The kitchen studio: the best ideas of stylish items in the Japanese style in pictures

The interior of the kitchen-studio (30 images): choice of finishes and styles


The kitchen studio - it's modern and stylish solution to any of the kitchen, even the most modest dimensions, to make a beautiful, comfortable and cozy room, in which the cooking process will only be delivered pleasure.

The kitchen is the room in which there is always an increased attendance and activity. Therefore, starting to repair and design of the kitchen, we thoroughly evaluate the potential of the kitchen and adjoining rooms.

Interior studio kitchen

Even in modern buildings builders often do not make partitions between rooms, knowing that many owners seek to increase the kitchen area at the expense of the living room.

Kitchen studio, is most often used in two- and three-bedroom apartments, where after the unification of the living room with kitchen, bedroom and left (or) children. But such a design of a kitchen solution is often used in the one-bedroom apartments.

Tip! If you want to make the kitchen studio in a studio apartment, consider using a mini kitchen, because it takes only a few square meters.

kitchen interior in pictures

Example of a mini-kitchen.

For whom is useful interior mini kitchen:

  • Western manufacturers are counting on
  • couples who prefer to eat outside the home;
  • bachelors;
  • owners of small houses with attic, and especially the attic apartment of a small size;
  • owners of apartments-studios.
  • Domestic producers are hoping for
  • residents of small apartments type "Breznev", "Khrushchev", etc .;
  • owners of country cottages or farmhouses;
  • management of large companies that are willing to do cooking compartment.

Disadvantages studio kitchen:

  • the absence of a separate room;
  • the spread of odors during cooking;

Its advantages:

  • significantly increases the kitchen space;
  • serves as a living room and a nightingale in a conventional kitchen guests do not take, but in the kitchen studio vice versa.

In the kitchen, women's rights, and they often complain about the lack of lighting and space for kitchen appliances. Combining the kitchen with living room, you give the hostess kitchen of her dreams.

The interior design of any room with your own hands, and even more kitchen studios, should start with the project and plan. For analytical part can only begin after obtaining a permit for alterations.

It is necessary to consider these details:

  • as the most efficient use of available space;
  • functions to be performed by the premises;
  • how many guests it can accommodate;
  • whether you separate the recreation area from the cooking zone;
  • what materials you will decorate your kitchen studio.

Your stylish interior of the kitchen can ruin an abundance of smoke and steam, so with great responsibility approach to the choice of materials!

best interiors kitchen

wall design

For finishing the ceiling, you can use the stretch and plasterboard ceilings, as well as washable and foam slabs. The ceiling may have several levels of lighting.

Materials for walls should be easy to clean and do not hold odors.

To the interior walls of the kitchen it was a unique, absolutely not necessary to use expensive materials, you can simply add a couple of bright strokes.

For the walls in the kitchen studio suit:

  • Wallpaper. Accent wall - this is one of the ways to allocate a specific functional area. Wallpapers can be of different textures and colors.
  • Mural. They are also great zoned space. Beautiful and bright images making recovery and expand the space.
  • fotopaneli. You can make an original apron above the working area. It can be made of the options that offer the manufacturer, or from your own pictures.
  • Paint. You can, for example, to paint with paint of different colors front panel kitchen.
  • Tile. Kitchen looks "cool", if all the walls are lined with ceramic tiles. To Wall "played" need to change the color of grout, and select ceramic contrasting deep colors.
  • plaster relief. It may be coated with paint, which will give light reflux metal, pearl shade et al.

On the floor in the dining area and recreation area can lay carpet, laminate or parquet, and in the kitchen area to put a tile or make a self-leveling floor.

Tip! In the recreation area can be heated floors, because it's nice winter walk barefoot on the warm floor!

Divided into a kitchen-studio area is possible by means of columns and plaster arches. In the columns you can make small decorative niches for souvenirs, accessories and plants.

The bar counter is also perfectly cope with the zoning, it will share the kitchen and living room, and will save space. The bar counter is an excellent option for tea and breakfast

Kitchen furniture can be either built-in or freestanding. Freestanding furniture more maneuverable, it will be easier to make a permutation. Built-in furniture looks more stylish and completed, as well as save space.

A very important attribute in the kitchen - a technique. It can also be built into furniture, saving space. Refrigerator in the interior of the kitchen, like the rest of the equipment must comply with the basic stylistic and color decision.

Not do enough beautiful and high-quality repairs in the kitchen and set the beautiful furniture and contemporary furniture, because in this case the kitchen will look cold and uninhabited.

Interior items for the kitchen and curtains will make your kitchen a comfortable and truly home. Only through the purchase of new curtains, you can freshen up your interior.

ideas kitchen interior

Roller blinds for the kitchen.

Interior curtains for kitchen should match the style in which decorated the entire room. In order not to spoil the positive impression of the design must be able to correctly select the curtains.

In the kitchen of a small size can be hung-colored curtains, the same color as the walls of the room. If the kitchen is spacious, you can afford to decorate curtains kitchen with sophisticated fabrics, as well as with expressive drawings.

These curtains are not just a little update the room, but also will give a festive look to the kitchen.

To cut a few basic types of curtains for the kitchen:

  • curtains with a cascade;
  • curtains with lining;
  • curtains with frill;
  • transparent curtains;
  • Magnetic blinds;
  • the roll-cassette blinds;
  • blinds, etc.

Tip! A mirror hung in front of windows, will help to visually enlarge the space of the studio kitchen, fill it with air and freshness.

There are many styles from which you can create an interior of the kitchen studio:

  • Art Nouveau. Its main feature - emphasis on the rational use of the space situation such cuisine is extremely ergonomic and functional.
  • country style. The main principle - it's natural. Decorating does not provide any concrete or iron, or glass.
  • Classic style. It provides unobtrusive decor and furnishings of simple geometric shapes.
  • High-tech style. Otelochnye main materials: glass, metal, plastic. Such kitchen is exceptionally minimalism.
  • Japanese style. The kitchen features a Japanese-style functionality, simplicity and commitment natural materials.
interior curtains for the kitchen

Kitchen in the Japanese style

studio kitchen interior design ideas you can borrow from the Internet. The global network presents the best interiors kitchen studio, made in different styles, in rooms, both with a large area and with a little.

The kitchen in the pictures will help you decide on the style, layout and color scheme of your dream kitchen.

There are many computer programs, with which you can at home kitchen design, the arrangement of furniture and interior items.

These programs allow you to make 3d interior kitchen, so you can not only imagine what you want, but also to see.

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