The combination of colors in the interior of the kitchen: color design in red, blue, purple tones

The combination of colors in the interior of the kitchen (30 photos): red, green, blue, purple, light colors and stylistic conformity


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  • 2 Green shades for kitchen design
  • 3 Color blue - serenity and bliss
  • 4 Purple - bright colors for emphasis
  • 5 Light shades - a way to increase the visual kitchen
  • 6 stylistic conformity
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Color - one of the main weapons designer, because it is different from the color processing directly related character and interior space. Thus, the combination of colors in the interior of the kitchen influences to create an atmosphere and comfort in the room.

Which shades work best for painting the walls, and which for facades, how to combine different colors and many other questions will be discussed later in the article.

combination of colors in the interior of the kitchen

Color kitchen units should be selected based on the total interior room and functionality. If the kitchen is only a place of cooking, the main emphasis is on the personal preferences hostess, if the kitchen is also the dining room, choose a neutral or favorable for digestion shades.

Too bright colors can quickly get bored, and even cause irritation, so they should be combined with light and cool shades.

Therefore, choosing a color in the interior of the kitchen, do not overdo it with bright and contrasting elements. Complex patterns or intricate images also will not be appropriate in a room for a meal.

Because the kitchen is often a high enough temperature, for painting walls is better to choose cool colors. In addition, dark shades soothe and do not cause feelings of anxiety. Consider the effect of a particular color on appetite and well-being.

Red kitchen

Typically, red is associated with life, love and passion, however, research scientists, perfectly stimulates the appetite and helps digestion.

 color in the interior of the kitchen

Red in the kitchen decoration

Especially noticeable is its property, combined with a bright yellow and orange, which is often used by the owners of catering establishments.

If someone in the family is inclined to corpulence, bright colors can play a trick on him: the constant feeling of hunger will force not dial an extra kilogram.

In addition, too bright colors visually narrow the room, which is extremely undesirable for modern apartment conditions, so you should use softer shades of red, and combine them with light and cold flowers.

Incidentally, the red kitchen in the interior of the apartment slightly smacks of Japanese design. The Japanese have this shade is considered a wedding, so it brings joy and happiness.

The combination of red and gray

The Chinese are also actively use red in various combinations: white, black or pastel colors. Such combinations look stylish and rich, the colors do not obscure each other and blend.

Red tint allows you to focus on any interior items or highlight a bright decorative element, gives a sense of celebration and awakens the senses. This color must necessarily be in the kitchen at least in small quantities.

Green shades for kitchen design

Green - it's peace and harmony of color, it symbolizes the unity of man with nature, calms it and makes it more efficient.

colors for the kitchen

Light green facade as a means of interior decoration

For this harmonious interior should combine green and yellow shades. Such combinations are looked beautiful and cheerful, which is not true of a pure green.

Often the kitchen interior in shades of green seems cold, but it will bring not only peace of mind but also positive feelings and a good mood.

The combination of blue and green has a sedative effect, a beneficial effect on tired eyes and relax - this combination would be more appropriate for the bedroom than the acceptance point of food.

Dark green in combination with gold looks very luxurious and respectable. Psychologists say that the saturated green allows a person to concentrate on any occupation, and even meals.

kitchen interior in shades of green

Compound green and beige

Probably the only shade, which does not fit the green - it's purple, for the other colors you will not find better "neighbor".

Normally, the green color in the interior of the kitchen is used by amateur cold colors, but its lighter shades, such as light green, and look great in light and bright rooms.

Color blue - serenity and bliss

The blue color represents peace of mind and balance. Visually increasing the dimensions of the room, he fills his coolness - which is important for the kitchen.

colors in the interior of the kitchen

Facades aqua

Bright blue suppresses appetite, because in nature is small enough foods such hue. In general, blue - is extremely flexible and diverse.

By combining the color of sky and sea, daylight and airy clouds, design kitchen with his hands in such colors It can range from rich dark shades of purple to pale aquamarine, causing a person a mixed range sensations.

Perfect kitchen interior in blue persistent and dedicated people, often wondered about the meaning of life. With blue accents in the room there are dynamics and movement.

If the kitchen window overlooking the sunny side, it is necessary to use the cool shades of blue, but blue shades increases and cool the room.

Accessories bright shades of blue look great in the interior of the kitchen, and dishes quite often painted in soft blue and light purple. It should be diluted with vivid shades of blue, combining it with the red, white, green.

green in the interior of the kitchen

White + Purple

This kitchen color scheme will create a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere, delighting the guests and the hosts.

Purple - bright colors for emphasis

Purple combines the properties of red and blue colors. In fact, we get the best quality of these shades: the brightness of the red, but without too much aggression and coldness of the blue, but not alienated for complete relaxation.

kitchen interior in blue

Designs for decorating facades

It symbolizes wisdom and inspiration comes like creative individuals. Purple hues in the interior contribute to the deepening of the internal enable ignore the troubles of life.

Bright purple color in the interior of the kitchen is used quite often: for painting ceramics, glass and beautiful tablecloths. Grape tones are ideal for the decoration of the dining room.

With elegance and beauty of southern fruits, they will bring a piece of summer in the cold room. The combination of purple with blue looks quite nice and can be used to decorate the facades of the kitchen units.

Note! Dark shades of the same color are severe enough for the child's perception, so you should refrain from extensive use of purple in families with children.

Light shades - a way to increase the visual kitchen

Light colors have long served to increase the visual designer tool rooms. kitchen with his hands design in pastel colors lets you increase the amount of light in the room, as well as its size.

purple color in the interior of the kitchen

White in the design of the kitchen

Unfortunately, the kitchen interior in bright colors, namely white, slightly looks like a laboratory, but the room is created by the effect of airiness.

White goes well with almost all colors: cool blue soothes, balances the red, a perfect contrast with black, creates a harmonious picture with purple. That is why his presence in the overall color scheme cuisine is a must.

stylistic conformity

kitchen interior in bright colors

Classic and yellow shades

Few people know that the choice of a particular style should also observe the color matching, which is markedly different in different designs.

So, for the eastern style - the Japanese and Chinese, the primary colors of the interiors will be red, white, black, pastel shades.

It is not known why different colors in different people are treated differently, but historically, that the population of eastern red - the color of happiness, why it is so often used in the design home.

Totally different colors in the interior of the kitchen will fit the style of hi-tech or loft.

These designs - a product of progress and technological thought, so the main colors in them consists of cool colors: metallic luster, black stone, the dazzling whiteness of the plastic.

Completely different colors correspond to the Mediterranean, Scandinavian and Maritime styles. Here dominates the white, which is accompanied by bright shades of blue.

Inserts warm colors are used only as a decorative ornament and is not an important part of the interior. In classic style is based on the tree, so all shades of brown and colors that blend harmoniously with them.

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