The kitchen in the five-storey apartment with a gas column in a small corner apartment in the panel house

The kitchen in the Khrushchev (51 photos). Start of repair. The choice of the location of the table. Rules to save space


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The kitchen in every home - is, above all, a place where you prepare and eat meals. Accordingly, this room should meet all your requirements and circumstances.

Performing in Khrushchev kitchen interior with gas stove, it is important to remember the details.

Kitchen interior in hruschevkeIf the kitchen is small in size, refer to specialists for advice. They will help you to distribute the space properly and advise certain materials for the walls, ceiling and floor.

Small size dishes often can be found in the Khrushchev. Here we have to save every centimeter. The same problem and the owners of small-family apartments, hostels, high-rise buildings that were built for the Polish projects.

The first thing we should start renovated kitchen

Theater begins with a hanger, and in our case - the repair and design of the kitchen - with full space planning. We need to clearly define the boundaries, where there will be kitchen furniture and other utensils required for the preparation of tasty and healthy food.

kitchen interior in a five-storey apartment with a gas column

Example of stylish interior in a small kitchen area apartment

Despite the size of your kitchen, there are certain patterns of distribution and sewer ways proleganiya gas, electrical communications, which can change your interior a small kitchen in the Khrushchev, namely the location of the plumbing and furniture.

Some of them:

  • Near the window is a gas pipe. Respectively, it will be located near the gas stove.
  • Sewerage, water supply and drainage will be placed near a blank wall. Here it is located the washing machine, washing and other household appliances, as required in the kitchen.
Interior of a small kitchen in the Khrushchev

An example of the bright little kitchen design

When planning the interior of a small kitchen in the apartment, you alone determine whether your stove is located in close proximity to the sink. This can be solved, guided by the convenience of their location or read the relevant article on Feng Shui.

Frequently between the inhabitants of one apartment there are disputes about where best to place a gas stove. Recently, a very popular post it near a window.

At first glance, this idea may seem strange, but this version of the plan small kitchen interior is quite acceptable for all types of small apartments.

Such small kitchen interior with gas column has several drawbacks. The first of these can be called that the curtains and the window will be exposed to splashes of fat and other things.

Also during the cooking gas can be blown out by the wind from a window or half-open windows.

Carefully planning the kitchen interior in the panel house, it is important to listen to yourself and do everything exactly the way that we would like the mistress of the premises. The most important thing - it is a comfort and convenience for you and your family.

Table in a small kitchen

By choosing such an important piece of furniture in the interior of the kitchen, as a table, it is very important to pay attention to its functionality and quality. Best of all, if you buy a small table by type in the train.

Interior of a small kitchen in the apartment

The use of dark woods in the interior of a small kitchen

If necessary, it can always be expanded. For example, if you suddenly descended on the guests. For such a table will fit up to six people.

As for quality, then choose dark woods. Also, you can ask the seller a certificate of quality, which will confirm or disprove the value of the table.

You can make a folding table to order. It will be released a little more expensive, but will allow you to do it that way, as you have always wanted.

Note! That an element technology as a refrigerator, it is best not to put in the kitchen. If possible, put it in a niche or corridor. If the situation is hopeless, get a small and low refrigerator. So you can use the surface to accommodate the little things and accessories.

Rules to save space

Sometimes it is very difficult to put in a small kitchen area all you need. If you use the drywall as a lining on the walls is at least 10 mm, you will lose on each wall.

kitchen interior in the panel house

The stylish kitchen design in soft colors

Instead, for the walls, use plaster or putty that can be applied on walls without lighthouses, thinly and evenly. This can be done by yourself or by resorting to the help of qualified professionals.

Since the walls can be smooth or have any uneven surface. You can simply papered the entire surface of the wall, using one or more types and textures of wallpaper.

Note! To visually increase the room at about eye level, hang a mirror. They visually enhance your room several times and will give her elegance and style.

The ceiling may be made from seamless plastic or opaque plastic suture. In this case, your room will not seem too low.

Adherents of the old-style shpaklyuyut ceiling, but it is not always convenient and beautiful. For example, if you do not want to leave the chandelier in the kitchen and want to organize a separate backlight for each functional space zone.

On the floor lay a new tile or linoleum. Make sure that your floor was warm and quality.

The task of saving the place would be a bit complicated if you select an interior corner kitchen. In this case, you can turn to professional designers for advice and fresh ideas.

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