As pokleit wallpapers right on a glue stick?

As pokleit wallpapers (42 pics): common problems when glueing and preparatory processes


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  • 1 Common problems when glueing photowall
    • 1.1 the need for pruning
    • 1.2 docking paintings
    • 1.3 Spoilage pattern at label
    • 1.4 leaf falling away
  • 2 preparatory process
  • 3 Summing up
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You repair and time to start the most important stage - the pasting walls? If you are still in doubt when choosing the material, while a final decision. Today considered the best choice wallpapers, allows you to decorate the interior of any premises.

Unfortunately, about how pokleit Mural correctly know not all owners of apartments. But this skill will definitely need them during repairs, so we'll learn together.

how pokleit wallpapersIn principle, pasting wall photo wallpapers - this is a fairly simple activity, on the back for everyone. Already after a couple of hours of practice, the apartment owner will be able not only to paste the wall yourself in the design bedrooms with photo wallpapers, but also give advice to beginners.

There are some nuances that should be taken into account when pasting the room.

Common problems when glueing photowall

the need for pruning

Often the canvas is too large, and the union of all the panels of free space on the wall may not be enough. To solve this problem cropped wallpaper office knife.

how to pokleit wallpapers

Landscape on the Mural

Usually cut the bottom part of the wallpaper, uneven edge is hidden under the baseboard and the coating creates the illusion of integrity. In order not to cut off too much, first canvases are measured, on the wall in pencil markings applied, allowing smooth and beautifully paste all the elements.

docking paintings

The question is, how to pokleit wallpapers butt butt concerned not only many home owners, but also experienced builders.

  • Material from which made the graphic panels, has the ability to stretch under the influence of water (adhesive), and then to shrink upon drying, which can contribute to the emergence of gaps between the blades and the destruction of the integrity of the image.
  • Do not keep too long cloth smeared with glue, as they are soaked and change their structure. Also be careful that the adhesive composition does not hit the front of the image.
  • Usually painted in detail instructions how to hang wallpaper correctly, to eventually get a single picture. It is recommended to glue the fabric from the window so that the light did not fall back to back, it avoids the "shadow effect".

Note! In the working-dressers have a trick: all the sheets of wallpaper, ready for gluing, laid out on a table or on the floor are coated with glue and carefully, then folded in half with adhesive inside. This allows them to equally wet.

Spoilage pattern at label

For smoothing the surface and removing the residual adhesive is not recommended to use a wet cloth, since it is likely to damage the integrity of the pattern.

To smooth out the surface using a special roller, spend them from the center to the edges of the canvas. This allows you to remove air bubbles and excess folds retaining structure.

leaf falling away

In the worst case, sticking photowall could end up falling away of one or more sheets from the wall. To avoid this, follow the enclosed instructions.

The wall, which is pasted a picture, should be cleared of old wallpaper (especially if they were vinyl), be smooth, clean and dry. Only the simultaneous fulfillment of these factors, as well as compliance with the rules of the drying - no drafts, temperature room +20 ° C Rising can guarantee the correct result, and then the wallpapers in the interior of the living room will become something special!

preparatory process

on what glue to glue wallpapers

Bright Mural living room interior

First of all, we carry out preparatory work for the clearing and leveling of the wall. It is necessary to remove a layer of old wallpaper, using the spatula.

If the fabric bad torn off the wall, moisten with water or a special liquid.

For removal of vinyl surfaces find web edge and carefully stripped from the paper surface. Then, remove the backing paper.

If you are going to paste over the wall with photo wallpapers, get ready for its alignment. Naturally, questions how to glue wallpapers should not occur on a wall, because on a flat surface to make it easy enough.

Hide wall irregularities will variegated pattern on the canvas, but the curvature of the corners can not be hidden even wallpaper.

Aligning the wall is made as follows:

  • On the one hand, in the upper right corner of the nail is driven in, which append a string with a plumb line.
  • Bottom nailed stud aligned with the plumb line. On the other hand reiterate manipulations, connect the bottom and top and obtain four straight lines.
  • Then, with one hand, put a flat stick, fills the space between the wall and stick, receiving a straight line (it's worth checking level).
  • After that line the walls with putty, focusing on the finished line.
gluing photowall

panoramic wallpapers

It remains only to prepare the glue for photo wallpapers. For many the question arises as to what kind of glue to glue wallpapers? Usually the roll manufacturer is making his own glue and instructions for its preparation.

However, if the adhesive was not complete, you can use an ordinary adhesive for vinyl wallpaper. Dilute the mixture with water, dry in the proportions specified in the instructions. Carefully and evenly stir the resulting mass, avoiding the appearance of lumps. After that you can start pasting walls.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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