The kitchen dining area: living room with lounge, ceiling clearance 97 series

The interior of the kitchen-dining room (36 photos) features everything


Kitchen - is a kind of the heart of your home!

After all, it "feeds" your family.

interior dining room kitchenAnd thinking through the interior dining room kitchen living room, you should remember a few rules:
  • In the development of kitchen design, consider the area of ​​the premises and the location of the door and window openings;
  • Decide on a budget your design project;
  • Do focus on the functionality of the kitchen interior. Maximum convenient and close to each other should be located refrigerator, washing and gas (electric) plate;
  • Select method furniture arrangement (linear, angular or central layout);
  • Think convenient location appliances, utensils and products. Calculate how much you need of cabinets, shelves, etc .;
  • Consider the range of kitchen appliances;
  • Select your room style interior.

Fortunately already far behind those times when the right stereotypes, and everywhere people were persecuted strict limits and restrictions in our country and in the subconscious of our compatriots.

Now there are lots of possibilities and design solutions that allow you to combine, once completely isolated, rooms such as the kitchen, living room and dining room. As a result you get a stylish and original design lounge dining area kitchen.

interior dining room kitchen living room

Example of an interior kitchen-dining-living room

Shaping the interior dining room kitchen living room, remember that it is necessary to use materials of different textures and colors, decor items must also share the functional areas.

We all dream of a spacious apartment. And every woman dream not just about comfortable work area for cooking, but also a bright and airy dining room, where the whole family can gather.

All this can be arranged and, moreover, can allow the hostess, while cooking a hassle to take part in the conversation with your family and guests and not be trapped in the four walls.

The kitchen combined with a room a stylish and modern solution.

Advantages of this design:

  • You get one big, spacious and bright room, place two small;
  • No need to install additional TV, only one, but big;
  • It is much easier to look after young children.

But remember that if you have a studio apartment and have small children, you need to think in great detail the effects of redevelopment kitchen interior with their own hands.

After having only one continuous room, you will not be able to engage in cooking and other household chores when the baby sleeps.

Attention! To avoid penalties, before the redevelopment will get permission to demolish the walls!

The kitchen dining living

An example of the functional separation of the kitchen combined with a room

Here are some examples of ways of differentiation of the work area and recreation area:

  • Split-level floors and ceilings;
  • The contrasting flooring and wall coverings;
  • Different color saturation and lighting;
  • The use of arches and small columns;
  • The most common solution - it's a bar.

Tip! The food receiving area is very urgent installation of French windows (floor to ceiling), and will also make climate warmer and heartier fireplace, which can be arranged in a recreation area.

Do not forget that the kitchen - a multipurpose space. Due to regular use of hot and cold water contained in the air the smallest fat particles and steam, which adversely affect the finish of ceiling and walls.

Therefore, in considering the interior of the kitchen ceiling, do not focus only on the beauty of the materials, but also pay special attention to their practicality.

For finishing the ceiling in the kitchen you can use:

  • Washable wallpaper;
  • Polystyrene plates;
  • Plaster ceilings;
  • Stretch ceiling.

Washable wallpaper - a budgetary variant design of the ceiling. They are easy to use and well hide small defects of the ceiling.

Styrofoam plates do not require special training ceiling and quite easy to install.

And if you have a large sum of money and want to make a decoration of the ceiling in the kitchen more spectacular, spectacular and elegant, the plaster ceilings - this is for you.

But plasterboard ceiling, unfortunately, there are a few drawbacks:

  • Reduce the height of the room about 20 cm .;
  • It may appear yellow coating, as a result of cooking that will replace at least some sheet structure.

Suspended ceiling made of PVC, it very well cleaned in turn, and its installation takes not much time from qualified professionals.

But if you want to make a bold interior design, kitchen and connect with other rooms of your apartment, you can combine plasterboard ceilings. Such constructs can original decorating all kinds of illumination modes.

kitchen interior ceiling

The combination of plasterboard ceiling and tension

Also, such a combination is well fit into the interior kitchen 97 series, which have a small area, because such an unusual shape and reflectivity of the stretched ceiling to visually enlarge the space.

The kitchen in a studio apartment, to some extent, difficult to consider, as often there are small kitchen, and connect it with the main bathroom is not rational.

Because by such alterations, you will not leave any opportunity to retire to your family members.

It is necessary to take into account all functional processes in the design of the kitchen in a studio apartment and do not forget that you have to go to compromise with their desires and to opt for the most necessary, because it is impossible to fit absolutely everything in small spaces.

If you have just bought an apartment or a house, or if you want to refresh the atmosphere in your old housing, begin to think of the design of your home from the kitchen. And maybe you will want to move away from the usual forms for you and rooms framework, and you decide to make alterations.

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