Design Corner kitchen: the project, a small working triangle

Design kitchen corner (photo 36): the unusual layout, the choice of style, the use of decorative elements and design angle


Table of contents

  • 1 planning Features
  • 2 choice of style
  • 3 The use of decorative elements
  • 4 clearance angle
  • 5 A small corner kitchen
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The design of the kitchen corner must be carefully considered in order to give the interior and beauty, and to be able to properly use all the functional facilities.

Our article will talk about how best to organize such a plan and how to make your kitchen just incredible.

design corner kitchen

Corner kitchen layout is quite versatile - it fits perfectly in a small room, and vice versa - in a fairly spacious. It is for this reason that many housewives made their choice in favor of this kitchen design.

planning Features

The basis of the plan is a corner kitchen furniture placement and technology along two adjacent walls. This creates a highly efficient working triangle that requires minimal movement of the hostess.

Optimal arrangement of the elements will be the following:

  • fridge;
  • working surface;
  • cleaning;
  • working surface;
  • plate.

Tip! If the kitchen area has impressive size, it is possible to transfer one of the angles of a triangle (the sink or stove) in the center of the room, forming a so-called "island".

Often two opposite walls arranged kitchen. Its elements must be combined with the rest of the kitchen furniture. Caution should apply to the repair option kitchen in bright colors, as when using a headset may look too colorful.

choice of style

design a small corner kitchen

Kitchen work triangle

A nice feature of the kitchen corner - appropriate here virtually any style from classical to the most avant-garde.

The most often used the following styles:

  • Classic. Elegant and at the same time majestic style. Features: classical line facades necessarily with curly elements are present reticulated door or door with glass, preferably built appliances.
  • Country. Ideal for lovers of rural life and rural motifs. It looks particularly impressive in the bulk of a country or a private room of the house. Elements: facades of solid wood, finishing in natural materials are also present, curtains or plaid pattern with small, themed accessories.
  • High-tech. Modern style techno orientation. Elements: facades with smooth straight lines, home appliances all in sight (not built-in), a lot of metal elements (legs of chairs, small columns of lockers).
  • modern. It occupies an intermediate position between the classic style and high-tech. Elements: facades with smooth lines, there are glass doors, the lower cabinets often have legs.

Corner plan requires separation of the working and dining zones from each other, it should be noted that with the direct repair of the kitchen.

It is appropriate to the layout of several styles, such as classical kitchen furniture will be perfectly complemented by a kitchenette in the Art Nouveau style. Corner kitchen - one of the few interiors where appropriate unusual combinations.

The use of decorative elements

Project corner kitchen design

Corner kitchen in a modern style

Design project of the kitchen corner must contain one or more decorative elements, which are designed to give the interior a finished look.

The most pertinent in an L-shaped layout will look:

  • The bar counter. For all its functionality bar also is a fashion trend.
  • Backlight. small bulbs will look spectacular, illuminating each shelf, or LED lights. Luminous angle will cause a feeling of unity of the whole composition, but in general this element will give an incredible romantic atmosphere room.
  • Cabinets of different heights. They always look unusual, but because of the presence of the corner cabinets of different heights can be placed asymmetrically, for example, for the kitchen in a modern style, and symmetrically, if you prefer the classics.

clearance angle

LED lights kitchen corner

LED lights kitchen corner

If you order the kitchen furniture under individual sketches, will be useful in our article proposed design options for the angle:

  • Option №1 - Corner sink. Instead of the usual set flush countertop sink, which can be embedded in the right or left wing and centered. This arrangement saves washing place. Especially suitable for those apartments, where the pipes go from the corner. In addition, solid corner cabinet can not be too comfortable. Here the most inaccessible part of it will be occupied by a siphon tube and washing.
  • Variant №2 - «trolleybus» facade. Upper cabinet consists of corner-shelf cabinet disposed between two conventional lockers. Bottom corner has a large working surface Articulated door operating principle trolley doors. One large worktop provides a fairly large space without seams, and a special mount door provides easy access to an impressive size nightstand.
  • Option №3 - a combination of the two previous options.
  • Option №4 - the junction of the two pedestals. Option is designed for economy class cuisine as well as a continuous trough often is almost 2 times more expensive than direct. The two straight stone set in the butt, though one of them has two doors, and the other only one. The doors must be opened on the opposite side of the angle.

A small corner kitchen

corner sink

corner sink

Design a small corner kitchen should be fully directed to the expansion of visual space and increase its functionality.

To do this, use the following techniques:

  • Light colors facades. Plastic coating modern facades, unlike veneer, has a great range of colors, so the choice of light shades unusually wide.
  • A large number of open shelves.
  • Corner box. This element allows for more practical to use a corner cabinet and kitchen furniture gives a kind of "flavor".
  • High legs. Thanks to them the room seem higher, as they facilitate floor cleaning.
  • The bar counter. Again, this is practically indispensable. Fits perfectly in the kitchen, "Khrushchev" and replace the dining table, which simply can not fit there.

Tip! If light-colored facade does not fit into the overall style of a small kitchen (for example, high-tech), you can use glass facades.

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