The kitchen in the style of Provence: the formulation of decorative stone in large areas, particularly the Mediterranean design

The kitchen in the style of Provence (33 photos): rough plastered walls and wooden beams on the ceilings


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    • 1.5 Hearth as an important element of style
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Probably each of us would like to live in Paris, the most romantic part of the world, or at least go there. But why go somewhere, if you can turn your home into a real kitchen France and be there at least all day.

You will think that this is impossible, but hasten to reassure you, and this will help us kitchen interior in the style of Provence.

Kitchen interior in the style of Provence

cozy kitchen

Features of style of Provence

Provence style is originally from France (there is a concept from one of its regions), it is also elegant and gorgeous, like this country.

But not all so simple, took up the style for your kitchen, remember, Provence will look only in the room, the scale of which more than nine meters, or you risk re-create something a little like the French style and not put their dream.

French style is very popular in recent years as the interior of a large kitchen, it's design will help create comfort and harmony that will always please owners and guests of the premises.

So, if you decide to make such a kitchen and its dimensions allow it, then it is necessary to examine in more detail all the nuances of style Provence in the interior.

the interior of a large kitchen

The beautiful design of the kitchen in the French style

To create a French design in the kitchen, came together components such as decorative elements, color, natural materials and some of the nuances that are difficult to recreate without some experience.


The main feature of Provence is its color scheme. This style is characterized by calm tones, which are peace, warmth and comfort.

This may be beige, and wheat and olive, and even white - all warm pastel and pearly shades.

But the kitchen furniture may be blue, light brown, white, pale green, as long as it is in harmony with the overall picture of a kitchen in the apartment or private home.


As already stipulated in this style is used mainly natural materials, especially for walls and floors.

Wallpaper on the walls, laminate and linoleum on the floor - a taboo (not to be so categorical, say that they are undesirable), the focus on the rough plaster walls, wooden beams on the ceilings, and in the interior of the stone used as a floor coverage.

Clearly, this is the perfect design provansalnoy kitchen and so it can be arranged in a country house, but difficult to implement in a city apartment. In this case, the wall can impose stone or ceramic masonry or simulate it with tiles.

The ceiling can be painted in white or try to implement ideas with wooden beams, although it may reduce the area room, half a floor covered with ceramic tiles, which would resemble natural stone, and the other half natural wooden planks.

Is also a great visual effect of antiquity and naturalness create a decorative stone in the interior of the kitchen.

Kitchen design in the style of Provence

Decoration of the walls, ceiling and floor wood


As with any interior, in the style of Provence lighting plays an important role. It will help to make the room comfortable and discover all the charm of this style. Better, of course, if it is a natural light - illuminating light from the large windows is required to fill the house with heat.

But a properly fitted and correctly positioned (more light on the work area) chandeliers with floral ornament a cordial and even your heart and raise your spirits. Also, the lighting elements can act as accessories and decoration of your kitchen (wrought-iron chandeliers, ancient candlesticks, etc.).


It is advisable to kitchen furniture, you want to see in your favorite room was made of solid wood and had no metallic or mirrored parts.

All sorts of cracks and irregularities, as well as artificial aging surfaces only give expression style.


The main rule in this kitchen design style, and especially furniture - an imitation of antiquity.

After all, the style is old and was created according to the canons of classic designs.

The design of the kitchen in the style of Provence is necessary to add a large wooden table with chairs of the same shape, that there will be more than ever appropriate. Ornament "antique" and small abrasions only adorn these pieces of furniture.

in the interior of the kitchen stone

Round wooden table with chairs "antique"

This style is also important cabinets rectangular, wide benches and chairs with wicker backs. Often, the furniture is covered with wax or painted bright paint, creating interesting accents on the background light walls.

Hearth as an important element of style

That center is the center of the kitchen in this kind of design. Oven arrange planed stone, or brick, decorated with wrought-iron details.

But of course, in the apartment to arrange a real oven does not work, so we assume the hearth oven, gas or electricity is not important, but so as not to lose the very "spirit of Provence", set above the exhaust chimney cap. You will receive and the benefits and beauty at the same time.

decorative stone in the interior of the kitchen

Kitchen with extractor fan, oven hood

Availability of accessories that you like so much, will not look bulky, but rather delicately accentuate this style of your kitchen.

Decorate your kitchen space flowers in clay pots, flower arrangements, ancient clocks, paintings of famous artists or your own, "pot-bellied" vase of flowers or fruit and all you want.

Incidentally, the cookware does not hide in drawers, and always in sight. They decorate and give a special charm to this kitchen interior in the apartment or private home.

Windows and doors

Important elements such as windows and doors have to be pure white, but still possible decoration in the form of a flower pattern. Windows, preferably large, ideally - without curtains. If this subject is still very fond of you, try to choose a translucent curtains, light, airy, weightless.

Mediterranean style

Now we know how to organize your kitchen in France, but I want to draw your attention to another direction in design - Mediterranean style in the interior of the kitchen.

Mediterranean style in the interior of the kitchen

The kitchen in the Mediterranean style

This style has united the Greek, Italian and Spanish motifs. The distinctive features of this beautiful kitchen interior style, as the style of Provence are cozy and warm.

Despite its color range, which is dominated again warm and quiet shades, but now interspersed with notable tones of sea, Mediterranean style looks elegant and festive.

The choice of materials is preferred only natural (such as wood). There are no superfluous accessories, kitchen utensils, that plays the role of scenery and a large round dining table.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that the tiles on the floor and in the kitchen apron area, on the walls of a little brick, plaster and painting (smartly, if it manually).

Despite its color range, which is dominated by warm and quiet shades, but now interspersed with nautical colors, Mediterranean style looks elegant and festive.

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