Kitchen design in the panel house: dining finishing 97 series

Kitchen design in the panel house (30 photos): remodeling, functional and aesthetic solutions, equipment


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    • 1.1 Benefits redevelopment
    • 1.2 Embodiments transfer wall
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There are many different layouts. Some are more successful, others - less, but the most trouble delivering planning prefabricated houses. Organizing the kitchen design in pre-fabricated house, you have to think through every detail, and even a little sweat.

This is due to the fact that for such spaces is not characteristic of a large area, and enter a couple of things will be a matter of no small task.

Kitchen design in the panel houseKitchen design in such a house - a very hot topic. There are several methods of realization of the interior, which can be divided into categories:

  • pereplanirovochnaya;
  • functional;
  • aesthetic.


Benefits redevelopment

Change the size of your apartment you can not afford, however, you can change the ratio of room area. This is possible only when the re-planning is not subject to bearing walls.

Otherwise, the repair option is not suitable dishes. Lyuboe change or movement of the walls in the apartment is considered to be redevelopment and requires special construction work, as well as permissions. It sets out is not easy, remember that a long time you have to endure the dust and construction debris.

Embodiments transfer wall

And if you plan to only move the wall, first you have to disassemble and dismantle, and for a new purchase the necessary materials. In order to increase the space, there are several options for redevelopment.

  1. Thoroughly clean the wall between the kitchen and bathroom. Under this option, your apartment is transformed into a studio.
  2. Partial dismantling partitions. Very stylish look will arch or bar. These elements greatly increase the area.
  3. Move a wall, while making less than the living room or bathroom. Wall, which will be demolished, not necessarily recover. If you wish, you can install in its place a hedge, a pretty wrought-iron grille, glass partition. Thus, you can easily divide the area.
    Kitchen Design 97 Series

    Example of the dining area

  4. Some prefabricated homes, completing the design, you can combine the kitchen with a loggia or balcony. Do not forget to insulate them before this.

The main advantages of redevelopment is considered a real change in the area of ​​rooms and the possibility to take into account all your wishes.

Design example of the kitchen in the panel house 97 series

Design example of the kitchen in the panel house 97 series

However, there are drawbacks. This is, first and foremost, a significant duration of work and the need to attract workers.

functional solutions

If you can not change the area by re-planning, you can always make it more functional.

So, doing kitchen design 97 series, but you can leave the zone in which you are directly involved in food preparation and dining table to move to the next room.

Kitchen-living room

Kitchen-living room

If in the room also did not have enough space, convert and increase the windowsill in the kitchen.

Note! Usually the kitchen is a lot of equipment and various utensils, but the main items on it are a fridge and hob, so pay heed to their location.

Refrigerator can have vertical and horizontal loading. In this case its upper surface becomes you more working area. special narrow or tall refrigerators also exist which aim to ensure that as much as possible to save space.

As for the kitchen stove, replace it with a hob or a cooker with two hot plates. This plate in size is half the standard.

Pay special attention to the functionality of the furniture. It can be made mobile or transformed.

The advantage of this method is to optimize the space with minimal changes. Among the disadvantages featured the same small kitchen area, and that was before.

design solutions

Using a variety of design techniques, it is realistic to achieve increase in space, not physical, and visual. Correctly chosen lighting, texture of materials, colors, shapes and successfully combining them, you will achieve the desired effect.

Example of kitchen design in the panel house

design example in the panel house

Advantages of the aesthetic method - it is a huge range of solutions, the possibility of zoning the space, as well as the rational organization of space. Disadvantages - this method can be quite costly.

Developing the idea of ​​kitchen design, it is desirable to avoid mixing too different from each other styles, this may compromise the integrity of perception.

It should not make any pending changes that will weaken the structure of the building as a whole. Be sure to follow all rules and regulations in accordance with the fire safety regulations, as well as when working with gas equipment.

kitchen equipment

Before you begin to plan, make a diagram with all sizes and areas, select the most desirable placement options appliances and furniture, and then validate the best option.

When you have decided on the deployment of equipment and basic pieces of furniture, think about cabinets, headsets, regiments, as well as decorating the walls with his own hands. Do not force the drawers and shelves unnecessary appliances and things. Leave the most necessary things, while the rest can be moved to the closed or floor mounted cabinets.

Summing up

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