Design kitchen with gas stove: how to develop a project of 3x4 m with boiler

design kitchen with gas stove (33 photos). Operational Safety column and the boiler. MDF design


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  • 1 types of columns
  • 2 Operational Safety
  • 3 A gas boiler
    • 3.1 masking principles
    • 3.2 The sequence of work
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Many difficulties arise during design of the kitchen, in which there are non-standard structural elements. Of course, an experienced designer will make it easy to design a kitchen with gas stove, blend it into the surrounding interior, but the newcomer will have to work hard to develop the ideal solution.

What is a geyser? In fact, it is quite useful unit. During outages of hot water is the owner of such a column is saved from the problems with hot water in a basin and inconveniences when bathing.

design kitchen with gas stove

types of columns

  1. With mechanical ignition. Such devices are given to us a legacy from the Soviet era. For hot water necessary to open the valve, ignite igniter and rotate feed knob gas. The downside of this device is that the absence of water in the pipes, the column can explode.
  1. Column pezorozzhigom protected from such inconveniences. The gas is ignited only by pressing the buttons on the front panel for causing the piezoelectric element to clear a spark and ignite the igniter. With such a device to develop their own kitchen interior - an easy task, because its appearance fits well into any interior.
  1. The last option - electronic ignition column. Its design is protected by technical problems and is very simple in use. The column itself installed batteries, feeding the device switching system. Once you turn the faucet, the water begins to heat, and in its absence and low pressure column or simply turns on.

Operational Safety

Design your own kitchen

The interior of the column

If you do not like the current location of the device, with the help of professionals, you can move it to any place in the kitchen or even the bathroom.

Note! Independent transfer of the column is strictly prohibited due to the risk of action. Do not expose your life in danger, please contact your specialized services and carry the device with all the safety rules.

How to make the kitchen design

Example of a kitchen

Developing kitchen interior, remember that you can hide unsightly device always at the kitchen cabinet, special boxes or shutters.

Cupboard of kitchen units for the speakers developed specifically. It does not have top and bottom wall, and the distance from the walls of the device to at least 3 cm (to provide good ventilation). The walls should be coated with materials that protect against fire. All pipes and cables leading to the column, it is easy to close with wallpaper or cable channels, but they are strictly forbidden in the wall embedded.

A gas boiler

masking principles

Another uncomfortable subject in terms of the design of the walls in the kitchen is a gas boiler. This device performs the same function as the column, but is used mainly in private homes, because of the constant lack of hot water on their territory. As the design of a small kitchen with a gas stove, easily performed by an experienced designer.

Similar to the case with the column, it is possible to build in the boiler in a safe or think in advance color that blends into the future design of a kitchen.

A good option would be to boiler designs painted in any style - from the bulky items, the loading space, it is immediately transformed into a stylish and exclusive decoration.

design kitchen with a gas boiler

Beautiful design of the boiler

Locker for the boiler can be easily done by hand.

The sequence of work

  1. Measure the dimensions of the device and draw a sketch of the future construction. Locker should be 5-10 cm longer the cauldron.
  2. design kitchen with a gas boiler can also be implemented by the company, to fulfill orders on the set.
  3. If you do the work yourself, you order only door, matching the color of your suite. Openwork door will serve as an ornament of a kitchen and provide additional ventilation.
  4. Transfer the sketch directly on the floor and the walls, draw lines parallel to the planes of the boiler. On lines fastened profile.
  5. Putting box base with sheets profile screwdriver and screws.
  6. Pipes from the boiler of the closed metal frame starting directly from the boiler. This technique is appropriate even in a 3x4 kitchen interior.
  7. The inner part of the cabinets necessarily covered with insulating materials and fire.
  8. Plasterboard sutured frame and set the front doors. After the primer has dried and coloring is possible to enjoy a beautiful view of the boiler.

Such an option, ideal for the interior fitted kitchen, not standing out among the other household appliances.

But for high-tech style stitching boiler is not required, it is sufficient that the color of its cover was a steel or coincided with hints of kitchen units.

MDF design

In order not to waste time and money on additional lockers for gas equipment, enough to issue itself set in the style similar to the color of the boiler or speakers.

For this perfect painted MDF - designed in such a case would be similar with the style of Art Nouveau and hi-tech.

Design a small kitchen with a gas stove

EXAMPLE headset with MDP-coated

Modern technologies allow to create inexpensive facades with a glossy finish, characterized by a rich and deep color. Furthermore, such a surface is protected from thermal, mechanical impacts.

MDF gloss durability in conjunction with the low price sets - great for a small area of ​​design.

If you do not worry do not know how to design a kitchen with gas stove - it's just enough. Take care of security, installation of the column should be carried out by qualified and approved sketch utilities.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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