Kitchen design in a wooden house: Interior of rural and suburban kitchens with fireplace

Kitchen design in a wooden house (45 photos) design features, lighting and methods


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Houses made of wood, it seems, will never go out of style. Accommodation of environmentally friendly material, many associated with the nature, rest, something real. Kitchen design in a wooden house - a special question, whose solution will require not only creative, but also an understanding of safety aspects.

Renovating a country house, it is necessary to understand that we should not create the likeness of his city apartment. Rustic flavor - exactly what the majority of the pioneers looking for wood construction.

Kitchen design in a wooden house

design features

For wooden houses are preferred decoration materials of wood, it will give the villa kitchen design the natural charm. However, it promises some difficulties. Kitchen - a place of high humidity, and wood, as we know, does not like the excess.

Tip! To prevent damage to the tree, as well as facilitate the care of him, the surface is impregnated with a special compound.

Apart from the general walls, making out in the cottage kitchen design, focusing on the apron. Even well and correctly impregnated wood will not be able to cope with a constant load in the form of particles of fat, food and moisture getting on poorly protected surface during cooking.

There are three variants of the optimal trim apron.

  • Tile. Excellent protect the surface, which is washable and does not lose visual appeal even after years of intensive use. In addition, the tile can be relatively inexpensive, if a good search.
  • Mirror. Interesting, even in some degree extravagant option. This material looks very effectively and can expand the space visually. In this case, a mirror requires special and constant care. It is subject to scratch, so to prevent it from premature wear to treat it should be cleaned very carefully.
  • Plexiglas. It is attractive in that it has a transparent structure and high strength. Transparency will place him different decorative elements, such as a spectacular highlight.

The design of the kitchen floor in comparison with walls and ceiling should be made darker, for example, lay in hue Wenge laminate either before opening plank floor polish coat of stain.


Developing design of the kitchen in a cottage, be sure to take care of the proper lighting. Wood has the ability to absorb light, so it should be a lot.

Natural window light during the day will be enough room if we have one large window or two medium.

Curtain design for the kitchen, decorated tree, must be discreet. But it is better to give preference natural beige blinds that day will leave the window open and close for the night.

Artificial lighting is also important. It should be arranged as a general diffuse light in the form of built-in ceiling fixtures and point highlighting the important kitchen areas, such as dining table.

Kitchen design in house

Kitchen lighting in a wooden house

Spot lights usually charge low hanging from the ceiling fixtures or wall sconces, a suitable style.

design styles

The eco-friendly style

This is the only variant of registration, as close as possible to the urban design of the kitchen, but still has its own characteristics.

Embodying the design of the kitchen in the house from a tree in eco-style, it is necessary that all that is present in the room, it was the most natural and natural.

Without departing from the principles of the use of wood, walls in the kitchen carried out by him. Gender arrange wooden or laminate furniture - made of laminated chipboard or solid wood. Glass and plastic in the design using a minimum.

Technique sheathe the wooden paneling (not forgetting the rules of fire safety). "Animating" the kitchen with a large number of plants, add contrasts, using a combination of colors.

Kitchen design in a rustic style

Design eco-style

The rustic style

A great option for the design of the framework. Additional finishing, as such, in this embodiment is not provided, can only decorate the apron understated tiles, everything else - from the tree. Furniture pick up a special carved, rough, in Old Russian style. can be added for greater clarity in the interior of dolls, samovar, wooden tubs and other characteristic style utensils.

From the materials in the room welcomes only wood and dim nehromirovanny metal. Curtains and tablecloths used white with Russian folk embroidery "cocks." Bottom open shelves hinged lockers flank the wavy fringe pattern.

The design of the villa kitchen

Kitchen design in a rustic style

Tip! Design rustic kitchen will be more colorful and complete, if it will be available a few wicker baskets, the corners will hang a bunch of garlic or onion and the whole composition will be complemented by Russian oven.

In the style of a hunting lodge

As in other cases, in finishing the main and virtually the only material is wood. The main feature of the design is the presence in the dining area or fireplace hearth.

That design kitchen with fireplace, tiled with natural stone, is a hallmark of "hunting lodge."

Furniture of your choice can be antique wooden or simple contemporary in dark colors with a combination of wood and leather. Lighting should be dim, is only one ceiling light in the center and two or three optionally include sconces. Do not forget that, and a fireplace also serves as a source of light.

Particular attention should be paid to accessories - antlers, stuffed animals, trophies (possibly artificial) on the walls, edged weapons, guns - all this will create a direct sense of intimacy forest and hunting.

Design rustic kitchen

Kitchen in the style of a hunting lodge

As for the kitchen area, then you can only advise to reduce the use of modern technology, which, like it or not, the subject will look "outside".

Summing up

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