The kitchen with a breakfast bar 8, 13, 20 meters and 3 meters Q3: creating a design classy

The kitchen with breakfast bar (36 photos) zoning of the premises and the choice of planning


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The bar counter in the kitchen - is, of course, is the highlight of which is now moved in the interiors of our apartments. More and more people ventured to update its design with this piece of furniture, which is not typical for Europe, and certainly different from the Soviet ideas about the kitchen.

Today this room is turned into a comfortable and convenient place not only for a quiet family evenings, but noisy parties and friendly get-togethers. That is why the interior of the kitchen with a breakfast bar are increasingly began to be used in the repair of the premises.

The kitchen with breakfast bar The bar counter is not a mandatory piece of furniture. First of all, it is functional for such a small space where to put the table simply is not possible.

To a large kitchen bar - this is the subject of a kitchen, which is used to separate the dining area from the living room and work area of ​​the room.

The design, of course, will look very interesting and unpretentious, it is necessary only to determine the destination of the bar, based on the size of the kitchen.

zoning space

kitchen interior 20 sq.m

Zoning by a bar

Zoning - one of the main instruments of kitchen design. With the help of this simple move, you can easily divide the room into functional areas and isolated from the common space of the necessary parts of the interior.

Divide interior kitchen 20 sq m it is necessary for several reasons:

  • Visual separation of space into zones for different purposes.
  • Functional change of space at different times of the day.
  • Creating optical illusions for an attractive interior.

Regardless of the size of the room should be divided into parts, without using blank walls.

There are several basic methods of zoning in the interior of the kitchen with his hands.

  1. decorative designs.

Making interior kitchen of 8 meters, for decoration and design division of functional areas, you can use decorative designs.

kitchen interior on March 3

Sliding doors in the Japanese style

Of course, they take up some space, but can be used as shelves or stands for colors and equipment. In such walls are often inserted into a niche, fireplaces and aquariums.

  1. Sliding doors - the next step in the development of arches.

They are not only used instead of a conventional door opening, but also right in the middle of the room, fencing off the work area from the dining or guest.

  1. False partition.

Often used in the loft. Lightweight wall is only used as a partition between the room.

  1. Podium.

This means not only the zoning, but also focusing. It is believed that it is not too easy acceptance in the sense of the loss of free space, but it is still quite often used in the interiors.

Kitchen interior 13 sq.m

Using the bar in the interior

On a small podium can be arranged garden with plants or use it as a TV stand, a larger podium easily serves as the basis for a bed or table.

  1. zoning furniture - not the least welcome of popularity.

Design the interior of the kitchen 13 square meters of decorative elements can be difficult since a small amount of space.

But the bar will serve as a great divider of the two parts of the room. To replace it, you can use the large sofa or couch.

  1. fabric zoning.

This method was used in the old eastern countries, when the bed to dissociate themselves from the other room with massive canopy. In the kitchen a canopy conditions we do not need, but the partition with curtains will be quite appropriate to separate the dining area.

Choosing a plan

kitchen interior 8m

Kitchen island layout

Making kitchen interior on March 3, the owner of the apartments will have to choose the layout as much as possible suitable to the peculiarities of his house There are several basic types of planning that we are now consider.

  • The two rows

One of the popular options for spacious kitchens that are used as a passage room. All of the furnishings and appliances are placed along two opposite walls.

Note! To avoid interrupting the cooking process of passing traffic, place the sink and stove along one wall, and storage centers: the refrigerator and cabinets, along the other.

  • L-shaped arrangement

Used in small kitchens and spacious rooms. Is convenient because the sink is located in the corner area, are usually unsuitable for comfortable use.

Planning allows you to organize the isolated work triangle and allocate enough space for a dining area.

  • U-shaped layout

Appliances and furniture are arranged along three walls, often in the middle of a small dining table and chairs. This layout is perfect for a large kitchen, allowing you to observe the rule of the triangle and disperse the furniture around the room without cluttering it.

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