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Kitchen Design 8 square meters (51 images): features design rooms and a choice of table


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Kitchen to 8 square meters. m inclusive belong to the category of small and often associated with a complete lack of comfort and convenience. Regardless of the size it would be desirable that the kitchen was rich, fashionable, stylish and cozy, so it was comfortable to be alone or to receive guests. How to do it on a small area? About this in our article.

kitchen design 8 square meters

Very often, a kitchen with a small area look like a remote control spaceship. This is not surprising, since it is necessary to fit and sink, and a fridge and hob, and a microwave and coffee maker and other small, but necessary appliances.

Enthusiasts often find space for a built mini-bars, the electronic system to self-cultivation of greenery, the system for cleaning air, water, and grinding wastes.

Kitchen Design 8 square meters. m involves the well thought out system of shelving, drawers for storage, as well as sliding and rotating elements. Today, there are a lot of various "smart" hardware, which will allow you to use every centimeter of the area so that it remains usable.

So, all and always be at hand, and the direct finishing the kitchen with his hands will only please the owners.

design Features

  1. kitchen design 8 square meters

    Modern kitchen design

    Typically, 8 m kitchen design requires only a utilitarian function, so the colors are rarely dominated by bright colors.

Most often in the design of the kitchen with his hands trying to mask or hide behind cabinet doors or blind facades neutral colors different kitchen utensils and appliances.

  1. Designers recommend using monochromatic tones.

So, it is very advantageous will look white, orange, gray and beige. Especially if you supplement them with contrasting bright or even graphic decorations.

This interior will be very easy to change. To do this you need only textile elements, lamps or carpets.

  1. Performing design 8 m kitchen in the first place, you need to take care of functionality and practicality.

Usually headset equipped with all the necessities, but rarely harmoniously fit into a small area. We recommend installing the furniture, designed specifically for your kitchen layout and size. It should include a small lower cabinet with the work surface, the compact washing, the hob 2 hotplate.

Instead of the lower cabinet, the space under the table top may be employed a compact refrigerator, washing machine, dishwasher.

  1. Alternative headset - Integrated horizontal niche, it fit all the necessary elements. This, and a microwave and toaster, and coffee maker.

Note! If you rarely dine at home, in the design of your kitchen, ideal for a bar. It will replace the table and will be an additional work surface. An alternative to the bar countertop can serve as a very compact round table or dining table-transformer.

  1. If you plan to design a kitchen 8 m², a microwave oven can be placed in a wall cabinet or place it on a special shelf. We do not recommend to place it on the working table top, as in this case, it takes almost all its surface and makes use of the kitchen space irrational.
  2. Very functional and comfortable have been, are and will be rails. When kitchen remodeling their use even in very small spaces, thanks to their kitchen utensils are always in the right place and at hand.

How to choose the right table

One of the most important elements is the dining area. Decide for yourself if you need a table or you prefer a meal and rest in a relaxing environment, for example, in the living room or a separate room for meals.

kitchen design August 5 sqm

Example table with glass top

The form

Round tables are ideal for small kitchens. They look less massive and visually facilitate room.

There is absolutely no sharp edges, so for him you will always be a great pleasure to sit and warm company. This table can easily fit in almost any interior style.

If you want to buy a square or rectangular table, it is advisable to stick to the square shape. This table will look more compact.


As for the color, very stylish and looks solidly table made of dark woods, however, a small kitchen, it will create a visual jumble, so the ideal solution is considered to be a glass worktop.

It goes well with dark legs and podstolya. Remarkably, if the worktop is made of a transparent glossy glass. It will give more light and shine the kitchen.

kitchen design 8kV m

EXAMPLE-transformer section


Another great solution - a table-transformer. In most designs apart in the middle, increasing the area of ​​the table due to the additional panel.

This way your roundtable easily turn into an oval, a square table top - in a rectangular. There are also models in which the sidewalls are put forward from under the main table top, and then fixed.

And the last option, when the edges are folded or recline on the sides if necessary. This version of the table-transformer has become especially popular for small kitchens.

You can choose a dining table with graceful legs, for example, from chromed metal. Too massive structures would be inappropriate. If you want a kitchen in classic style, choose a light round wooden table with a carved legs in the middle and lightweight forged base.

Bar, as an alternative to the table, and accentuate the style of modern design, but also save a considerable amount of space.

You can also use the hinged countertop. If you want to come up with something very original, use the pull-out table and pull-out stools that are folded will look ordinary small wooden drawers.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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