bad weather and serve as an excellent means of discouragement and depression.

Psychologists recommend to issue such a color reception area is food, because orange is used in color therapy to start the regenerative processes in the body, and also forming a person looks at the optimistic a life.

Orange not only improves mood, but also helps produce hormones of joy, improves digestion and the absorption of vitamins from food.

Note! People with excess weight should keep the use of orange in the design of the dining room, because scientists really demonstrated improved appetite and increase the assimilation of nutrients from foods and human exposure data shade.

If you like the orange kitchen interior of this room should be decorated in various shades of color.

For example, the walls in the interior of the kitchen is best to paint the calm and muted shades - apricot, cream, peach. And the darker and deeper should be used to focus attention on the required areas.

kitchen interior May 5 sq.m

Daylight to illuminate the orange room

Lighting - an important factor in an orange kitchen. If the room is enough sunlight, it is best not to use too bright lamps and fixtures, and dilute the bright shade of white, blue and silver, in order to avoid the hot and stuffy atmosphere.

At the same time, cold orange warms and brings joy.

kitchen interior will look pretty interesting 5: 5 square meters with glossy facades painted in bright orange. For special effect it is necessary to apply a combination of juicy orange and pale cream color.

Also, the solar shade perfectly with brown, white and green, which is often used in the finishing of surfaces. For example, brightly colored furniture will contrast with the peaceful and green or olive walls.

The combination of orange and black in the interior of a small kitchen will add rigor and organization. Of course, no one is forcing you to be painted in orange color all in a row - just brilliant individual elements, and the interior of your kitchen sparkle with all the colors.

Enliven a boring interior help textiles and cookware tangerine, peach or honey-colored.

fashionable styles

kitchen interior 11 sq.m

Kitchen in the style of hi-tech

Among the fashionable contemporary style is especially popular in high-tech. Quite often, he is accused of excessive coldness and practicality, but the kitchen interior high-tech - the brainchild of romantics who reads fiction and dreamed of conquering the universe.

Now such a design widely used by amateurs of modern technology. Hi-Tech is subject to obsolescence, so designers are constantly creating new options for interior decoration in this style.

Kitchen - a kind of shop for food preparation, which is dominated by metal, glass, plastic, complicated mechanisms and technical light that repels lovers cozy comfort.

Registration of a large room, for example, the interior of the kitchen 11 sq m will look great with a modern design.

The characteristic features of the style:

  • Using cutting edge for finishing materials (acrylic, Corian) and the rule of glass and steel surfaces.
  • Strict and logical organization of space, lack of unnecessary decoration.
  • The use of modern electronics and household appliances: hood with a motion sensor and an automatic water tap - examples of such functionality.
  • Of course, the design of ultra-modern kitchen, you can use plants, but they need to be watered automatically and be in controlled conditions. Also in the interior will fit well into the aquarium or terrarium.
orange kitchen interior

Interior of feng shui

Another fashionable alternative design - kitchen interior of feng shui, also available in a separate style.

Basic canons of teaching are as follows:

  • Any room is divided into at the octagon ba-gua zone consisting of sectors, called on the parties of light, color and element.
  • Kitchen represents home and the element of fire, so should be located in the southern part of the apartment. It is also a good option is the placement of the kitchen facilities in the east - in a wood zone.
  • If your room to cook in a disadvantaged area of ​​water, smooth the unpleasant moments will help correct interior design - the primacy of green shades in the design of the walls and furniture.
  • You should not have the entrance to the kitchen to the front door - the dangerous energy can harm the well-being of the family and wealth will be easy to leave the house.
  • If you are located next to the kitchen suite, on the door should be hung bright crystal or wind chime with hollow tubes to maintain the prosperity of the home team.

Choosing a kitchen interior antique, you can also follow the instructions of Feng Shui, because it can be used in any environment.

orange color in the interior of the kitchen

Antique kitchen

As stated in this ancient Japanese science in the kitchen area are also subject to the elements - Cooking fire element, sink and refrigerator element of water, and a working area to the wood element.

To create a generation cycle of "water-wood-fire" should be placed interior items in this order: washing, cutting table, stove. wood elements elements are typically used to bind water and fire.

Retro kitchen

kitchen interior on feng shui

Kitchen in retro style

If you want the interior of the kitchen in a retro style, be prepared for some difficulties. For registration of premises in a style you need antique furniture or furnishings, stylized certain era.

The latest appliances usually hide behind the doors of kitchen cabinets, besides its appearance can also be stylized antique. For decorative flat useful accessories: small plates, jars and other little things that create the atmosphere of the past.

As we can see, to make the interior of the kitchen with his hands - not such a difficult task. develop and implement original interior is quite simple With modern materials and your own imagination.

In an extreme case, will have to seek professional help.

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